Monday, March 29, 2004

Agh! My life feels so busy these days. X_x

My art finals went just fine. On Thursday, I had my design final to turn in. It was a "design notebook." In other words, there were general design concepts we went over in my class, and we had to find images from other sources to represent them. In other words, we'd be given a concept like value, emphasis, line, form, etc. and then we'd have to search through other media like magazines, books, etc., cut them out, and put them in a nice little book/binder thingy. I decided to have some fun and make it themed; all my images were from the Kenshin manga. XD I basically scanned images that'd conform to the concept, put the concept name and definition on the page in Photoshop, and went to Kinkos to print it into a spiffy book. Now, I don't want to sound braggadocious, but my book was IMHO, the best one in the class. No one else had designed their pages like I did, nor did they go through the extra effort I went through to get it bound together. I like my book. XD As for my 3-D design final, I made a stylized wing dealy out of wood. The point of the project was to make something that either moved or conveyed a sense of moving. My wing moved, as I used hinges to make it actuate, but unfortunately, I couldn't set up some kind of electrical mechanism to make it move, like I wanted to. -_- The wood I used was a really good particle board. The kind they use for shelves in furniture. Sure, it's a good wood, but it's rather dense and heavy, so it just weighed too much. Drat. >.< Oh well, it turned out alright anyway.

Then the weekend came up. I spent some time with my good friend Shelly for her birthday. ^^ We went out to Outback Steak House. Oh that was some good eating. XD If you have yet to note it, I am a big fan of meat. ^^ While it is a "steak house," I had some ribs, but dang, ribs are freakin' good, so nyeh. And they came with fries. How much better can you get? XD All a guy really needs is meat and potatos anyway. Psh....

Been playing some Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution. I've been wanting to get into the VF series for years and now I'm finally starting to get a feel for it. It's really fun! ^^ My primary is Aoi. I can't help it. I love Aikido as a martial art and I have taken a good two years of it, so I gotta represent. XD Brad looks good too. Once again, representing because he uses Muai Thai, which isn't exactly Sanshou, like I practiced for five years, but it's kickboxing none-the-less and I see a lot of similarities. Yeah, gotta play more....

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