Friday, February 28, 2003

I just want to say that the death of Mr. Rogers sucks big time. I'm sure most all of you, if not all of you have heard already. I remember watching the man's show as a child. Aa~... fond memories about being a careless youngin' and tuning into Mr. Roger's neighborhood.... Not that it was on my "must watch TV" list, but hey, it was good entertainment with a nice man. It's such a shame have him go like that. I'd much prefer him to die of old age as opposed to cancer. Such a shame.... May he rest in peace....

Anyway, as for the occurances in my life, today I got money! XD Bad thing was, I dropped $10. ;_; That $10 was important! I'm running low on money this month and I kinda need that to deposit in my bank account so that I don't overdrawl with my debit when it's charged for Sakura Taisen PS2 LE. -_- I'm gonna have to borrow money from someone. I don't want to be charged the overdrawl fee of $20. -_-

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Wednesday, February 26, 2003


Yes, I am quite excited. I think I shall "squee." Squee~! XD You don't know how long I've been waiting for this game. I think it has literally been years. When was the first official word that a followup to Xenogears was in the works? Since then. Heck, this game is the reason why I bough a PS2. Yes, I'll buy consoles for a single game. ^_^; Anyway, yesterday I wanted to pick it up, but the EB I went to didn't have it in stock! ;_; I prepurchased it from them because of an artbook offer, but they didn't have it on the first day of release, so I had to come back today. And that is indeed what I did. Unfortunately for me, they didn't have enough artbooks, so I got gypped. -_- Well, the clerk said that she was trying to get more artbooks from other EBs, so I might be able to get one in a few days. If not, my cousin has a friend who works at EB.... XD Anyway, I'll be off to play it now. Haven't started yet because I had a paper to do for speech. Didn't want to start it only to have to stop playing it. I want a good solid few hours to play. That is why I'm probably not getting any sleep tonight. ^_^ I don't care about my health! I want to play Xenosaga! I'm going now....

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Monday, February 24, 2003

The coolest thing happened to me earlier today. There I was, just sitting in my math class, minding my own business. Actually, to tell you the truth, I was kinda falling asleep. ^_^; Not really falling asleep, but you know... that state where you bob your head and not really take anything in? Yeah... that state. Anyway, my teacher was explaining stuff when there was a big clap of thunder and the lights went out! That was pretty cool. ^_^ After a little bit though, the lights turned on again. -_- That was when there was another clap of thunder and the lights went out again and for a considerably longer time. You know what that meant? Rest of class = cancelled! XD Yeah, you gotta love blackout days. I can't remember the last time my school was canceled because of a blackout. It was sometime in high school.... Anyway, after I got out of class, I met up with my friend and we chatted a bit. Apparently he was in the caferateria when this happened. He told me that the transformer actually blew up, which would explain why we didn't get power back. That's a pretty hardcore power problem the school has on its hands right there. ^_^;; But yeah, I was happy. I got out early and beat the 6:00 PM traffic. w00t!

I finally got around to doing something I've been meaning to do today: pre-purchasing Xenosaga. XD I've been meaning to do it for maybe a week, but I just plum procrastinated too much. But now I've pre-purchased it at Electronics Boutique, so I get a free artbook with it too! Oh yeah, you know you envy me. ^_^ I just have to go pick it up tomorrow....

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Sunday, February 23, 2003

Saturday was just a day of homework and RO. Nothing special. *yawn*

Today there was a bit more happening. What did I do? I went to visit my sister in Davis. Yes, my parents planned to visit her today and that means that I was to also come along. Thus we set out on our way there around 10:00 AM. Got there and hour, an hour and a half later. When I came in, I was greeted by people playing DDR. I jumped in and played with them. ^_^ As I stated before, I suck now, but hey, it's fun. ^_^; Then, being the parents that they are, the parental units made us all sit down and eat. Not that I was complaining. FOOD! XD Thus we munched for a bit. Then came a gaming session! ^_^ The sister and roommates have a PS2 and DC, so we got on those. Played some old school SC (I'm so used to SCII...) and Dead or Alive 2. w00t4g3! After everyone seemed to kinda tire of that action, I headed up to my sister's computer. Hey, if I'm going away from home, I might as well get on a computer.... XD I tell you, I'm too computer dependent. Not that that is a bad thing. I personally think it's a good thing. ^_^ On the computer, I tried to fix my sister's DVD-Rom. Stupid thing won't play DVDs! What I found out is that it's a Samsung SD-612. -_- Them things are horrid DVD drives! And there're no easy driver or firmware updates to rectify the problem. Bah! Didn't get it to work. -_- Stupid DVD drive.... Anyway, that was more or less the whole trip. Right afterwards, my parents wanted to head back to give my sister time to finish her homework. Not totally exciting, but hey, it was somewhat fun and definately more interesting than the usual happenings in my life.

My sister's roommate has one of those designer computer towers! It has a see-though side window and a blue florescent light. You know what I have to say about these things? I say they're stupid. Personally, I like old, dull computer cases. Maybe I'm just living in the past, but I am used to computers looking like opaque white/off-white towers. I don't see the need for a computer that looks good. Isn't it just going to be tucked away under your desk anyway? Or hell, if it's out in the open, I want to see something that reminds me of a computer. I guess I'm just living back in the old days.... I want to play around in DOS again.... Stupid watered down Windows DOS.... *shakes fist*

Anyway, 'tis all for now. Back to RO! *is alt+tabbed out of it* ^_^;

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