Saturday, April 6, 2002

Considering how Zeruel always says that One Piece "fucking owns your mom," I decided to check it out. Dang, that series is great! I just read the 112 chapters that Mangascreener has scanslized and I want more. Go read it now peoples. You'll thank me. Geez... now I want to make a One Piece layout.

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Yesterday I went over to James's house for a little pool party. Woo. I haven't swam in a while. It was rather refreshing. Didn't really do a whole lot of swimming though. I guess I should bring goggles with me whenever I go swimming. I don't like swimming blinded under the water. We had fun doing stupid dives off the diving board (of course I couldn't think of anything) and playing Marco Polo. Unfortunately that was all I did. If you want to see what I was going to do afterwards read Antonio's post on the Sexy Crew log. Sorry I couldn't make it folks. Next time....

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Thursday, April 4, 2002

You won't believe what I just got. Heck, I don't believe what I just got.

Today I went out to get my hair cut. My mom insisted. Oh well, whatever. I don't care. Afterwards, I convinced my sister to take me to Nikaku. I wanted to get an art book or at least a few shitajiki. But little did I know what was in store for me. As I was browsing around, I noticed some boxes by the VHS box sets. One was red and one was green. I took a look. To my surprise they were the Evangelion limited edition manga 7: Asuka version and Rei version. Kadokawa released them this last December 14. Both come with a special edition Christmas cover, but the Asuka version comes with an adorable Asuka figure in Christmas garb, while the Rei version comes with a Rei figure similarly doning Christmas attire. I was shocked. I had lost all hope of ever getting one since Animenation ran out of stock. I quickly nabbed the Asuka version, as I really, really like Asuka. ^_^ My sister took the Rei version. Another delightful surprise what that it was only $15. Rather reasonable if you ask me, as it says 1200 on the packaging. But Animenation was selling it for a good $30. Them greedy bums. Anyway, I payed for it and took it home with me. Now I'm so happy. You know how lucky I am? These must be sold out everywhere else. So yes, I'm quite happy. I really like Asuka. She's one of my favorite anime characters. She's really cute to boot. ^_^ I'll leave you with pictures.

Limited edition cover
Asuka figure
Rei figure

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Wednesday, April 3, 2002

I stayed at home and slacked off the entire day today. I'm proud of myself. ^_^ Didn't do any homework. Yep, I love spring break. ^_^

Oh wait, I did do something. I went out for a little while to go buy some Wienerschnitzel. Mmmmm.... Wienderschnitzel... ^_^ I love that stuff. I got a nice chili cheese burger, dog, and fries. Their chili stuff is tasty. Dang, food is great. I love eating. Mr. Wong, my physiology teacher last year, always said that eating is always associated with fun and happiness (snacking at movies, eating at sporting events, etc.). I would have to agree. Eating brings me happiness. ^_^

That reminds me... I've been eating a lot, but I haven't really been getting too much exercise. I quit kickboxing months ago and I really haven't been getting much exercise since then. I used to have a slight six-pack, but now it's all but gone. Although I haven't really gained any weight because my body's cool like that. ^_^ I decided today that I'm going to do some squats, pushups, situps, stretching, and possibly running occasionally when I'm not feeling too lazy. I need to stay in shape. I want to be like I was months ago at kickboxing. I was in pretty good shape, putting on some muscle, and I never got sore. Wish me luck peoples. I'm going to try, but I'm not sure how I'm going to do. I'm pretty darn lazy.

I worked on some of my drawings today. Yep, I drew. You might not believe that I draw, but that's because I never show anyone. I'm really, really nitpicky. I'm one of those peoples who is never satisfied with their artistic works. I'm never completely satisfied with my layouts and I'm never confident enough in my drawings to show anyone. It's just how I am. Maybe someday I'll CG something nice for you peoples to see, but not anytime soon.

I've been watching "The End of Angelic Layer: Farewell To The Stary Sky" video. Dang, that video's great. I love the remix of "The Stary Sky." Also doesn't hurt that I love Angelic Layer. I don't know what's so special about it, but I really, really enjoy watching that series. It is by far my favorite anime series of 2001. I really need to rewatch it. My favorite character is Hatoko-chan. She's so cute! ^_^

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Tuesday, April 2, 2002

Please update your bookmarks and/or links. This site is now Bookmark and/or link this.

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I'm proud to announce that I am now the proud owner of the domain This is great. My last domain was alright I guess, but it kinda annoyed me from the beginning. I wanted, but unfortunately it was taken. I really wanted to name my site TsubasaNET, so I went for After a while, I found out that was still available, so I rushed to assemble $60 to register it for two years from Unfortunately, my sister was being really stingy with her credit card, so she wouldn't let me use it, telling me "you don't need it." Bah. Domains are not about what you need. It's about getting the thing before anyone else does. ^_^ So I went to Sataya and, with his brother's help and card, we registered the domain. So yah folks, update your bookmarks and links because my site is now ^_^

I love this domain. ^_^

Note: You can still access my site using because I parked that domain. But just change your bookmarks and/or links to Besides, will expire in a year.

If anyone cares, I have changed machines. I have been moved from Kiwi to Chick.

Doesn't it seem that the only people with Niue domains are anime fans? There's,,, and among others. The vast majority of Niue domains I see are anime ones. Interesting....

Finally, I have to extend a really big thanks to Sataya and his brother's credit card. ^_^

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Ah... April Fools just passed by us, didn't it?

Wow... there were lots o' April Fools jokes flying around. Dandan's site being shut down by the FBI, Saka's withdrawal from the anime and internet world, The end of fanfiction and doujin announcement, the animation of Naruto by the WB announcement, and Dual Translations's release Love Hina 15, chapter 1 on their ML, among others. I believed none of it. I got very skeptical when I figured out that it was the first of April. I can't believe how many people did though.

Yesterday James, Carolyn, Vincent, and Jeff came over to film stuff for a project their doing. They are trying to sell a "do-anything" service. My portion had me looking around my kitchen for fish sauce, but I couldn't find it. What could I do? Easy! I picked up the phone and dialed! Yes, then their brilliant service came and brought me a brand new bottle of fish sauce. Thus was my segment. It was quite fun to do. ^_^

Today Sataya and Vincent came over. Yay. We slacked off and I showed them things about Photoshop. I think they learned things. Vincent really seemed to like the pen tool. Sataya needs to play around in Photoshop a bit more before I start showing him some more advanced stuff. It was fun.

Nice layouts there Zeruel! Looks like you learned quite a few things. They look great. You better show me some of that stuff at Fanime. ^_^

Poor Saka.... Sounds like you had a horrible day. All that waiting must have been torture. Then after the poking and proding, they tell you you need to get your wisdom teeth out? Then to add insult to injury, you can't drive? Geez... you really do need a hug. Will you take virtual hugs? ^_^

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Monday, April 1, 2002

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Sunday, March 31, 2002

Today I had my cousin from Pasadena to spend time with. He came on over early in the morning to play. He took the computer and had some fun going online and playing Yahoo! pool, all while complaining about the trackball. Bah! Mouse user....

At two-thirtyish we wanted to go somewhere so we went out to MGL. Yes, I went out to a Golfland. How often does that happen? Not often, let me tell you. Had some fun playing a little DDR. I finally tried out 6th Mix for the first time. Dang, that feels strange holding down a leg or two.... I also tried out Tekken 4. Tekken is a strange game for this Soul Caliburer. Speaking of SC, I played some of that too. There were actually peoples who knew how to play too! *pauses for gasps* Well... I played three people. I was obviously better than two of them and one guy was about my level, possibly a little better. Although I didn't play like I usually do. Argh! You have a nice arcade stick at home and get used to it, then you go to the arcade and then you're handicapped because of the poor equipment in the machines! I wanted to play him with my ASCII FT stick... although that was kinda out of the question. Oh well... fun fun.

Come night time, I helped my sister in Photoshop and Dreamweaver. She wants to get a log up too. So yah... I gave her some pointers and told her how to do lots o' things. Which reminds me... you peoples who want to come over to learn a thing or two, contact me. It's spring break. You have time to come over and I have time to show you things.

I also took some time out of the day to watch Hikaru no Go 15-20. Wow... it's a good series. Who'da thunk that a series about the game Igo would be so good? So much human drama. I want to play Go now....

*Applaudes* Great April Fools joke there GameFAQs *applaudes*

Social loggin':

-Spring Break's already over for you? That sucks. Mine just started, so I still have a week... I hope school isn't that bad for you.
-Hehe... I know your real name now. ^_^ I guess it's only fair, you already know my real name.
-Yes, you are cute. ^_^

-I'm waiting for that new layout... ^_^

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Argh! Celes is not winning the favorite FFVI character poll at GameFAQs!!! That's just wrong! Go vote for her! We can't have people like Terra and Mog getting more votes can we? I suppose I can see where those people who voted for Shadow, Sabin, and Locke are coming from, but Celes is still better! =P

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