Friday, January 17, 2003

Today I actually did something! *waits a moment for the gasps of utter surprise*

Today: lunch with friend in park.
One of my friends invited me to have a lunch in the park with her. Considering how I have nothing better to do and well, I'll have to eat lunch anyway, I was off to eat in the park. When I picked her up, neither of us had food with which to have our little picnic thingie, so we headed to Safeway. We got Lunchables Pizza! Man, you don't know how long it's been since I've last had those! Heck, if I don't know, you don't know. XD Let me see.... It must have been over four years.... Bah! Enough with the remembering! *smacks self* Anyway, we gots food and headed to the park where we fooded, listened to music, and chatted. It was such a nice day! It was all sunny-like and junk. Quite a nice setting for a picnic. Directly following our fooding, we went over to the playgroud. ^_^ I don't know about you, but I haven't been to a playground in, like, forever. I got to relive some of the only really fun time I can remember from my childhood. Memories such as swinging in a tire swing, climbing and sitting atop the monkey bars, and playing on the little rocking animals. ^_^ I only wish that they could have had swings. Jumping off the swings and hurting myself are still some of the best times in my life. XD Boy, memories....

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Thursday, January 16, 2003

Aa~... haven't posted in a few days. My nights have been somewhat occupied with homework and whatever other time I had, I spent it on iRO. ^_^; I'm level 31/22 now. Yes, I'm getting up there. ^_^

School's been the same old same old. After going to classes for two weeks, I have more of a feel of what my classes will be like for the rest of the quarter. Humanities will be interesting. Speech will be a trying class with it dealing with a bunch of political correctness crap. History will be somewhat boring, but occasionally amuzing because of my teacher. Math will be not quite so bad because my teacher takes a lot of time to explain. When I say "a lot," I mean a lot. She moves so~ slowly! I guess that's a good thing for a calc class, so things be good. *thumbs up*

Eh... as for other happenings in my life, things are mundane. Aside from the whole crayon and chapstick incident, don't have much to note. Been hanging out with the guys pretty often. Essentially that boils down to either playing RO or having them show me Strong Bad E-mail. It's been fun though, just nothing spectacular.

Eh... and as much as I'd like to add more supposedly interesting banter to this post, I'm playing RO right now, so I'll be off! XD

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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

It all started out innocently enough. With I was chatting on the phone with my friend. For one reason or another, we got on the topic of the unusual things that little children eat. My friend made a comment like: "I wonder what library paste tastes like?" Being that I've never partook of the stuff, I said I didn't know. From there we progressed to what chapstick and crayons taste like. Both of us were all like "I've never ate crayons before." So I make the suggestion: "Lets eat crayons!" Hey, I figure since I never did it as a stupid kid, I might as well do it as a stupid young adult. XD You gotta experience things at least once, don't you? And just because I've never tried it before, I suggested that I'd take a bite out of some chapstick too. ^_^ So yes, we had a plan. Yesterday was the day that we carried out this plan. After having a sensible lunch at some Mexican restaurant with some other friends, we headed back to her house to consume the non-toxic goodness. There, my other friends actually joined in too, so we had a total of four people. Each had a crayon in hand and on count, we all bit into them together. You know, crayons are pretty crunchy when you first bite into and chew them. ^_^; For a while they're kinda flavorless, but keep on going and then you taste the wax. The flavor itself isn't horrid, but I gotta say, the texture of wax isn't very pleasant. -_- After downing that, we opened a pack of three flavorful chapsticks to wash it down. XD We all passed them around and took bites. You know, they flavor them things. They taste like Starbursts. XD Honestly! Maybe not as flavorful, but you can tell the artificial favoring is the same. Mm~... chapstick actually tastes good. I gotta make it a point to bite into one again. XD

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