Saturday, April 19, 2003

So... what to write...?

Yesterday I had that fated quiz in math. I didn't like it. >_< I think I was able to do the work, but I'm not sure. I hope I did alright.... *crosses fingers*

Then something as a way to forget about the unpleasantness of that quiz, I went and took my friend to go get a tux for his junior prom. Aa~... youth.... I remember when I went out to get my tux for junior prom... while I was still in the prime of my youth.... Yeah, those were the days.... XD Anyway, I took him to the Great Mall. I had heard that there was a tux place somewhere in there, but I didn't remember seeing it while walking around, so we decided to wander around until we happened upon it (as he didn't know where it was either). After maybe going three fourths of the mall, we decided to look it up on a map. What did we find? We had passed it because it was in one of those mall entrance inlets. -_- Not only that, it was really close to where we had entered the mall. -_- Don't you hate it when things like that happen? So we made our way back. Luckily for us, there's a happy little central coridor that leads across the mall. That really sped things up. ^_^ At the tux shop, he got a sales associate to help him pick out stuff. Something funny: when the sales associate-lady asked my friend to take stuff out his pockets to measure... I think it's called "inseam...," he gave the stuff to me to hold. Then the sales associate-lady said "now run!" in a jokingly manner. What would you have done? I pretended to run. I would think that would be the natural reaction most people would have. Apparently the lady said that I was the only person who had ever done it. ^_^; Psh, people are boring and aren't greedy enough. XD

At his house, we had some fun playing some video games. I played some Dead or Alive 3! XD Come to think of it, that was the only real time I played DoA3.... I played a little at Fry's Electronics one time, but it wasn't really much and the controller was crappy. Anyway, it was fun. Lei Fang!!! XD~ Hehehehe.

Today was spent watching more Full Moon. I just finished episode 50. So much happens! It's such a good series. Takuto's the man. *thumbs up* And Mitsuki's cute. -^^- Must... watch... more.... I'll be getting back to that now.... ^_^

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Friday, April 18, 2003

Darn it all, I was planning on making an entry tonight, but I suppose I shant. Why not? Because I just watched some pretty heavy Full Moon (episode 38) and I honestly don't feel like doing a whole lot right now. That's why.

Next day: It's gets worse. -_-; There will be a post tonight though.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Integration scares me. Yes, it officially sucks. True, had I been doing my homework reguarily (as I was supposed to *cough*) I don't think it would be all that bad, but psh, me doing homework reguarily? By golly, that's absurd! ^_^; I already kinda got the hang of a good deal of the material and with a little more effort, I'm sure I can get it all, but hell, I don't want to expend effort! ;_; I suppose I'll have to considering how I have a quiz on Friday.... Gwar.... Why must school demand time and effort? Why can't we just go to class, listen to lecture, and then go home and play all day? The man is trying to keep recreation down, that's it! It's all a big conspiracy! They don't want the youth to have any fun so that they can turn into mindless workaholic slaves! That's their plan.... I see how it is....

Aw man, I just saw Morning Musume's Do It! Now PV. I've been meaning to for a while, but never did get around to it. Man, they look... not like children.... I don't know about you, but when I think Morning Musume, I think young, pre-teenage girls. I know there are older girls, but because of their particular image, you never really notice it. Not in this video. Man, some of them look really cute.... ^_^;

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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Darn sappiness! I'm in one of those lovey-dovey, romanticy-smantically, sappy-wappy moods. Freakin' Full Moon wo Sagashite! *shakes fist* But nah, seriously, I don't feel this way too often. Generally, I'm very indifferent and emotionally detatched. I'm so not a romantic. Then every once in a while something like this happens and I feel all sappy-wappy again. I use the word "again" because I used to be something of a romantic or at least much more so than I am today. Darn anime, why must it try to tap into raw human emotions and manipulate them!? Heh heh... nah, actually, I like that part about anime. It's one of the few things that can reliably get me into these kinds of moods. Now here I am... just sitting here and being sappy. Friggin' a....

Lets talk about something else then, shall we? Hm... classes are going alright I suppose. I'm kinda not really doing any studying at home though.... ^_^; Man, I just keep getting more and more lazy. That's not a good thing. For chem and philosophy, I'm probably fine for now, but I'm actually starting to kinda fall behind in math. Darn integration requires so much knowledge of differentiation! Well, I'd think that'd be a given, but hell, they expect me to readily pull things from my head like the differentiation of tangent inverse? I always liked to use a chart for those kinds of things.... ;_;

*feels face* I just shaved. Is it just me or when you shave, the shaved area always feels unearthly smooth? The urge to feel... rising.... *feels face again* -_-

Oh, got the Xenogears Perfect Works book. XD You know how long I've wanted the thing? Well, since I learned that it existed. ^_^; I'm just glad that Kinokuniya had it in stock. Apparently it was re-run last August. How interesting....

Du bi du.... Uu! Green Koosh ball! *plays with green Koosh ball* XD

Hm... something to talk about.... Um... life is boring...? Oh! *notices window and runs on over to look out of it* Hey, where the hell are all the stars? I thought the street lights were designed to cut down on ambient light. -_- Psh, I think I'll go back to my Koosh ball then.... *happily plays with Koosh ball*

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