Saturday, April 12, 2003

Mm~! Manju! =3 *munches on a pink one* I'm reminded of the image of Ayu munching on Taiyaki.... I've been playing Kanon. ^_^; Anyway, this manju is just one of the spiffy things that happened to me today because today was my birthday party.

Hm... using the word "party" would suggest some kind of structured gathering, so I suppose it may be kinda misleading; it was something more akin to a gathering of people. They flocked to my house about 11-1ish and stayed until about 6ish. They came. We played. We ate. We played some more. ^_^ Seriously, it was pretty much a fun, "lets just play" time. Aa~... I always love those kinds of things. ^_^ It was a nice break from my usual slacking off and having some slight worrying over schoolwork occasionally. Thank you everyone for coming. The party r0x0rz3d. XD As for presents, I got the before mentioned manju, a few cards, a Chobits vol 5 tankouban, a burned CD of Ayu stuffs, a giftcard to MediaPlay and associated stores, and assorted green stuffs. Thanks everyone. ^_^

As for school, things seem to be going rather smoothly. Just yesterday, I was in my chem class and we were going over stuff when my teacher said something along the lines of "well, you're supposed to be nearing the end of chapter 1 now." When I heard this, I was all "what!?" Honestly, I didn't know we were even supposed to start book stuff yet. ^_^; I suppose I need to look at that syllabus more often.... ^_^; As for math, I'm feeling that I can handle things if I try hard. Doesn't look like I can be all amazingly slackerful anymore. -_- My teacher's all like "you have to know your material inside and out because the quizes and tests are non-calculator affairs and you'll only have a limited amount of time to do them." O_o I'm scared. I can do it if I try, but hell, as if I've ever tried in school before.... ^_^;;

*sips tea* Aa~... it feels so good to be sitting here in front of the computer with a blanket around my legs and a warm cup of tea by my side. ^_^ Oh, the manju.... *takes another bite* ^_^ I don't know about you, but I'm pretty happy. I feel simple, but hell, I'm a simple happy. ^_^

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Friday, April 11, 2003

Just Wingin' It Version 17: "Strawberry Sundae"

It's Nayuki! =3 Why Nayuki? Because she doesn't get any love. I mean, like, seriously, I try to gauge the fan interest in characters a lot of times--using things such as fanart, fansites, etc.--and Nayuki doesn't get nearly as much attention as she should get. She may be my third favorite girl (after Makoto and Shiori), but I like her a hell of a lot more than Ayu and Mai. Poor Nayuki, it's so bad, she's more or less condemned to being a background character in the anime. Thus, I felt like I had to do some Nayuki representing. ^_^ Nayuki r0x0rz, j0! XD As for the layotu itself, I notice that my recent works have really started looking similar. I feel that my days of sufficiently different layouts are long gone. Where the hell is my muse? ;_; Well, I gotta say though, I'm can see that I'm starting to get the hang of the "well defined object" thing I started a few layouts back. Maybe next time though, I can revolve as opposed to evolve.... *shrugs*

Oh, one who shall be named, but will know who you are, I'm sorry I didn't finish the layout. My muse is horrid right now and the image is a lot harder to work with than I thought. -_- Soon, soon....

With layout information out of the way, time to report on the minor things: today is my birthday. ^_^ Yep, today marks the nineteenth anniversary of my day of birth. It sure has been a long journey indeed.... What did I do for my birthday? Well, tomorrow I'll be having a party thingy at my house, so nothing all that grandious. Today I just went to have a late lunch with some friends. We went to this cool little restaurant near my house called Antipastos (I think that was it...) and ate some spiffy Italian food. I got the veal. ^_^ Mm~... baby cow. XD Hey, us Meatians don't discriminate against the meats, you got it? Accompanying the veal was some pasta and a salad. Considering how eating salad is pratically a sin in itself, I let my friend have it, thus leaving me with just meat and pasta goodness. Aw man, life is good. XD

One brief "thanks": Aa~! Imouto sent me birthday stuffs and a letter! ^_^ And here I was, thinking that the entire online anime logging community forgot about me. You made me feel special, young one. Thanks. You'll be receiving a letter in return, you can bet on that (but I wouldn't advise you to bet much, it's bad).

Something amazing arrived for me today via UPS: Hori PS2 Soul Calibur II arcade sticks! Now that's what I'm talking about. XD Not only that, I got some PS2=>GC converters, so I can use it on my GC too! XD Man, I'm going to have so much fun now.... ^_^

That is all. This is the nineteen-year-old Tsubasa signing off.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2003

Lets go over my last few days....

Family came up from SoCal! That means that I got to hang out with my cousin. w00t! We spent time slacking off and going places with my uncle and cousin (his brother). We went to Fry's Electronics and my uncle bought me the Noir box! XD Aw man, you know how long I waited to get that? Ever since its release on Februrary 18. Yep, now I have it and I'm a happy camper. ^_^ Then we went to Micro Center and there he bought me a memory card 251 for my Gamecube! XD That allows me to transfer my saves from my old card and format it so I can save my SCII data. ^_^ Then fooding and spending time with family ensued.

More family in the morning, but come about 3:00 PM, I headed to the Great Mall. Why? Because the peoples from the Fanime forums were meeting to watch Spirited Away. ^_^ Aw man, that was great. There were, like, what...? Ten plus people who showed up. Aw dang, it was so cool! ^_^ We were, like, so inane it was awesome. ^_^ The highlight of that trip was definately when we all tried to shove ourselves into one of those sticker booths. XD I think them employees at the store were kinda nyeh. XD Good times indeed.

No more spring break. ;_; New day of a new quarter. -_- I have three classes this time around: chem 1A, math 1B, and philosophy 1. Chem seems pretty decent. I'm kinda afraid of it though. It's been maybe three years since I last did chem. -_- I honestly didn't know whether I'd pass the placement test or not, but I did, so I'm allowed in chem 1A. The crappy thing about the class though, is that it really messes up my schedule. I have lab and class. It starts at 7:30 AM and ends at 11:20 AM. What up with that, yo? -_- I wanted to get out at slightly after noon or even before, but no~.... Psh.... Math seems alright. My teacher seems to be OK, which is more than I can say for some teachers I've had in the past. What kinda scares me is that there are only 100 points in the class. O_o I gotta really be on the ball to get a good grade here.... I guess I can't slack like I used to. Stupid studying.... -_- Philosophy. Honestly, I really like philosophy. I like hearing all the different philosophical thoughts that have been expressed in the past. I find it intriguing. The class itself seems to be alright and the teacher's amusing, so I think it'll be an easy A. Yay! ^_^

That brings things to today. *wipes sweat from his brow*

Recently the weather's been getting really warm. Hell, it's been pretty darn hot. Of course, one might recognize this as a sign of spring, but it really didn't hit me. Today, however, as I was driving, something slight, but still important tipped me off to the whole "spring is here" thing. As I was driving around after school, I went along a street and then it happened. The sakura are in bloom. They fell in front of me and hit my windshield. It was really... well... pretty.... ^_^ Haha... just thinking about it, they obvious heat doesn't remind me, but them petals did. ^_^; What an interesting thing really....

That be all for now. Back to math. -_- Stupid integration....

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