Saturday, April 26, 2003

I'm at my uncle's house right now. I'm typing on his little laptop. ^_^ Let me just say, those little rubber knobs are really annoying. -_- I suppose I'd rather have a touchpad, which is saying a lot because I hate those too. ^_^; I miss my Expert Mouse....

So why am I over at the uncle's? Well, today he invited my family over for some dinner. Now he's pretty well off. He's not exactly living in luxury, but he's making a good sum of money; enough to live easily in the vicious Silicon Valley area. But even knowing that, I was nowhere near prepared for what I was treated to tonight: a full lobster to myself and a good number of oysters, plenty for me to take however many I wanted (I think he got sixty in all). Yeah, impressive, eh? Of course, he's not stupid or rich enough to be eating like this or even half of this reguarily. He kinda splurged today. I'm glad I was here when he decided to do it. XD Aw man, first we had the oysters. I got a good few of them and then out came the lobster. Mm~... lobster.... The lobsters were really good too. The meat was really flavorful and they were prepared with butter. *smacks lips* Only downside: I got vegetables with that lobster. -_- Must they try to mess up my meal? ^_^ Upon finishing my lobster, and a few claws my grandparents didn't want, I got even more oysters. We had a few more and no one wanted to eat anymore. I didn't complain. ^_^ Yeah... that was a pretty good meal....

The old folks don't understand me! -_- Earlier, they were complaining about how I wear jackets and button-up shirts unbuttoned. Apparently, they can't understand why I do it. I can go "but it looks cool!" all I want, but they wouldn't listen. They're too set in their old ways and say that it looks ridiculous and messy. My dad likes to make jabs at me every once in a while for dressing like such. He thinks I do it because I'm trying to copy anime characters; just because he once saw some guy with an unbuttoned shirt. -_- He has yet to understand that it's a common thing among the youth of America. Psh.

I'm glad I'm over here. I brought my Gamecube and I'm playing SCII. ^_^ I'm really feeling the hurt though. He has a HD-TV ready TV and here I am, without a component cable. ;_; I want my SCII in progressive scan glory! ;_; Thus is my pathetic fate. Darn it all! *kicks fate*

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Just Wingin' It version 18: "Romance"

Mireille + Art Deco = well... I don't know what it equals, but hell, it's appropriate. ^_^;; Just two days or so, I was listening to "Romance" on the first Noir OST and inspiration struck me. This is the end result of that inspiration. When I think of Mireille, one of the first words that pops into my mind is "style" or "stylish" or whatever. Those are also words I'd associate with the art deco style. To actually do some art deco-esque designs though, I had to do some research. I kinda knew what art deco looks like, but to make an entire layout.... Good thing for me, there are a few good art deco sites out there on the net. ^_^ As for the design itself, well, I think it looks pretty spiffy, but there is one main thing I would have liked to have turned out better: Mireille's placement. She looks spiffy the way she is, but dang, it covers up too much of the design work I did. -_-; Oh well, enough shows through for you to get the idea. Mental note: next time try to integrate the image while designing the background. -_-;; All in all though, it's not bad. It's definately better than my last few layouts, which, I think, were really lacking. I'm glad I spent time working on defined objects because art deco happens to favor bold outlines. ^_^

*cough* Oh, I didn't notice that.... ^_^;;; Thanks for pointing that out, Saka.

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Thursday, April 24, 2003

My philosophy teacher's a real riot, he is. ^_^ He has a tendency to say some really amusing things, often with profanities littered throughout. Just today, the phone rang in class. He expressed that he didn't wish to pick it up, but he did anyway. And here is how things went:
*picks up phone*
"Who are you looking for!?"
"Oh yeah, he's dead."
*hangs up*
The class got a good chuckle out of that. I know I did. XD Even funnier, he said afterwards that during that pause, the person on the other end didn't even say anything. I suppose he was probably really surprised by that opening line there. ^_^ But otherwise, today we went over some Plato philosophy. I'm fascinated by Socrates and Plato stuff. I suppose it's because I like to think like them. Socrates did essentially set the foundation for modern logical reasoning (which I quite happen to like ^_^). We aren't going over much in terms of their reasoning though. It seems like the main focus of the course up until this point is the metaphysical aspects of various early philosophies: the Upanishads, Taoists, and now the early Greeks. Metaphysics are fascinating in their own respect, but I want to go over some other stuff too.... ;_;

Where the hell DOES all my time go these days? It seems like I get home, go on the computer, and *bam* before I know it, it's late at night and I don't care to stay up anymore. o_O It really feels like the days are getting shorter and shorter or something. I don't even do anything on the computer either! And still then, so much time passes.... I want my daytime hours back! ;_;

Did anyone read this article on AX? This is some pretty serious stuff here. If it turns out to be true, AX is so messed up. I'll have to keep on this story. Apparently there's going to be an outside audit sometime soon, so lets see what that turns up....

True, it was one of my worse downtimes, but really now, I wasn't exactly depressed by any means. I was literally better by the next morning. It was a trivial problem, but I'm allowed to let my emotions run away with me for a matter of hours, aren't I? ^_^; Every person should be allowed to feel sadness, but having any kind of "deep emotional problem" for most teenagers seems like a bunch of bull to me. As I said, there are some legitimate reasons to get deeply emotional. It's just a personal observation that many things that most teenagers are complaining about aren't legitimate reasons in my opinion. I don't mind if they complain, but if they start contemplating suicide or something, then then they're stupid. I just don't think people should be squandering their lives with "emotional drama" when their valuable time can be spent doing something more productive.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Today in chem lecture, my teacher decided to spring a surprise quiz on us. -_- It's written in our green sheets that we can have unannounced lecture quizes. It's supposed to encourage attendance. Anyway, when my teacher said this, I was completely freaking out. For one, I have been falling asleep during lecture (the man is so~ boring! -_-) and secondly, I haven't been doing any book work. ^_^; Needless to say, I was feeling quite the pressure. So passed around the quiz was and I started working on it, completely unsure whether I was getting anything right. There were two problems and I was just about finished with them when the girl next to me came back from turning in hers. After our chem lab sections, I go to the cafeteria and hang out with a few of the other students from my class and she's one of them. As she got back, she glanced over at my work and told me that they were right. ^_^ You don't know how overjoyed I was. Well, it's only a few point quiz, but it's still great to know that I got it right. Yeah, I'm good. XD

After school, I went over to my friend's house to pick up something: a late birthday present his girlfriend told him to give to me. In the little bag, I got a Keropi plushie, Keropi handtowel, a Keropi lollypop, a car air freshener, and three boxes of Pocky (chocolate, strawberry, and milk). Hehe, the Keropi looks all funny. Now that I look at it staring at me, he looks kinda stupid. ^_^; I would take a picture, but my sister kinda took the digital camera with her to Davis. -_- Anyway, thanks Xiao Long! ^_^ I suppose I'll write you an e-mail tomorrow or something. That is, unless I'm lazy.... ^_^;;

[rant]Is it just me or are teenagers too melodramatic? I mean, like, come on! As far as I'm concerned, most teenagers don't even know what a real problem is. I hear the most pathetic excuses for getting depressed: I was dumped, I was yelled at by my parents, people hate me, etc. Well I got news for you peoples: those aren't real problems. Real problems are things like being homeless, being poor, and being physically abused. I understand that some teenagers may, indeed, have legitimate reasons to be moody, but most of the ones I see don't. And don't give me crap about "well, you don't understand!" I don't need to understand anything. Trivial is trivial. Hell, I have a place to live, food to eat, and parents who support me. How can I be stupid enough to be depressed? Of course, this is all personal opinion and to some people, their problems may be a whole lot more intense than I ever think they could be, but I just don't get why. Are teenagers trying to be depressed? That's what it seems like to me sometimes. Most of the time, they have things a lot better than they think they do. I just think more of them should realize that and go through life with that kind of attitude. Life's too short to be wasting time being depressed. I'm not saying that everyone should be cheerful (as I'm not exactly an advocate of constant optimism), I'm just saying that they shouldn't be depressed.[/rant]

On a lighter note: I am so obsessed with an image right now. Which image might that be? Well, it's the image occupying the fifth page of the Comic Party Visual Fan Book. Why might you ask? Because of this portion of the image right here. CHISA IN A NURSE OUTFIT!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD (can you tell I'm happy?) XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Here I am... not doing homework again.... *whistles*

Today, when I got out of class, I saw a series of tent-top-type booths things set up near the library at my school. I generally would ignore things like that because booths like that are, more often than not, club or organization information dealies. However, today something caught my eye: tech stuff. Well, what would you do if you went by and saw things like computers, mice, and packaged software? I'm such a sucker for tech stuff. ^_^; I went up to the place and, noting that there were no trackballs and there were *gasp* cordless mice in their place, I headed towards the packaged software. They had some nice stuff there. Things like Adobe and Macromedia software. ^_^ They had some Red Hat Linux too. Not that I know how to use it, I just think it's cool. I gotta learn one of these days.... The lady-type person for that booth approached me and told me that they were holding a "Dilbert look-a-like" contest for the De Anza students and asked me to cast a ballot for one of the contestants (of which there were two ^_^;). Initially, I was all "nah, I think I'll pass because I personally don't care," but then she mentioned getting candy for voting.... You know I couldn't pass that one up. No sir-y. XD After casting my vote and getting a little Twix bar to munch on, she told me that they were also having a raffle for cool merchandise dealies. I looked over the stuff and nothing especially impressed me, but then I happened to see that they had Photoshop 7 up there. ^_^ Apparently, to participate in the raffle, I had to take a little slip of paper and get stamps from the various companies that were there. In total, I had to get three stamps, so I though "oh hell" and went for it. I did it pretty quickly and turned it in. Hope I get that Photoshop. ^_^

I picked up some Tapioca Express chicken on the way home today. Actually, it was kinda past my way home, so I went there and backtracked to get home. ^_^; I haven't had any in a while, so I suppose I was having withdrawl. I got myself my usual: some nice level 5 chicken. ^_^ It has been a while since I've dined on Ioca chicken, so I kinda lost some of my spice-eating edge, but oh well. Pain builds character. ^_^ And this is the funny part: the chicken was especially spicy today. Not that I'm complaining. XD Spicy food = goodful. Remember that. Remember it well.

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Monday, April 21, 2003

I now officially have a beef with the cafeteria at my school. What did it do to me? Well today, I went there with a few of my classmates after our chem lab. When I actually got in there, I remembered that well, I don't like the breakfast items they sell there. ^_^; This was at about 9:50, so I decided to wait a little bit until 10:00 to buy some lunch items. For their prices and quantities, they have some pretty decent fries. ^_^ The others finished picking out their items, so we went out and got a table. I went along because well, I didn't want to stand waiting. This is America, darnit! I won't stand unless I have to! XD After chatting for a little, I went back at about 10:00. They didn't have lunch out yet. -_- They said it would be done in maybe fifteen minutes. I thought "alright, that'll leave me fifteen minutes until lecture, so it should be fine." Fifteen minutes later: still no lunch items. -_- Now I don't know about you, but I think that's inexcusable. I know that in an establishment like that, the proper procedure is to start preparing lunch items before it's time to sell them. What the hell were they doing? It's extremely poor business practice to miss something as important as the menu changing time. Gwar....

When I got home, I hit the garage door opener, only to be greeted by an unopening garage door. I thought, "OK, I'll get closer," as the battery in my garage door opener is dying or something and doesn't exactly respond all the time. I got closer. Still nothing. Closer. Nothing yet again. I rolled down the window and extended my arm as far as I could to get as close as I could to the garage door. Nothing. -_- That's when my mom popped out of the front door and told me that there was a blackout. -_- Blackouts sux0rz, j0! Heh... how funny.... This follows my previous post saying that I'd be screwed without electricity. ^_^;;; Yeah, it was pretty bleh, but at least my friend Shelly popped by and we had some fun chatting and looking at some of my stuffs. w00t4g3! Eventually the power returned at... um... 3:30...? We took that opportunity to play some SCII. ^_^


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Sunday, April 20, 2003

Earlier I was kinda hungry and wanted something to snack on. Feeling the need for something warm, yet easy to prepare, I got a can of Where's Waldo Spagetti-Os. Yes, Where's Waldo. XD I miss that book. It was a great way to waste time as a child. ^_^ Anyway, I went for a can-opener. I actually went for a hand can-opener because well, 1. I have one in the house and 2. it's actually faster than an electric one if used correctly. The thing is though, it took me a while to figure out just exactly how to orient the thing. ^_^; Yeah, that's a problem I have with hand can-openers, they just look so funky, it takes me maybe three tries before I can figure out how to orient them correctly. ^_^;; OK, so I'm pathetic. I suppose the electric opener would have been easier, eh? Of course, this is a minor case, but imagine what would happen if I had to do more stuff manually; I'd be, like, so screwed. I'm glad there's something called "electricity." ^_^

Been up to more anime hijinks. ^_^ Finished up Full Moon last night. It's such a good series. I whole-heartedly recommend it if you're into shoujo. I suppose with the end of Full Moon behind me, I really needed to watch something else in its steed. That's why I started four new series today. ^_^; First, I watched the Pia Carrot Movie. OK, so it's not a series, but meh. Not a whole lot of substance, but very cute (OK, maybe just Tomomi *cough*). At least now when I import Pia Carrot 3, I'll know something about the girls ahead of time. ^_^ Second, I watched One. Um... I've gone through one episode thusfar and it seems kinda... strange.... I don't know... there's some kinda mystery going on in that series.... Didn't really draw me in, but I'll probably finish it considering how there's only four episodes. Third, I went through the available episodes--two--of Narue no Sekai. I've wanted to watch it since I saw a blurb about it in Newtype.... Not really what I expected, but still really fun. I read Hirayama, Narue's character designer, wanted her to look really cute and to have a captivating smile. I gotta say, I think he suceeded. -^^- Oh, I've kinda fallen in love with the ending song too. Gotta love the line: "I wasn't supposed to fall in love like this and it sort of irritates me." XD I don't know, I just find it really cute. Lastly, I watched (and still am watching) Piano. Back in the fall, when it began, I read that it was really slow, droning, and boring. Because of that, I figured that I'd like it. ^_^;;; The strange thing about me is that I don't care how slow a series is. I complain if things move too quickly, but too slowly, nah. The average day in Nomura Miu's life is just as eventful as a normal day in my life: i.e. nothing happens. You'd think that that'd be a big turnoff. Nope, actually, I really like the series. Slice-of-life series have been something of a recently acquired taste of mine (as they've only really come into their own rather recently). I know it won't be to most people's taste, but I genuinely really enjoy watching Piano. To each his own, eh?

That be all. See? My life is uneventful. Woe is me. I have to do something.... I suppose I'll just have to make it a bit more interesting by watching more Piano.... XD

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