Sunday, March 14, 2004

I've been out all day and I'm kinda tired. -.-

I was at Oakridge Mall for the last few hours. I'm, like, never in that area, but today was special. It was another of the fun Fanime forum gatherings. XD So at about 12ish, I went over there and met up with the crew. After a bit of deliberating, we decided to go to Emerald Hills Golfland (thusforth refered to as EHGL) and play a bit. There, a big group of them played mini-golf. I would have joined in, but I was busy playing games and didn't know that they even began, so by the time I realized, they were already at the 7th hole or so. >.< Instead, I went inside and tried to play some games. I suck at DDR now. I'm so~ out of practice. ;_; Then I tried to play some fighting games against one of the other members of our group, but the second player side for both SvC Chaos and KoF '03 had malfunctioning controls. -_- Eventually, I found myself at Soul Calibur II, playing a rousing series of games with two others from the group. Fun fun. XD Eh... when I got outside, I found out that they were almost finished with a second round of golf. >.< When they finished up, we went back to the mall where we played a bit, took pictures at a studio place, and then we more or less split up and went home. Good times. ^^

Random fact: if I remember correctly, "stroop" was the German(?) word for "syrup." It was fun going around referring to cookies someone brought as "stroop cookies." XD Hey, it was even written on the packaging. XD

Oh, you know the speech I mentioned in the last post? We were awesome! XD The other two groups that went before us were standard "each person has an alloted time and they speak as in an individual presentation, then we move on to another person" type of presentations. The last two groups (mine being the very last group) were more interesting. The group before mine did a mock television news deal, but it boiled down to, more or less, what the other two prior groups did: each person talked their own portion without interruption. Solid, but kinda boring way to present. My group did a mock talk show, so there was, like, constant interaction between our members. We also got the most laughs. Yes, we were extremely awesome if I say so myself. XD

Also from the last post, that paper, I got it done. Thing is, I didn't finish reading the book. ^^;; Well, I got to a point where the rest of the book seemed to be more or less detailed crap I didn't need to know. I just needed to know broad generalized stuff. For that, I turned to an online summary. XD OK, I know it's bad, but hey, I got through my senior year of high school like that. I don't see why I can't do the same in a lower-division GE course. XD And yes, I wrote it. Took me about an hour and a half. I disappoint myself. I've written longer papers in less than half an hour. Granted, I was working on material I didn't know entirely too well, but yeah. Meh.

Hm... what else...? Oh! I got SS0 for MVS and a 1-slot MVS. Now all I need is a supergun and I'm set. XD For the uninformed, a supergun is a device that allows the use of arcade boards on a standard television. They're also referred to as "JAMMA test rigs." JAMMA being the, by far a large, most popular arcade board interface. Anyway, I'm eyeing the MAS Super Nova. Seems to be the all-around best option, as it already includes two sticks (I don't feel like making sticks) and it has more than just RGB output. Realistically, I need S-video and/or composite and the Super Nova offers either or, hopefully, both. I want it, but I'll have to save a little for now. Need to make sure I don't drain my account too much. >.< But I shall have it and have a functioning MVS setup, darnit! Now I need to pick up Mark of the Wolves, Last Blade 2, KoF (I'm thinking '98 and '02 at least), and more Samurai Spirits games. Finally I get to indulge my SNK fandom. I'm so giddy! XD

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