Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Aw dang... the Fanime boards are taking so~ long to load. Darn stupid server hammering.... -_-

When I got home, I was greeted by my parents watching something on TV: the whole beginning of the war thing. Geez.... I've said it before and I'll say it again: Bush is a friggin' moron. -_- Now I'm not one of them anti-war people. Nor am I one of those "war's no solution, we need to think of a good non-violent solution"-type people either. What I am is someone who would just not like to go through war during his lifetime. I know some guys are all "crap! I'm going to get drafted!" I'm not that either. It's just that I think that there is not sufficient reason to go to war. Has there ever been conclusive evidence that Iraq was going to attack the US? I haven't been keeping up with the news, so I don't know, but I'm sure whatever they came up with was pretty weak. Not only that, I don't feel like living through a war-focused period. I think the funds being directed to this war would be much better invested improving conditions within the US. There's something called "welfare." *cough* Psh. Bush gets my official "baka" seal. It's alright. He's going to die. ^_^ Don'tcha know? Every president since Harrison elected in a year ending in 0 died in office? I'm expecting it to be assassination; like Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy. With the kind of support he's getting, it seems to be the most likely method of death. ^_^;;

It's nearing the end of the winter quarter for my school. Next week will be finals week. I finally realized that today. ^_^; In preparation for next quarter (spring), today was my registration day, so I registered for classes. They be Math 1B, Philosophy 1, and Chemistry 1A. I hope you peoples don't mind if I don't put descriptions, but I'm darn lazy and that's a bit too much effort for me right now. ^_^


It doesn't just apply to anime girls.... *cough* ^_^;;

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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

I'm currently working on finishing up six sections of math work. Did I ever mention that I'm a great procrastinator? ^_^;; Aw dang, I have so much left.... ;_;

Something interesting happened today. First, a little history. It was two summers ago. At the time, I had finished "math analysis," otherwise known as trigonomotry and pre-calculus. To help reinforce the math concepts (you'd forget a lot in a three month's span) and to get ready for calculus, I took pre-calc again at De Anza college. There, I met this one girl my age who went to a local high school. We kinda hit it off and became friends. However, after a few weeks, she told me that I was making her feel uncomfortable with my mannerisms. I suppose it was because I walked her to her bus stop every day. Well, it was mostly because I didn't have anything to do after class. Although, I got to admit, I think I did have kind of a thing for her at the time. Nothing major, just a slight "I might like you"-type thing. But getting back to the point, from then we kind of distanced ourselves from each other. With that history out of the way, fast forward to January of this year: the beginning of this winter quarter. It just so happens that this girl enrolls in my history class. Quite surprising to say the least. Throughout the quarter, we mutually recognized each other's existance in the class, but we didn't really exchange any words. That was until today. Today, after class, she actually initiated a conversation with me. I totally didn't expect that. We exchanged a few words.... She commented about how much taller I became.... Talked about how we graduated.... Just small talk stuff. Still though, it was quite a surprise. I figured we'd just avoid each other for the entirety of the course. I personally don't think much of our past together, but I didn't know how she felt, so I just played it safe. Apparently she doesn't think much of it either. Although, our conversation was kind of awkward.... Meh.... Maybe we'll actually become friends again. I'm not really interested in her in "that way" anymore, so I have no real desire for anything else, but having her as a friend wouldn't be bad.

Aw man, speaking about girls, I need to get back to Comic Party. I never did go through a good portion of Chisa's scenario. Chisa's so darn cute! =3 I feel the urge to be a pedophile.... XD

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Sunday, March 16, 2003

What is this? I'm posting? Who'da thunk? ^_^; Well, honestly, I can't really think of much to say.... *thinks* Hm... lets see what pops out of my head now, shall we?

I feel like I'm losing touch with the online logging community. I used to be really into this whole logging thing, but recently, I've been distancing from it more and more. It's definately not intentional, as there are at least a good handfull of logs I genuinely enjoy reading and friends I don't want to lose touch with, but it's happening anyway. I suppose it's because of iRO. I'm on it way too often. ^_^; Takes away the free time I would otherwise be spending reading logs and forums. Realizing this, I'm gonna try to make it a point to do more log reading and to update this thing more often. Not only because I feel out of touch with people, but because I like logging.

Spurred by some conversation about art yesterday, I feel like getting back to practicing drawing. *thinks to self* When was the last time I drew...? Dang, it's been a while.... ^_^;; One of my bigger aspirations in my life has been to be a good drawer. I've never been, what many would refer to as, an "artistic person." I've always strayed more towards the reason and logic as opposed to the abstract and art. But I've always admired good artists. Suppose it was envy that actually made me begin drawing in the first place, maybe four years ago. I stayed with it for a good year or two and then kinda slowly stopped. Now I feel like practicing again. I've never felt proud about any of my drawings, so now I want to get good enough to feel proud of my work. That won't be easy though, as I have unsually high expectations of myself. I always do that and because of that, I'm constantly disappointed in myself. Meh.... Must draw some....

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