Friday, April 23, 2004

Just yesterday I was hanging out with a friend or two of mine. Don't know what prompted it... maybe I was a tad mischevious, but I took my friend's glasses and put them on my very own face. Having done this, I asked them how I looked. Had my normally suave appearance been mared by this contraption called "glasses?" XD Actually, it was quite the contrary. My male friend person said I looked good, while my female friend person said that they made me "twice as hot." O_o Got me to thinking about how glasses affect a person's appearance. I don't know about most guys, but I think that, on many an occasion, glasses accentuate a girl's appearance. I guess it could work the other way around. ^^; Maybe I should be cursing my good eyesight. XD Nah, I like not having glasses. Never thought I had great eyesight, but I can read the 20/20 line on an eyechart, so I guess they're sufficient. I have a real desire to get some mini-glasses though; if only of plain glass. Them things are so friggin' awesome. Come on, the man Lennon wore them! XD Not completely sure if it was him or one or the other Beetles, but if I'm wrong, I'm only 1/4 off. XD

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