Tuesday, March 9, 2004

School bad. X_x Right now I should be working on my portion of a group presentation in my speech class tomorrow. -_-

Essentially, it's a presentation on anything. Well, it has to be approved by the teacher, but essentially it can be about anything. We're doing it about the media: how it's controlled and how it affects people. Yeah.... I'm gonna be covering proganda. It's going to be fun. XD

Um... you know what's really crappy? When you're going "so, when is that paper I have due, well, um... due?" You look on your schedule for the class and find out it's due the next class meeting. X_x The worse thing is the fact that I have to read a book and use support from it and I had not read more than twenty pages (and I think that's a generous figure). X_x;; Granted, the thing is at most two-hundred pages, but I'm a lazy bum and I don't want to read it. I'm gonna try to find an online summary. I got through my senior year of high school doing that and my grades were fine. XD

Stupid work... hopefully I'll have something more interesting for you folks tomorrow. Ciao!

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