Thursday, February 19, 2004

I've been having warm and happy feelings for the past three days. You know why? Well, I've finally been able to play Samurai Spirits Zero. XD I know, it may sound a bit corny or something, but hell, I love the series and it's been years since I've played it more than just a passing quarter here and there. It's such a fun game. I missed it. ;_; I'm working on Nako (well, duh), Rimu, and Rera. Representing the Ainu. XD My Nako's looking good considering how I've been playing.... I just need more playtime now. ^^ I would type more, but I just came back from playing a bit earlier and I'm tired, so bleh.

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Sunday, February 15, 2004

And I missed a Valentine's Day post. Well, I was busy, yo. >.<

At 11ish in the morning, I had to worry about the Writing Skills Test (henseforth refered to as the WST) at SJSU. It's a requirement for my transfer. Why did I sign up for it on Valentine's Day? Well, when I signed up for it, I just saw that it was in Februrary and forgot to pay attention to what specific day it was. ^^;; Anyway, as is the case with any standardized test, it was pretty nyeh. Maybe I'm a slow reader or something, but I didn't finish, I think, eight questions out of seventy-two. I still think I did well enough to pass though, so eh.

Directly following was my friend Desiree's birthday party. Yes, she scheduled it for Valentine's Day. I guess there are so many single people in my group of friends that it really doesn't matter much. ^^;; Anyway, we essentially had fun hang-out time at the park and then her house. Um... there was a lot of people... had a lot of fun... I got to play some King of Fighters against human opponents for a change... yeah, it wasn't a bad party at all.

Now, the question is, what do I think about Valentine's Day. Well, honestly speaking, I don't think it's special at all. I do agree with some people that it's merely a superficial and commercial holiday. On the other hand, I also agree with others who say, sure you can say "people can express love anyday," but who really does? I don't know whether I should endorse it or renounce it. Well, either way, even though I'm single, I still kinda like it. You know why? Because my single guy friends and I hang out together on V-Day in a tradition we started last year (known as the "Valentine's Day Extravoganza"). It's good fun. XD That, however, did not come to pass this year, as it was my friend's birthday party. Throughout the party, I could sense an anti-Valentine's Day sentiment from some people. In a way, I suppose I can sympothize, but at the same time, I don't see where they're coming from. Personally, I'm just fine being single. I figure it's worthless and stupid to let myself get down simply because I don't have a girlfriend. There are plenty of other things to life and darnit, I intend to enjoy them. ^^

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