Saturday, April 5, 2003

Haha! I just came across the most interesting thing: Googlism.

Googlism for: tsubasa

tsubasa is something special
tsubasa is a petite and cute yet rather beastly girl
tsubasa is to test a variety of commercial components on orbit in order to verify their potential for reducing satellite development
tsubasa is flying its trajectory smoothly
tsubasa is very saddened and runs away
tsubasa is rather impressed
tsubasa is talking to a reporter
tsubasa is a lesbian
tsubasa is a cross
tsubasa is practicing his portuguese with carlos
tsubasa is the captain
tsubasa is held prisoner in the hold of some ship
tsubasa is
tsubasa is angry to find the truth
tsubasa is quieter and less out
tsubasa is born
tsubasa is the latest addition to konami's ever
tsubasa is my favourite cartoon book
tsubasa is still at the miyazawa's house and is still bothered by the idea of her father
tsubasa is a dynamic individual
tsubasa is really a
tsubasa is very sensitive of two things
tsubasa is determined to stay at the forefront of the digital art movement
tsubasa is being such a brat
tsubasa is calmly walking down the hall when she notices an evil force approaching
tsubasa is japanese for wings
tsubasa is an adorable girl in appearance
tsubasa is opposed to her father's remarriage
tsubasa is a crossdresser
tsubasa is still attacking yukino and is still unsuccessful
tsubasa is late
tsubasa is certainly a
tsubasa is out like a light* marron and hikaru
tsubasa is first a manga created by yoichi takahashi in 1982
tsubasa is one of my favourite anime
tsubasa is like a cancer for hyuga
tsubasa is a girl with a problematic past
tsubasa is splashed with liquid biometal
tsubasa is tall and thin
tsubasa is just not getting it and neither is kazuma *steph beats them with the clue by 4* kazuma though seems to realize that his emotions for tsubasa is
tsubasa is finally back
tsubasa is keishi tada
tsubasa is in fact "an ordinary boy who likes to dress up"
tsubasa is a japanese comic book
tsubasa is furious that kazuma has supposedly chosen his music over her
tsubasa is unfazed by the event
tsubasa is searching for a deep love all the while that she's rejecting it
tsubasa is a shy little girl whose life turns upside down when an alien spacecraft crashlands nearby
tsubasa is ftm transgender
tsubasa is furious when she finds out that her part is a freak
tsubasa is back
tsubasa is here
tsubasa is the only
tsubasa is not as much as i was planning
tsubasa is known around the world as oliver
tsubasa is released
tsubasa is about football
tsubasa is a very active and stubborn girl
tsubasa is a great anime and still their are ova serie and the movies which i want to see them until now
tsubasa is a friend of ukyou's from junior high
tsubasa is short enough that her feet don't touch the ground
tsubasa is one of the least recognized charecters on ranma 1/2
tsubasa is cute and funny
tsubasa is short
tsubasa is out
tsubasa is en dat onze vrienden haar moeten volgen
tsubasa is adorable and cute to a fault
tsubasa is injured ant the japanese team is trying everything to defend
tsubasa is the name of its hero
tsubasa is cuuute
tsubasa is unhappy because
tsubasa is japanese and means "wings of an angel" in english
tsubasa is considered a bit strange
tsubasa is going to kick
tsubasa is friendly to a fault
tsubasa is in its good condition and no problem is found
tsubasa is the ending song to the tv animation sister princess
tsubasa is also lined up so far
tsubasa is a girl
tsubasa is brought to you by the creators of the evangelion image gallery
tsubasa is disguised as a trash can and someone tosses a copy of the paper with the ad on him
tsubasa is way older
tsubasa is the jelly on your toast
tsubasa is ur geil bei uns heissts halt kleien fußballstars? weil
tsubasa is having a >discussion at a restaurant and kunou shows up
tsubasa is a really a boy who just dresses up and looks like a girl
tsubasa is cradling and
tsubasa is the best
tsubasa is a guy who dresses up as a girl
tsubasa is a master of disguise and hopelessly

I didn't expect some of those to show up. Especially the tsubasa is the word for wings, the Karekano references, Tsubasa is a character in Ranma, and Tsubasa is the ending to Sispre. Complete surprises there. Then there are those numerous references to how Tsubasa is a transvestite. O_o Where the hell did that come from? Are there any famous transvestites named Tsubasa? Oh well, lots o' laughs. ^_^

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Friday, April 4, 2003

At least in my area, it was unusually cold today. For that matter, it's still cold. I'm trying to stay warm here with a blanket draped around me and I'm even wearing a sweatshirt as opposed to my usual flannel pajama shirt (i.e. it's warmer). Why must this spring start out so cold? Why can't everything just get all nice, warm, and happy on the first day of the spring season? ^_^ I've been surrounded by cold too long, I'm getting kind of sick of it. Of course, with warmth also comes allergies, but I'm willing to make that sacrifice, if only for a change. *sigh* When the warmth does come, I want to go outside and spend a little time out there. Nothing major because I'm definately not an outdoorsey kinda person, but I want to at least walk to the nearby park and lie around on the grass, basking in the sun or something. Aa~... that sounds good....

*shivers* (really, I'm actually shivering) Anyway, onto other, not quite so cold thoughts...

Some family came over for dinner tonight. From them, I heard of that new disease that seems to be running rampant in Asia now... *looks at Yahoo! News* um... respiratory acute syndrome or SARS. Apparently it's getting to be pretty well known around here and apparently at my uncle's workplace (Hewlett Packard), they are telling peoples to work at home for ten days if they make a trip to Asia. That seems pretty harsh, but nowhere near as harsh as what's happening down south in the Santa Barbara area. My aunt, who's from there and visiting, said that it has been announced that no one who has been to Asia can be admitted into a hospital for ten days. O_o Now is it just me or does that kinda completely defeat the purpose of having a hospital? You're kinda, like, supposed to go to them when you're having health problems.... Actually... I don't know much about the disease myself, so I'm not so sure why there's a ten day period anyway, so maybe there's a legitimate reason, but still....

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In an attempt to make this place more interesting, I think I'll post some random stuff occasionally throughout the day if I have an occasion to post it. This post shall cover the gaming I've done over the last few days. ^_^ Spring break is boring. Gaming alleviates this boredom. ^_^

Phantom of Inferno:
I got this a little while back, but I haven't really played it seriously until this week. Once I started though, I was instantly drawn in. This thing has a very compelling story it does. ^_^ I suppose that's a good thing because it's a visual novel and if it didn't have story, what else would it have? ^_^; All in all a great game. There's the good story, very attractive art, and obviously high production values. As with any bishoujo game though, the girls realy make the game. XD Ein rulz! ^_^ Alright, so it's the voice.... *coughMinamiOmicough* Seriously though, Cal's my favorite. I just think her story was extremely sad. I'm pretty sure I cried the most going through her scenario. Not to mention, I think she's the cutest, so yeah.... ^_^ I don't see why anyone would like Claudia.... Except for maybe the voice (Inoue Kikuko). Meh.... *shrugs* Anyway, if you peoples can find it, I recommend picking it up. Even if you're a girl. Very good story and no sex. Hell, there wasn't too much sappy romance either. There was less than I expected. Oh well, the romantic moments were really touching. The problem would probably be finding it though. I'm sure it's discontinued by now. You may have to e-Bay for it.

Soul Calibur II:
Of course I have been playing this game for maybe nine months now, but I'm finally getting a hang of characters other than Cassie and Talim. Been working on my Nightmare, Ivy, Yoshi, and Asta. Mostly Nightmare actually. Initially, I was kinda reluctant to pick up the guy because I was only an occasional Siegfried player in SC, but I've always wanted to. With the console version in my possession, I get the time to play around with him. ^_^ They really changed the guy! I'm used to the stances from SC, so with all the radical changes, I was kinda overwhelmed, but now I think I'm getting the hang of it. I still gotta try to memorize what moves end in what stances though. Oh, and I need to work on doing some roulette style play. ^_^ Eventually, I'll get him up to speed with at least my Talim (i.e. competitive). For now I'm still learning. He's so fun to play. ^_^

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Thursday, April 3, 2003

Today I got into something of a squable with my mom. Nothing major, she just irritated me. How? She gave me money from my savings account (which are deposited into my parents' account to get better interest) to deposit into my checking account. Now you may ask, "why is this such a big deal?" Simply put, she always does this. Not exactly giving me money to deposit into my checking, but giving me money. I am a very self-sufficient person. I don't like it when other people tell me what to do or try to force stuff on me when I can make due on my own. My mom has a bad habit of flipping through my wallet whenever she sees it (that's why I hide it now), so when I have very little money left, she puts a ten into it. For some people, I'm sure this is a good thing. For me, it's a horrible thing. I don't like money just handed to me like that. I have an allowance. I budget how I'll spend it myself. I'll save when I run low. I like it that way. To just have extra money tossed at me is an irritation. Today's incident was something like that. I have the feeling that she knows that I have little money in my account *coughnothingcough*, so I got really pissed. I confronted her and told her that I wanted to keep the money in my savings. She insisted that she just wants me to have a fair sum of money in my account in case of an emergency. Eventually, I just took the check because I got the notion that she really did just want me to have a fair amount of money and didn't really know my current account balance. Meh....

I need a new anime series to download. Someone recommend something! ^_^;

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Tuesday, April 1, 2003

Just Wingin' It Version 16: "Feeling Heart"

Aa~... it was time for a change around here. It's been too long since I've done layout work. So yes, you behold before you my new layout featuring HMX-12 Multi. Multi is so~ cute! XD *cough* Anyway, this layout is my spring layout. It has been kinda alternating between really warm weather and fairly cold weather around here, so it doesn't feel like the constantly warm spring I would imagine, but regardless of the weather conditions, spring is here. As for the designing stuff, I decided to take it easy on the editing this time. I love that image of Multi. I just didn't feel like doing much to it because I think that it stands extremely well on its own. So instead of going all out, I decided to try to compliment the image's sense of warmth and serenity. Not sure just how well I did, but regardless of how I did, the image is carrying this layout anyway. ^_^; Now that this is done, I can move on to the other layout projects that I've been asked to help with/do. You know who you are. I shall get those done soon. There's not much else to say I suppose... oh, except for: Greymatter's a pain when you have 293 posts to rebuild. -_-

Multi <3 -^^-

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Monday, March 31, 2003

Earlier today, I went out to eat some pho with my friends. You know... that Vietnamese noodle stuff.... Yeah, that.... Anyways, I was "treated" to a nice surprise when I looked over to my right to see my former kickboxing coaches sitting across the restaurant, also dining. The bad part about that was that my former head coach guy was there. I honestly didn't like that. A little history:

I was in seventh grade. I had been taking aikido for two years, but, being the stupid kid I was, I decided to throw that away for a chance to train in a striking art. After some consideration, I ended up taking sanshou or Chinese kickboxing. This is when I met Mr. Coach Man (his name shall be withheld ^_^). Anyway, at first, Mr. Coach Man looked pretty good. He had won a number of kickboxing competitions and he was actually named the fighter of the year in one of those martial arts magazines. What could be wrong? Plenty. Eventually, it became quite obvious that he was way too full of himself. How could I tell? Our uniforms consisted of a t-shirt and black pants. On the back of the t-shirt, was essentially an ad for the dojo. -_- Not only that, he started selling merchandise, under his own brand! He had a slogan and he started putting that on everything: t-shirts, bags, gloves, kicking pads, etc. -_- You could imagine how disgusted I was. Not only that, his attitude was also pretty psh, so I just lost all respect for the man. I did continue going to the dojo for about five years, but that was only because it was some pretty good exercise I otherwise wouldn't be getting. I put on some muscle. ^_^ Eventually though, I left because of a certain incident. You see, I was in my junior year of high school. Being that my workload was getting rather intense and I had some emotional issues, I started going less often. I was the highest ranked student there because I had just been there the longest (it was a relatively new dojo). Because I didn't go as often, the one guy who was directly behind me, became something of Mr. Coach Man's favorite student. He started teaching the small, maybe five through seven year old classes. That I was fine with. He was a decent guy. He deserved that chance. What I didn't like was that he was handed an honorary red belt. I was the first and only red belt before that. Don't get me wrong, I was not jealous. I felt that a great injustice was done. I worked hard for my red belt and here he was, getting one without testing for it! Not only that, I was there a reasonably longer time, so I don't think he deserved to get it unless my chance at a black belt was coming up fairly soon, which it wasn't. Now I don't know about you, but if you spent five years going to a dojo and becoming its most senior member, I think you'd deserve more respect than that, don't you? I couldn't take it anymore and so I quit. Good ridence.

Back to today. Yes, so I saw him across the restaurant. I couldn't take a confrontation with him, so I just carried on talking to my friends, hoping he wouldn't notice me. I have a feeling he did. Either that or the other coach man did, but they didn't come by my table before they left. For that, I was very grateful.

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Sunday, March 30, 2003

I know I said that I'd try to post everyday, so why did I miss yesterday? Simply put, my SCII arrived. ^_^; Hey, you can't blame a guy can you? Especially since there are tons of things to unlock and so many things to do to unlock them. I still haven't unlocked Lizardman. Not that I play him. Such cheese.... -_-

Well, yesterday and today were essentially sessioning days. Well... I had intended that they be sessioning days, but they more or less turned into "lets play mission mode and unlock stuff" days. Not a horrible way to spend your time, especially since we earned rewards such as characters, costumes, and katas as we went along. I can play Sophie now! XD Too bad 1. from my experience, she's less effective in this game (linear-favoring style play) and 2. she doesn't look as good as before. ;_; Oh well, at least I can play her and that's a good thing. Been sticking with Cassie more though....

Something really interesting happened today: my dad hung a flag from our house. Man, I knew he was pro-war, but dang, do we have to go all out and have a big red, white, and blue thing hanging from our house? I've never been the most patriotic of peoples, so this annoys me. Not only that, I'm anti-war, so it's even worse. Psh....

Nothing much else to say.... Going back to SCII.... XD

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