Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I proved you wrong, Hotaru! =P Look at me log! LOG LOG LOG LOG!!! XD

Anyway, today marks the first days of my finals. Today, I had but one: my American history final. Honestly, I can't say that I was prepared for it. I've merely been going to class and trying to pay attention, but in the end, I end up trying to stay awake. ^^;; Geez, I never had such a hard time staying awake in high school. X_x Well, because I didn't feel like it, I didn't look over my text book. ^^;; Yeah, I'm horrible, but from the grades I've been getting, I should be getting a B anyway and honestly, I don't care if it gets any higher or not. I'd complain a little if it got lower, but I guess I'd only have myself to blame. I don't think I did that badly though. >.< I knew a good number of them and from there, I took educated guesses on some of them. Honestly speaking, on a multiple choice test, how often do teachers make really good multiple choice questions? You have one, maybe two responses that sound right and then the other ones are a bunch of crap that couldn't possibly be the answer. In a way, I feel that my intelligence isn't being tested, but at the same time, I'm grateful because in an occasion where I don't know a few questions--such as today--I'm not screwed. Darn duality of it all. But anyway, back to the point: I took a history final. It wasn't that bad.

Now all that's left is two art finals. I have projects to turn in. They shouldn't be that bad. I can do it! *determination* Raa~!!! XD

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Sunday, March 21, 2004

I went to SJSU's arcade tourney yesterday. They were holding a series of game tournaments in their bowling alley arcade. There were a number of games including Capcom vs SNK 2, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Soul Calibur II, Third Strike, Guilty Gear XX, and Samurai Spirits Zero. Of particular note to me is the Samurai Spirits and Soul Calibur II because they're the two fighting games that I'm taking seriously at the moment. I entered both of those tourneys. ^^ Honestly speaking, I didn't expect to get far in SCII. I haven't been playing seriously in months and I certainly don't incorporate too much tech stuff in my average gameplay anymore. X_x It was more of a fun thing, just to see how far I'd go without practice. Apparently that's not far cause I got sent to losers in my first match and then eliminated in my next one. -_- Oh well, I wasn't expecting anything. The real game of the moment is Samurai Spirits, where I had confidence that my skill would be sufficient to procure a placing spot. And, by golly, things did did go a lot better. My first match was against the eventual winner of the tourney and I was sent to losers. Not exactly the best way to begin a tourney, but I lived with it and hoped to make progress through losers. And progress I did accomplish. I beat a series of people before coming up against my most frequent sparring partner and friend: June "KoriHime" Tapiador (as he likes to be called). Yeah, we play each other so often and are so evenly matched, it's stupid. He narrowly beats me, eliminating me at 6th or 7th place. He went on to get 3rd. The match between June and myself was very close. You might as well have flipped a coin. ^^; Had I won, I most probably would have taken 3rd. Oh well, it was still fun and there's always next time. I gotta represent my Nako. It's a bit difficult when she has so many innate shortcommings. There are times when I feel completely overwhelmed by her lack of options against some characters such as Mina, Charlotte, and Kyoshiro. Sure, playing her will take a lot more work than switching to another character, but I can't abandon her like that. I've loved her for years and it doesn't look like I'll stop anytime soon. I'll continue playing her and maybe, if I'm good enough, I'll be able to play her like I think she deserves to be played: as a winning character. ^^

You know, I had the Discovery Channel on while I was working on my art projects. They just started airing an interesting new show: Animal Face-Off. They make fantasy animal A vs animal B scenarios and then they use science to figure out who the winner would be. In a way, I'm interested in all the fascinating scientific crap, but at the same time, I can't help but think the whole concept of the show itself is kinda childish. It reminds me of grade school where someone would say something like: "you know, Superman would so~ beat up Spiderman!" ^^; But I guess, upon consideration, that's a bit of the show's appeal. In one moment, it allows you to indulge in good scientific fact, but at the same time, it brings you back to your grade school arguments of yore and makes you feel kinda young again. So far, they've done a salt-water crocodile vs a great white shark. The shark won. Currently, they're airing a show on the elephant vs the rhino. I'm kinda looking forward to next week. They're going to have lions vs tigers! Only in Kenya! XD XD XD

The elephant won. Them guys are savage.

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