Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Here I am, just killing time before school (when I should really be finishing a design project I have due later today ^^;) at the computer. My mom's in the other room and she's chatting on the phone with, who I believe to be an aunt of mine. I generally don't really care much about what she talks about with anyone on the phone, but I couldn't help but overhear something today. She told this person on the other side of the phone that she hasn't been purchasing beef products recently because she wants to be careful not to get mad cow. X_x I honestly haven't realized it myself, as I've been indulging in other fine non-beef products at home and beef products outside of the home. Geez, freakin' people and their freakin' paranoia. This is just one of those minor cases that has errupted into a wide-spread panic. Did anyone die of SARS? I believe mad cow has a higher mortality rate, but hell, chances are, no one you'll ever know will ever have it. Darn stupid media and their appeals to the "sensational." -_-

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