Saturday, April 13, 2002

Today I had peoples come over for a birthday party. OK, so it wasn't so much a party as a big get-together, but it was rather fun. Thanks everyone who attended, especially Dez. I know you went out of your way to make it over and I appreciate it.

We had fun playing the game "Martian Numbers." It's a game where we have various objects (in our case, pens) and we arrange them to make a "number." From there, the peoples have to guess what number it is. There is a trick, but I don't want to say it. It'd ruin the fun of the game. ^_^ Anyway, we had fun tricking people because they couldn't get it. It was so fun. Especially with Anthony. Dang, that was funny. ^_^ We also played tons of Smash Bros. That's such a great party game. Darn you Sataya! We'll play again. I need to redeem my Zelda.

Onto presents... thanks Carolyn for the Golfland tokens. I'll put them to good use, although it might take a while to spend them all.... Thanks Jeff for the shitajiki. They are quite nice. Thanks Hava and Shelly for the shirt and green sparkly wig. It (by "it" I mean the shirt) looks pretty cool. Thanks Sataya for the pens, chick beanie and tissues. I'll say this about it: it's quite an interesting present. Thanks Julie for the pens. They're spiffy. Thanks parents for the $100. Thanks uncle for the $50. Thanks aunt for the $50. Thanks other uncle for the $20. And saving the best for last: thanks Dez for the Ryori poster (note: a wee bit was clipped off around the sides). For you peoples who don't know, Ryori is my character in an RPG thing. Thanks Liezl for the spiffy Nakoruru image. You definately know how to feed a boy's unnatural obsession with a video game girl. Although I may say lots o' girls are cute, Nakoruru is my gal. ^_^ Plug plug: visit her site.

It was a fun day. Everyone's gone home now. I'm kinda tired and it's hot. Gwar....

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Friday, April 12, 2002

Nothing worth mentioning today. Although I gotta say a few things to a few peoples, so here's some social loggin':

Thanks for the "happy birthday." Alright... I'll let you pinch me 18 times when you see me.... Have fun over spring break. Hopefully we'll be able to do something, ok?

Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday. For you information, I do read your log. ^_^

Thanks for the birthday wish! ^_^ I understand that you couldn't do it yesterday, so it's OK. At least you remembered and cared to say something. Also, nice new layout. I'm not used to not seeing your wonderful art, but it's still great.

Yah, I'm really thinking that I will skip out on the prom. I'm really not in the mood these days to go to some fancy smansy dance. Besides, I found out today that the bids are going to be $110 a piece. Gwar! I expected something along those lines, but I guess it really didn't register until they actually announced it. I'd rather spend that money on some rare art books or a garage kit. I really want a Nakoruru garage kit. ^_^

Yay! Drunk logging returns! ^_^ I gotta tell you, I find your drunk babbling really fun to read. Although this time it was a heck of a lot easier to read compared to some of your other entries. I guess you just weren't drunk enough, eh? ^_^

So my log looks different from them other logs? That's a good thing to hear. I'm trying to look different. I guess that's why I'm link worthy, eh? ^_^ Thanks for linking me. And thanks for wishing me a happy birthday and encouraging others to do so too.

Well thanks for linking me. I really appreciate it. You're another male logger, eh? We have to band together, don't we? ^_^

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Thursday, April 11, 2002

It's my eighteenth birthday today. Whoopdie freakin' doo. I know I should be excited or something.... I'm a legal adult now. I can buy loto tickets, vote, and legally buy most anything I could ever want. I don't know though... I don't feel special. This doesn't feel like such a special day. Sure, I've been getting birthday wishes throughout the day, but things are just the way they always are. How am I supposed to feel special when there's nothing special going on? Well... I'll be having a birthday gathering on Saturday. It's not a party par se. I'm just gathering people and hoping for the best. I hope that'll turn out well.

Eighteen eh? Well... at least now I can get a license without them stupid restrictions put upon them sixteen and seventeen year old drivers. I can also get a credit card without parental consent. That's nice too. I'll be able to buy stuff online and pay for my domain without harassing my sister for her card.

Something I find interesting is that now I can be considered a pedophile. ^_^ Yep, young girls are cute. I can't deny that. Now that I'm a legal adult, I can be technically considered a pedophile. Interesting eh? My first day as a pedophile....

Thanks everyone who wished me a happy birthday. At least I know people care. Although I wonder how many people wouldn't have remembered if not for this log.... Anyway, your wishes are much appreciated. Thanks Anna for the cake. Mmmmm... chocolate cake.... ^_^ Thanks Christine for the McDonalds. Yay! Food! ^_^ Thanks sister for the watch. Although it's kinda heavy, it looks nice. Thanks Cat for the nice bday card. Thanks for thinking about me. ^_^

Wow!!! Saga has made me a special birthday image thingy. It's Makoto! I like, I like. ^_^ I don't know what I did to deserve this, but thank you! Expect an e-mail sometime. ^_^

Something intersting in my Comp App class today. My teacher told us that one of our upcoming projects would be "making a website using frames." Oh yah! Nice.... I hope it's free choice. I want to make a site for my upcoming collective. Hopefully I can convince him to upgrade the browsers on them computers. They have Netscape 3 installed. That's just horrible. I can't do anything with that. I can't do some fancy CCS stuff, DHTML, and style tags. Besides, Netscape has a tendency to offset frames enough so that images spanning several frames look broken up. I need to get him to install the newest IE. That'll be nice.

More than one of my friends has been harassing me about my senior prom. They're telling me to go. I'll have a good time, they say. I don't know. I'm not sure if I'm in the mood to go to it. I don't have a date and things don't seem like they're going to look up. I might just decide to skip prom and spend all my money at Fanime. I'm seriously considering that now. I have very little for Fanime. I'll have at least $200 to spend there if I skip out on prom. It's certainly an option. Right now I kinda feel like buying more anime stuff as opposed to wasting my money on a really expensive dance I probably won't even have fun at. Eh....

Yay! Ayumi layout! ^_^ I really like Ayumi. She's so pretty. She is one of the few girls I'm attracted to because of beauty as opposed to cuteness. Nice job there. I like the pink. ^_^ Yes, you crack down on them peoples who're just using your log for the links.

'Tis all. This is the now legal adult signing out.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Today was the "Day of Silence." It's a day where people protest against discrimination and just hating in general by taking a vow of silence for the day (how can you use hating words, when you don't talk?). I would really have liked to have join in, but I went on a field trip, so I had to talk. I wore a sticker though. That has to count for something. I supported the cause. I respect the people doing this though. I think the whole vow of silence thing is kinda stupid, but I respect why they are doing it. Thus, I support the cause.

I went on a field trip to the Exploratorium in San Francisco. I went last year in my physiology class, but I went again this year with my physic class. I had some fun there. There are lots o' fun scientificy exibits. I got to play with a lot of neat things. I suppose I had some fun. Well... I just couldn't get something off my mind though. Last year, when I went there, I spent the day with my good friend Karen. It was a lot of fun with her. I always have fun with her. We get along so well. This year, she's off at college, so she didn't join us. That made me kinda sad. I really miss her. What made it kinda worse was the fact that she is going to the Academy of Art College in the same city. Gwar! Yah... it was kinda depressing. Well... I suppose I'll have to wait til her next break to see her. *sigh*

Well, on a lighter note, I got to eat a lot today. ^_^ I ate during the trip. I had a rather dry, but still tasty chicken sandwich and some yummy chocolate ice cream. Upon returning, my friends and I went to Dairy Bell and I got some chili cheese fries. Then when we went back to school, we went to the Day of Silence supporter party and I got some free pizza. Yep, some good eating today. That made me happy. ^_^

Earlier I popped in while my dad was watching the news. Apparently people are protesting against human cloning. Nothing new, I'm sure. I just want to explain my beliefs on the matter. I'm against cloning, although probably not for the same reason most people are. These people are protesting because this is human cloning. They think it is wrong because these are humans being cloned. I could care less whether it's a human or not. People love to put themselves on a pedestal. They love to think that they are better than animals because they are "superior" or "more intellegent." Bull. They are as much an animal as a dog or a cat. That being said, I discourage cloning of any living being. I don't like to differentiate between living beings, whether it be human, animal, or plant. They are all living things. They should all be created and destroyed the way nature intended them to. We don't need cloning. Nature should rule all. But I'm sure no one will listen to me. Bah!

I'm proud to announce that my first disciple has launched a weblog. I showed my sister how to do stuff and she has launched her weblog: Pastiche. It's kind of plain, but she doesn't have such a good grasp of Photoshop. She decided to put it up anyway because she wants to get something up. You will notice quite a few similarities between our logs. Let me just say that I didn't do it. She kinda copied my log format. Oh well... I'm sure it'll develop a personality all its own in a layout or two. Go visit it. Also, if you feel so inclined, make a comment. She doesn't have any comments yet.

More One Piece! Get it while it's hot!

Kanon!!! I love Kanon! I've seen 8 episodes and I want more. Dang, Makoto is cute. ^_^ Anyway, thanks for the compliments. I know I change layouts often. It's just that my previous layouts were just way too annoying for one reason or another. I needed to get something up that didn't annoy me as much. I think I've done that with this layout. I think this one will be up a bit longer than the others, although that's not set in stone. ^_^ Finally, thanks. It feels nice to be called "one cool guy." ^_^

You're asking me what I want for my birthday? I'm not sure... you don't even have to get me anything. Just birthday wishes are enough for me. But if you really feel like getting me something, ask Sataya. He might just have an idea. I'm not telling anyone what I want. I don't want people to go out of their way to get me something.

You used to live in San Jose? Interesting.... For your information, I go to Piedmont Hills High School.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2002

Today in government, we were talking about the executive branch. We came across a question that I always wondered: why do people think that military leaders would make good presidents? Look at Grant. He was one of the single worst presidents and yet he served two terms. Why? Because he was a good military leader? That doesn't mean that he'd make a good president. And yet, after the Korean war, people actually wanted MacArthur to become president. As I always like to say, people are stupid.

In physics, people were talking about FFX. I didn't actively join the conversation, but I did jump in when it was mentioned that every guy thinks that Rikku is hot. I didn't really notice this, as I don't join in on FFX discussions, but I suppose that's right. There are many guys who think that Rikku is hot. Personally, I haven't played the game, but I like her because I think she's cute. I suppose my tastes are different from most guys... actually, I'm sure I'm different from most guys, but I prefer cute girls to "hot" girls. Just a personal preference.

I've decided not to enter that multimedia contest taking place in my school district. I'm sure I could place easily, after looking at the winning entries from years past, but I don't want to rush a site like that. I need time to put together a site. I need to make it something that I can at least be proud of. I don't care if it can place. If I don't feel satisfied with it, I can't be happy. Call it integrity if you will.

Dang, one of them military recruitment guys just called me. This one was for the army. A navy guy called me a couple of days ago. They're all trying to convince me to join the military, just because I'm turning eighteen and graduating soon. Hah! Me in the military? I laugh at the idea. I'm not cut out for the military. I think the navy's really cool, but I would never join it. I'll root them on though. ^_^

Found an interesting SelectSmart test. Medieval Weaponry and You. Apparently my ideal medieval weapon is a cutlass. I suppose that's probably right. I personally like small, one-handed swords that slash, as that's the type of weapon I have the most training using. I can wield a katana or bo though.

Social Loggin':

Yah, I am a freak aren't I? ^_^ So many logs... and yet... so few male loggers. Let alone guys above the ages of 14 or 15. Anyway, believe it or not, I've actually been visiting your log occasionally. It's very nice. I love the Suu layout. Nice editing and I can't forget to mention that she's really cute. ^_^

Thanks for linking me. I never expected that. Actually, I visit your log occasionally too. Quite nice. You do good work. Good luck becoming a mangaka or seiyuu. ^_^

Gwar! You've seen Chobits? I want to see it! *Searches for it in Direct Connect*

Nice new layout! Personally I liked the last one better, but this isn't bad at all. You're right, it is way too light. It really doesn't seem like a PB layout at all.

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Monday, April 8, 2002

Just Wingin' It is now in version 5

Last layout was way too generic. It's only been up for a week, but now it's gone.

This layout is something that I think came out rather well. Yah, I know, I use images of Ruri-chan too often, but what can I say? She's great. ^_^

This layout is a lot different from my previous layouts. I decided to try to make something more unique, something with a style all my own. I'm not too sure how I did, but there are some things I did that I've never seen in a layout before. I think that is a good thing. I've decided to use a whole lot more filters. I love the Photoshop filters, so I'm going to make extensive use of them from here on.

This layout is definately a start on developing my own style. I want to be unique. Wish me luck folks.

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Yesterday I went out driving with my dad. I'll be taking my license test soon, so he took me out to drive around the DMV to get the hang of things around there. When my sister tested for her license, my parents had followed the testing cars, so they know what they're going to do. Sneaky, aren't they? ^_^ He took me around and told me that we covered "90%" of what will be on the test. I feel confident.

I also helped my sister wash her car. That was kinda fun. I don't get to wash cars often, but it's alright when you have someone or someones interesting to wash with. Her spiffy 2001 Camry is all clean now. It's a nice car, but it seems a bit too... I don't know... old for her. I mean, a Camry just screams 40 year old or something, doesn't it? She's only 20. She needs a "younger" car, but she's fine with what she has. Well... whatever floats her boat....

Today was the first day of school following spring break. Gwar.... Well... all things considered, it wasn't all that bad.

Nothing all that unusual happened. Well... because of daylight savings, the bells were slightly off. I got an extra five minutes to my fifteen minute break. That was definately a plus.

I also got reminded of the multimedia contest that my school district is having. I don't know... I have four days to put something together if I want to enter. If I place though, I won't have to do a final project in my Comp. App. class. I'm not sure... I'll consider it. If I do anything though, it'll probably be a website. Which reminds me... I haven't played with frames in a while.... Oh! Something else I almost forgot: thanks everyone from the anime club who complimented my layout. Your words are much appreciated.

Nothing else that spectacular. Yep, boring day.

Well, to tell you the truth, I've never touched any booze. I don't really intend to either. Sorry, you'll have one less person to drink with at Fanime. Hope that's ok with you.

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