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04/05/2004 Archived Entry: "Spring Quarter '04 Day 1"

Too much FFXI make David neglectful. ^^;;

Hm... to go over my day, today marked the end of my spring break and the beginning of a new quarter. This time around I have four classes: political science 1, art history 2B: middle ages->Renaissance, photography 1, and arts 4B: intermediate drawing. Today, I had the poli sci, art history, and photography. I also tried to add a different 4B class, but more on that later.

I was late to my poli sci class. ^^; You see, I didn't remember to change my watch time to daylight savings time and when I realized it, the class had already started half an hour ago. >.<;; I rushed over there to see a lot of people standing around outside. Apparently the class was filled to capacity and there were people who wanted to add all about. I was safe! When the attendance sheet came about, I signed it and my teacher was none the wiser. I could have said that I was a tad late and couldn't get into the class! XD Don't think I missed anything important, but I couldn't tell because I couldn't hear his speaking from outside the open classroom door and with a fountain blaring away behind me. I'm sure it's all covered on the syllabus anyway....

Then was art history. Rather run of the mill. Nothing particuarily interesting to note.... I am in a theatre with comfy seats though. What's up with my school and putting boring art history classes in comfortable theatres? ^^;;

Before my photography class, I wanted to try to add a ARTS 4B class. Sure, I'm already in one, but it's hardly an optimal time as it's on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 PMish through 9:30PMish. >.< I at least had to try to add another, more convenient class. I had checked online and it said that the section was closed, so I expected that there was no waitlist, so I figured I'd get there early and hope for the best. So while the teacher-man went through the class stuff, I was waiting for the roll to see if I could get added. ^^; At the very end, he finally decided to do the roll. -_- Then I found something out: they hadn't closed the section because there was no waitlist. Rather, they closed it becasue the waitlist was filled. >.< There were, like, sixteen people on the list. >.< Yeah, it was a tad disappointing, but I have to live with it. My other section isn't at a convenient time, but at least I'm in the class.

Finally, there was photography. It looks like it's going to be fun! XD Interesting thing is, there are two classes scheduled for the same time, alternating class and lab periods, so for our lab period, my teacher had us stay outside in the art quad area and we had our class there. ^^;; Nothing especially of note.... Oh yeah! It seems that they're going to do some renovation on the photography facility soon, so they've compressed the twelve week schedule for photography into six weeks. What good is such compressed classes? Well, my parents don't know that, so after six weeks, I'll have a HUGE chunk of my Mondays and Wednesdays to just kill and find ways to harass my friends. XD I'm really looking forward to that. ^^

This last Monday, I was called to jury duty. -_- I had received the letter and sent in the excuse that I'm a full-time student, but they wouldn't accept it, so I had to go to the Santa Clara County Supreme Court to see what I could do about that. After the judge went on to explain how important jury duty is, I got a hardship form and put on it that I'm a full-time student and they excused me! -_- I mean, seriously, why couldn't they have done that when I sent it in earlier!? ;_;

Um... back to FFXI! XD XD XD XD XD

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You've been playing? o.O

Posted by Cloudzero @ 04/09/2004 02:36 AM PST

omg tsu-kun you're so bad. xD

Posted by saga @ 04/07/2004 09:41 PM PST

Our Spring Break just started. Sorry that yours just ended. -_-' I don't know about you but I hate school so much so a vacation is paradise. No geometry! Ack, and Rennaisance... we did that in AP Euro, boring. ^^;

Yeash, daylight savings time screwed you up too? I got one hour less of sleep so I was not only grumpy but totally off track the whole day. My mom had to go to the airport to leave yesterday and yatta yatta, flight was at 1:30 so I didn't get much sleep today either but I can never say no to computer time.

Hehe, art classes in theatres? In my school your on cold stools and your back aches when you walk out crouched down with an old-man gait. ^^;

Sorry about your Arts class. That sucks.

Photography sounds cool. Some of my friends are into it but I stick to sketching because its something that I'm semi-good at.

And I don't know what jury duty is. ^^;

Posted by Hotaru @ 04/06/2004 11:25 AM PST

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