Sunday, January 25, 2004

It may be a tad late, but hell, Happy New Years everyone! ^^

Yes, this last... um... Thursday... was the lunar new years celebration that many asian countries participate in. That includes the Vietnamese. ^^ For our little happy New Years stuff-thingy, my family, minus the sister who's still in Davis, went to my grandparents' house. There, we generally spent time just socializing, eating, and for me, wishing the older, married peoples new years wishes and getting happy little red envelopes with money in return. XD I'm usually not a huge fan, but it was kinda fun. When it came to my uncle, all the adults were telling me that I just needed to wish him one thing. Of course, I knew what that was, so I went and wished that he'd find a wife. XD Yeah, Mr. Uncle-Man's still fairly young, is making good money, not ugly, and has no luck with the women. ^^;;; Hm... my parents gave me a California lotto ticket. I should go check whether I've won right now! XD

And I got bunk. Stupid California lotto. -_-

You know, with the impending release of Samurai Spirits Zero on the PS2, of which I preordered and should be getting in mid-March, I'm feeling the motivation to do something with NakoNU. It's my ambition to get a spiffy Samurai Spirits collective up, but I'm so friggin' lazy. >.< Lets see if anything will happen now, shall we? ^^;;

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