Friday, March 22, 2002

Sorry folks, haven't posted in a while, have I? So... let me recall things...

Today I received a bonus in Insane Ink. ^_^ Insane Ink is a program at our school where we run a t-shirt silk screening business (i.e. we put stuff on shirts and sell them). As you can assume, I'm a part of this program. We made our goal of $2000 worth of sales for this last grading period, so we got bonuses all around. I got $26. Not too shabby. I need a bit more. I need $60. What for? You'll see.... ^_^

After school anime club! Yup, it's Friday again. Today wasn't too exciting. Just like any other session we have. I got to play Soul Calibur. ^_^ I need to practice more. I don't think I was playing to my full potential today.

After anime club, I wanted to get home quickly. Why? I had Sakura Taisen 4 waiting for me at home. ^_^ Yep, it was released yesterday and now it's in my possession. In my beautiful limited edition pack, I got a cell phone strap and little metal thingy to attach to it. On each metal thingy there's the portrait of one of the 13 girls and on the other side there's her signature. It's kinda nice. Unfortunately, like ST 1&3, it won't load using the Utopia Boot Disk v.1.1. *sigh* I need a mod. Hopefully I can weasel one out of my sister for my upcoming birthday. ^_^ They're only $25.
Something I have to note: wow... I didn't realize that the Teigeki girls are now so much older. I'm used to them being in the 17 to 18 range. Now they're like 20 to 21. I realize now just how much time has passed over the course of the last three games. They look it too, but they still look great. Kohran... ^_^

Onto my social life.
On Thursday I was very happy. I chatted on the phone with my friend. She who goes to the Academy of the Arts in San Francisco and she is on spring break. Yay! We get to do stuff. I'm happy. I'm going to spend my Saturday with her. ^_^

Today I found out that the girl who asked me to the prom asked someone else, so now she has a date and I don't. It's alright. Neither of us were ever exactly thrilled with going out with each other. It was more like a "we need a date" arrangement. Besides, I still didn't give her a reply and I was still very iffy. So yah... I'm ok with it. I just need to find a date now. *sigh* How am I going to do that? I don't know who to ask! Argh!

Overall I've been feeling rather bleh. I don't know why. I guess there is more good than bad happening right now, but I don't feel extremely happy. At least I'm not at all depressed. Things are just... well... the way they are.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2002

My history teacher always likes to begin each class period with a "what's new in the news" session, where we, the students, discuss what's new in the... well... news. During today's session, we brought up that new veggie burger thing Burger King now has. It got me thinking about vegetarians again. So they don't want to eat animals, right? It's taking away a defensless life, right? Well... what about plants? Sure, they don't move or protest in any way when you kill them, but you're still killing them, right? Does that make it any more "right" to kill them?

After school I hung out with Sataya in after school tutoring thing. Hah! That place is a joke. Like anyone ever gets any tutoring-type help. Everyone just goes there and works on their own homework or pretends to do their homework just to get the extra credit. That's what Sataya's doing. We were just playing around on the internet the whole time. ^_^ I found out that the Sexy Crew log does work on school computers. Yay. We watched some spiffy flash movies too. Oh yah, can't forget, we also looked at some bad pick-up lines. My favorite: hey, you must be Snickers because you satisfy me. Bwahahaha! That's good, in a very bad, corny way.

Social loggin':

Yes, Blogger does get rather annoying at times. I hate how it takes a while to post stuff at times. I've also noticed that Blogspot seems to be a tad unreliable as a server. Well... downtime is rare, but it slows down occasionally. Whatever. I'm using Greymatter. I'm happy. ^_^

Ahh!!! You got One Piece manga!?! I want to read that. I know that I can read scanslations, but I like reading it from a tankouban. I'm envious.

Ahh!!! x2 New layout! You just crank them things out, don't you? ^_^ Dang, that's cool. I love it. One question: how do you do those textures on the letters? You know... that liney-dotty texture.

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Sorry for any down time folks. Apparently Kiwi (the machine I'm on) has been having some hardware problems. At least Aletia is working on it. They don't seem to be having as much trouble with any of their other machines, so it's a safe assumption that things will be alright after they fix the problem.

Oh yah... gotta mention a few things:

Val, your layouts always amaze me. Geez... I'm not even over the amazing orange summer one and now you change it again. That's not a bad thing, but give me some time to digest these things, ok? ^_^

Glad to see you're over your drawing block, Saka. But geez... hard coding everything? How do you do that? That's more work than I want to do. Anyway, I look forward to some interesting banter again. ^_^

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Monday, March 18, 2002

Monday... back to school... joy.... Well, to tell the truth, it wasn't all that bad.

Early in the morning I learned in my english class that I have to get in at least the downpayment for my AP tests by friday. I think it was $48 minimum downpayment per test. That sucks... I'm going to have to harass my mom now.

In period two, they announced that they are going to have one of those "ID sweeps" tomorrow. I don't see why they announced it. You see, we're supposed to wear ID tags around our necks everyday. However, many people just don't do it because they don't enforce it strictly enough. Now they want to do a check... and they announce it. Doesn't that just defeat the purpose of this "sweep?" Now people are just going to wear it for one day because they know that it's only going to be important that one day. They really shouldn't announce it at all. Or they could announce it one day and then do it again the day after without announcement. The way they're doing it is stupid. One other thing: I don't know why everyone hates them cards so much. If you get a job in any of the tech firms around here you're going to have to wear an ID card anyway. It's just useless running away from it.

In ICA we were treated to two presentations on careers. Someone presented "How to be a Teacher," while someone else presented "How to be a Car Salesman." Yep, a car salesman. You know, there's a lot more to selling cars than I thought there was. You need to go to school and be certified or something. Kinda interesting to know.

At lunch I was pondering something about vegetarians. If they supposedly don't eat meat, then why do they eat fish? Isn't fish meat? So it isn't red meat, it's meat none the less. Them hypocrites.

Today I got asked to the prom. I don't know if I'll take her up on the offer though. We're not really that close and I'm pretty sure she's only asking me because she's been rejected several times already. She's not a bad girl though... it's just that... I don't know... I would like to at least know my date better. Sure, we've been aquainted for the last four years, but we've never really done any friend-friend hanging out. It's an option... but I think I'll look for a few others before I decide on something.

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I feel like making an entry about something, anything. I guess I'll just spill out some stuff from my weekend.

Darn, didn't really go out this weekend. I was going to go out and see Resident Evil with the guys, but plans kinda fell through. Not that I actually wanted to go see the movie. I just wanted to go out. I have very little faith in video game to movie adaptations. Every one up til now has been really lame, and only mediocre at best.

My sister and I spent a whole thirty minutes to an hour today looking at the random generated fact thing in her subprofile. Heh heh... we were really bored. Well... at least those things dispense some interesting facts. Lots of facts about McDonalds though....

I want Sakura Taisen 4 now! I've been anticipating this since it was first announced. Now I should be getting at the end of the week. I'll be getting the spiffy limited edition version too. ^_^ I want it now!

I tried playing in Paint Shop Pro a little more. Just one question for them PSP pros: is there a way to view a little thumbnail for each layer? If it's a feature, it's not on by default. It's a strange world for this Photoshop junkie.

Thanks Shinobu for linking me. My log's getting out there. ^_^

Thanks Zeruel for the encouragement. It's much appreciated.

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