Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Yesterday marked my exploits to get my transcripts to SJSU before the deadline for transfer agreement students, which just so happened to also be yesterday. ^^;; Yeah, I'm bad. For months, I've been telling myself "I'll look at that list of required thingies for my transfer soon," but never really did it. It's great that I looked this last weekend cause the deadline was Monday. X_x;; So, early in the morning, I scrambled over to my school to request an electronic transfer of my transcript to SJSU. That went rather smoothly. After getting home, I had to get a transcript from Evergreen, which I happened to have on hand, into SJSU. So, I popped by the admissions office and hand-delivered it to the register lady. That also went smoothly. Things are happy. I'm still every bit on course for my transfer. XD Oh, and you know what I found out today? My 3-D design teacher tells me that SJSU's trying to set up a 3-D animation class. What'cha know, a class specifically for my intended major and focus. XD

Today I spent some quality time with friend Tina and duckies! XD We were playing together, as is our little arrangement each Tuesday, and we were at a loss to think of something new to do, so we went back to something we did a few months back and haven't done since: feed the ducks in the park. Sure, it may not be the bestest thing to do as it promotes habitual dependency on humans in the ducks, but hell, they live in a park. They're plenty spoiled already. Sure, it doesn't make it any more right, but nyeh. So, we went to an asian bakery and picked up some "Taiwan high-calcium bread." Not sure what they do to it, but it tastes kinda sweeter than usual. I think I may taste a hint of cream. You know, kinda like when you drink whole milk. Yeah, so anyway, we took that and went to the park, where we parked ourselves on a bench and tossed bread about. Them ducks sure know how to get food. Before long, we were, like, surrounded by ducks. X_x;; It was kinda fun. ^^ Aside from the fact that a big duck actually got its beak around my index finger and almost chomped down on it (gladly it kinda withdrew), everything went fine. I don't care what anyone says, my ducks can beat her's! =P

Recently, I've started watching Stellvia of the Universe. Yeah, I know I'm really behind, but nyeh. I'm only eight episodes into it, but I'm very much liking it. I'm expecting good things. I'll write more when I finish it or if there's something really impacting that I care to talk about. If not, I'm thinking of doing anime reviews from time to time on this log....

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Sunday, February 1, 2004

Anyone remember my ticket? Well, yesterday, I finally attended traffic school for it. >.< All truth be told, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it still took all day, so that's a big "boo" from me. -_-

Now, what do you peoples think when you think of "traffic school?" To me, going into this thing, I thought that meant sitting around for eight hours and listening to some old person lecture me in the ways of "proper" driving, with the occaional boring video. I don't know whether it was my class or something, but what I actually went through wasn't anything like that. My teacher lady person started the class by making us pair up and interview our neighbor. O_o We were to tell them our name, occupation, why we got our ticket, and things like that. Kinda interesting. Got paired with an older man who got a ticket for a rolling stop. Then, the lady went from group to group and we were to introduce our partners. Kinda fun listening to everyone's ticket stories. Directly following, we divided into groups of six and filled out pages in our little driving booklet thingy. We were in groups so that we could discuss. It was kinda nice actually. The group discussion stuff kept me much more engaged than something like lecture for hours. We essentially stayed like that throughout the day, discussing stuff, listening to the teacher, and watching the occasional video.

All in all, not bad at all, but it's not exactly the most pleasant experience either, so drive safely peoples.

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