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04/11/2004 Archived Entry: "20th Birthday"

You would never believe it, but today marks the 20th anniversary of my day of birth. Yes, it's my 20th birthday. O_o

It's an... interesting... feeling being 20. I mean, I am an adult now. Sure, the law says that I'm an adult at 18, but we all know that's a sham and that you're still a "teen." Well, now I don't even have that comfort. Of course, it had to happen sometime. It just seems that it came really soon. Time just flies doesn't it? I'm not exactly saddened or anything. I'm just kinda surprised that I'm aging so quickly. As I'm sure most of you people are still teens, enjoy your youthful years. Someday you'll become an old geezer like me. XD

Funny thing about my birthday this year: it fell on Easter Day. That, like, doesn't happen too often at all. You would think that because my birthday is in the middle of the month of April, it would happen more often. Nope. Anyway, because it falls on a Sunday, I decided to have my birthday celebration with friends on the actual date of my birthday. Because of bad year cycles, I can't often do that, so I was kinda happy. ^^ I invited my friends over for my traditional birthday celebration: sitting around and wingin' it. Man, I love just killing time, without any actual plans to do anything. It gives you a sense of unrestrained joy when you can just kick back and enjoy the company of your friends. There was talking, eating, and gaming. Aa~... good times....

I was working on a layout earlier this morning, hoping to post it tonight, but nope, that didn't happy. -_- I'm not satisfied with my recent layout work anymore. It's like, I begin a layout, only to proclaim it garbage and scrap it. I hold myself to a high standard and I think I'm in a design slump right now. Eh~... I'll get back to work on it or another tomorrow or so. If I just give up, then I won't get anywhere at all, will I? ^^

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I know its kinda late to say this already, but happy b-day Tsu-sama sempai....old fart. XB

Posted by Hana @ 04/16/2004 10:46 AM PST

Awesome site XD Looks really cool :)

Posted by Ayla @ 04/15/2004 10:37 PM PST

Psh, I'm too lazy to proofread my posts....

Posted by Tsubasa @ 04/13/2004 04:33 PM PST

You can do it if you just believe in yourself! *Tsubasa accent* b^_^

Dang seriously..where has the time gone?

Party was fun! Thanx for inviting me! ^_^

Posted by Megumi-chan @ 04/13/2004 01:45 AM PST

*looks at sidebar* *looks at entry* Hey, it is your birthday, and you are old. Look at it this way, at least you aren't thirty. I happen to think turning thirty is the worst thing to happen to someone. ^_^ You aren't an old geezer, at least not on the internet. I've seen a 49 year old blogger. But you are very much older than me, 5 years kiddo! Now that's a difference. But you are far from old. Twenty is still incredibly young. You are 1/4 through with your life unless something major happens (major as in you die). Which I doubt will happen any time soon. My b-day doesn't fall on anything. 8/22... nothing big in August.

Oh yeah, and you have another typo. First sentence of your last paragraph, it didn't "happy" huh? ^_^ I'm willing to bet money that your layout isn't garbage. *looks at past layouts* I'm really willing to bet money.

Posted by Hotaru @ 04/11/2004 11:39 PM PST

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