Friday, March 7, 2003

My humanities teacher never fails to either amuse me or deliver insight. Yesterday, he did the latter. What insight did he impart upon that stupid head of mine? He told me (and my classmates) to mess up our lives. XD Let me explain. He says that the majority of youngin's these days always have some kind of set plan. They plan where they're going to go to college/university, when they will graduate, when they will marry, when they will buy and house, when they will buy a car, etc. They will follow this predetermined path and never dare to deviate from it. Any of you people choose your classes? Did you ever see a class description and think that the class was interesting, but chose not to take it because it didn't fulfill that IGETC requirement? That's the exact example he cited. He told us to live life a little and not to have such a strict plan for our lives. This would, of course, mean not completing college "on time," but he says that it is ultimately a good thing. Personally, I think he's right. I would definately love to take time and do what I want to do with my schooling, but I'm kind of left without a choice. My dad has already told me to graduate in four years. It's the money. Oh well... I guess my life's still on course....

I took a chemistry placement test yesterday. At my college, you have to prove a brief understanding of a subject before being allowed to take the course. In this case, this test evaluated my competency in high school chemistry. Aw man that sucked. -_- You know how long it's been since I last studied chem? Three years. Yes, three years. How the hell am I supposed to remember a suitable amount? I just hope I passed the test. I'm feeling like it can go either way. If I don't pass, there'll always be another test. I can just keep taking them until I do pass. ^_^

Today, I went to my new dentist. Believe it or not, I've been going to a children's dentist/orthodontist for the entirety of my life up until this point. Considering how I'm on the verge of nineteen-year-oldness, I'm finally changing dentists. My mom, being the Viet person she is, decided that my dentist would also be Vietnamese. If you don't know, Viet people generally like associating with fellow Viet people when it comes to business, insurance, etc. I don't really have a problem with it; I just thought it was something kind of funny because it's so predictable. ^_^; Anyway, I went for a check up. How did I do? Good bill of... teethness...? ^_^; No problems. Apparently I have a preliminary cavity between my teeth in the upper left mouth portion, but it should be fine as long as I brush well, so no worries. With that out of they way, they went on to suggest that I bleech my teeth. Now I don't know about most people, but while I'm not exactly opposing it, I don't particuarily like the idea. I've always kind of thought that my teeth were fine the way they are. I've had numerous compliments from my dentist, the wisdom teeth doctor guy (the specific title escapes me), and this new doctor about how great they are (straight, clean, with no apparent problems, etc.) and I kind of think that that is sufficient. Do I really need to have white teeth? It might be nice, but I think it's kind of unnecessary. *shrugs* Oh, and while I was at the dentist's they were playing Mr. Bean. It was the Christmas episode. Mr. Bean is pimp. I'm going to enjoy going to this place. XD

Picked up two games in the last two days. ^_^; Yesterday I got Guilty Gear XX. Sweet! I was dying to play the game. I'm kinda lacking an arcade machine in any convenient location near me, so I was suffering for the last few months. But now I have it and I'm happy! XD I'm just missing an arcade stick. Oh man, I suck on the Dual Shock 2. -_- I lack the thumb dexterity to do all the complicated things I want to do. Must track down Namco arcade stick.... *shakes fist* The other game I got was the Sakura Taisen remake for PS2, limited edition. XD That arrived via UPS today. I'm so looking forward to getting into that sometime, but right now I'm absorbed in Xenosaga, with GGXX off to the side, so yeah....

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Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Today some kind of anti-war rally happened at my school. Them darn college students. Do they always feel the need to protest something, anything? Besides, I go to the small community college of De Anza. No one will take notice except for maybe local news. *shrugs* Anyway, because of this, all during my morning classes, I could hear the mini rally thing they were having outside. They were loud. -_- Sure, I suppose I understand their cause, but for crying out loud, I don't think it's worth it to protest. Of course, this thinking may just stem from my own preference to do little if anything. ^_^; I suppose the participants probably felt really strongly about the cause though, so I respect that.

The great thing about this anti-war effort was that they were urging the students to refrain to go to classes. Something of a walk-out to show support for their cause. I fail to see the correlation between skipping classes and supporting the anti-war effort, but hey, whatever floats their boat.... Although I don't believe in the idea of a walk-out at all, I happened to skip out of one class: my calc class. Why? Because on Monday, my teacher said that she supported the rally, so she would postpone the quiz we were to have to Monday. Not only that, she would not cover new material. Rather, she would give us worksheets on material we have already learned. Can you say "pushover?" Yes, my math teacher is a real pushover. I suppose it's kinda bad to do it, but I took advantage of the opportunity. ^_^; I went to spend some time with my friends. I know it's a bad thing, but meh.... Honestly though, I feel kinda bad. For my entire life, I've always been the "good kid." You know, the guy who's always there at school, never ditches classes, does all the work, etc. It was kinda hard skipping class because I've just been conditioned otherwise.

At least I had fun with the friendlies, so it's ok. ^_^

Do you think I use a lot of big words? My friends always seem to say that I do.... Is it so unusual for me to be using words like "augment," "amalgamation," and "abhor" in daily speech? I personally think that the general populous doesn't use enough big words. More words need to be interspersed into common speech to make things interesting. Besides, I kinda do it without thinking. ^_^; What spurs this little, mini rant? Today my friend asked me to give him a big word; any big word. Sure, I've got a few in my repertoire, but darnit, I can't spout them out upon request. When I speak naturally, these words come to me naturally. Meh.... Anyway, do you guys think I use too many big words? Is my speech "too inteligent?" I type like I speak, so go ahead and tell me....

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Sunday, March 2, 2003

Financial problems: over. XD Yayism. You know what? If found $20 I forgot I had! ^_^; That never happens to me. The thing is, it was in my wallet, but it was behind a $1 bill and kinda hidden out of sight. Because of that, I didn't know it was there, but when I thumbed through the bills, by golly, it was there. XD Jovialness.

Today, something I already knew was reaffirmed: I don't like being touched. What triggered this revelation? Today my grandma, uncle, and aunt came over for dinner. My dad and grandma told me to sit by her because we never spend time together, so I did. Then she holds my hand. I know it's a loving gesture from a grandma to her grandson and I really do love her, but dang, I sure didn't feel comfortable. Humanly contact is something I don't do well. I do give hugs, but only occasionally because girls always seem to be hug crazy and they ask me for them, so I kinda had to get used to it. Still then, I don't feel fully comfortable. Yes, I mentioned that comfort zone my speech teacher mentioned in class? Mine is pretty big. I like my space. Yeah....

Haven't talked about iRO very much lately, but I've been playing it a lot. My aco's currently 53/39. She'll be a priestess soon! XD Tomorrow. Tomorrow....

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