Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Well there I was today, twenty minutes late for my American history class. No, it wasn't because I was playing games. *whistles* Anyway, I rush to class only to see through the glass door that everyone was sitting at their desks and busily filling out bubbles on a ParScore sheet. Yes, it was a test. I had no idea that there was a test today! X_x So I walk in and put down my backpack, only to rush back out and purchase a ParScore sheet. After getting that, I rushed back and sat down for the test. Good thing for me, the time limit for the test is the class period and I can finish that thing in maybe twenty minutes to a half hour (the class is an hour and a half long). Having the test wasn't a good thing either cause I've been slacking off in that class. Skip a class or two... not pay attention another day or so.... ^^;; I'm just glad it's American history and that I've been learning about it for far more years than I'd like. I basically worked off "what sounded right" to me after referring to what I could remember. I think I did alright too. I rule. XD

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