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04/08/2004 Archived Entry: "Drawing 4B"

Two days ago, was the first meeting of my drawing class. You know, the one from 6:30-9:10. I mentioned it in the last post. Anyway, I got there maybe five minutes late and walked in to see my design teacher from last quarter. ^^; Honestly, I didn't remember her name and I didn't make note of the teacher's name when I was registering for the class. ^^;; She directed me to a "saw horse" thingy I believe it was called. It's a wooden stool thingy with thingies to hold your drawing board. Oh, I'm sure that description just gave you the clearest picture, didn't it? XD Well, though luck, I can't describe it better. =P Anyway, she went over the materials for the class and had us draw something: our favorite drawing subject as a child. I really didn't know what to draw, but then I remembered a picture book I assembled in the 1st grade and I remember seeing a picture of a turtle I drew, so I went for it. ^^ I think I drew a spiffy shell, but maybe I took too long because when she called time thirty minutes later, I had barely finished the shell and that was with rushing it. ^^; We put our pictures up on the wall and took a look at everyone's. Then we were dismissed. Looks to be alright. I like having the same teacher again because she's really lenient. XD Now I just have to remember to bring a cushion because those saw horses hurt my bum. ;_;

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I know what you're talking about! I had to use those damn saw horses in my drawing classes at the A of A. Yes, they are a pain, it's freakin' impossible to get a comfortable position on those little bastards. ::shakes head:: I prefer a cozy little desk and a comfortable chair myself, but I'm willing to draw wherever I can show off to the lesser mortals, lol. ::bowz before the flowery sensei:: I am not worthy!

Posted by Shelly @ 04/10/2004 11:30 PM PST

Don't you love-second year teachers sometimes? They know you and love you. So... EXPLOIT IT!!!!!!! MWAHAHA!!! j/k

Posted by Cloudzero @ 04/09/2004 02:35 AM PST

I was reading in an art book that there's a certain drawing position for your picture to come out better and you to feel more comfortable. Well I tried it and it stunk. My pic came out crappy and my arm hurt. The point of this completely random fact, you don't need a "saw horse" thingy to draw! Stupid art teachers should of realized that already.
Turtles are really cute. The little tiny ones that you loose easily, although I've never owned one. I love picking them up and holding them just above the ground and they're still kickin!

Posted by Hotaru @ 04/08/2004 05:56 PM PST

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