Saturday, April 27, 2002

Yesterday I did go to school and all that crap. I would go over that, but I'm sure you would rather hear about Fanime. So here is my Fanime day 1 report.

I arrived there at the Westin at 4:00 PM. I heard reports from others that the prereg had been moved from the place it had been for the last two years, so I went up the escalators because that's where I heard they relocated. When I got up there, I found out that they moved the prereg desk back to where they had it the last two years. Gwar... I went down the escalators and to where I'm used to picking up my badge. It was really quick. Hah! I laugh at them peoples who went to the hotel the night before! ^_^ I heard the line was ridiculous. As opposed to my experience: I didn't have to wait behind anybody. Hah! Anyway, I got my badge (sorry folks, I'm not ready to show you peoples my full name) and bag of goodies. My badge wasn't that bad this year. Not exactly the best one, but I suppose I can accept it. At least there's a girl on it this year. I had no idea what series it was until someone told me (Tokyo Crazy Paradise), but the art's not bad. I would have rather had the Noir one or the Vandread one, but oh well.... General comment: this year's badge images were rather poorly chosen. Only staff and volunteers seemed to get some worthwhile badges.

After prereging I headed straight towards the main attraction of the con: the dealers room. ^_^ There I saw Tina. Woo. We went around the dealers room together. Me looking for posters and artbooks, her looking for UFO catcher dolls and shitajiki. I ended up getting two Angelic Layer posters, a poster and UFO doll of Mamoru, a poster of the Teigeki girls, and a game advertisement poster for the first Love Hina Dreamcast game. I didn't have time to get anything else before we had to go to catch the showings of Re:Death and Fanboy Bebop.

Re:Death and Fanboy Bebop are great! They are fan parodies done by the guys at Studio Sokodei. I had seen Re:Death at '00, but I didn't catch Fanboy Bebop at '01. So yah... them things are great! ^_^ Re:Death is pure condensed comedy and Fanboy Bebop has so many inside anime jokes, it's great. ^_^

Well... at the screening room, I had met up with the rest of the Sexy Crew minus Sataya. Afterwards, we went to the opening ceremony to meet up with the X.O.X.ers. We ended up watching some of the ceremony. I only saw the end of the martial arts demonstrations and the guest introductions. Mari was there! ^_^ I'm just a big fan of Mari Iijima. Unfortunately, she only came for Friday because she's flying out to the Grand Canyon today to do a commercial for Verizon wireless. Unfortunately, that means that I can't see or chat with her. =(

Moving on... we left the ceremony and along with the X.O.X.ers, we decided to order some pizza. We went up to I believe Steph's room and hung out there for a while, while Dandan ordered pizza. Unfortunately, the pizza guy said that it would take an hour and a half. At that time, it was around 8:30. Unfortunately that meant that Dandan and June had to go karaoke soon. When 9 rolled around, they left and I went with them. I wanted to give them moral support.

At karaoke, they experienced "technical difficulties," so we were made to wait until 9:30 to actually get in. They didn't even start til sometime after 10:00. Unfortunately, I had to go at 10:00, so I said sorry to Dandan and June and left. I went out front, where my mom was waiting for me and I went home.

It's Saturday morning now, so I'll be going back in a little while. Today I'm looking forward to Danny's web designing panel, the Sakura Taisen panel, the garage kit panel, the masquerade, and of course spending more time in the dealers room. ^_^

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Thursday, April 25, 2002

STAR testing day 3.

Today we didn't have to do anything senior specific, so we had free free time again. I borrowed Sataya's laptop again. I watched four episodes of Noir. Good, good series. Chloe just showed up. She's so cool. More stylish than either Mireille or Kirika. Although she's not quite as cute as Kirika. ^_^ Anyway, I would have watched more, but I decided to play around in Photoshop for a while. Working on developing new things. I got some things down. I hope I can incorporate them into the next layout.

Classes today were rather mundane. I had my first three periods: english, stat, and government. In english we went over poetry. We're learning all about Romantic, Victorian, etc. poetry right now. Bah... I'm not a big fan of poetry. At least not after studying it. It just ruins things when you over analyze poetry. My opinion.

In stat we had some free time to study for AP exams or work on projects. I'm helped my project partner on one of two activities we have to do. We had to place twenty pennies on their sides on a table, hit the table, then note how many heads and tails. Do you know how annoying it is to make pennies stand on their side? I forgot it was so hard. We gave up and did ten and then multiplied everything by two. ^_^ Works for us.

In government we went over stuff for a senate simulation thing we're going to do next week. We went over some stuff about how the senate works. Each student will be assigned to a political party, write a bill, and try to get it through our simulation senate. Today it was all rather boring. Rather, I looked at my Love Hina 12 a lot. ^_^

Adventure Behind My Parents' Backs #3:
Today's adventure was to Milpitas Golf Land or MGL, as we all like to say. Accompanying me today was Vincent, Shelly, and Edward. I played some DDR 4th Plus, which is in my opinion, still the best one. Petit Love is great. ^_^ I played some Guitar Freaks 6th linked with Drummania 5th. Vincent took the lead guitar, I took bass, and Edward was on drums. Fun fun. I'm not that good, so we didn't play any bonus stage. =( Oh well. We had some fun. I tried to play Tekken 4. I so can't play that game. It's so strange. I'm so used to Soul Calibur, Tekken feels wrong. I also got to play some guy in CvS2. He wasn't bad. He beat me. Although I didn't lose horribly, so I guess I'm not bad myself. ^_^ After that, we went to Tapioca Express. Edward really wanted some milk pearl tea. I got to try out some of their spicy chicken and squid. That stuff tastes pretty darn good. Although, it was level 2, so it was kinda weak. I want to try some of that level 5. Spicy food is meant to be spicy darnit! ^_^

Yep, thus was my day. Now I'm really looking forward to Fanime, which will begin tomorrow. Actually, right now they should be passing out prereg badges at the hotel. I can't go today to pick mine up, but I'll get it tomorrow. I better get a cute girl on my badge this year! I've been going for three years and not once have I gotten a cute girl on my badge! At '99 I got some mecha from Giant Robo, at '00 I got Spike and Vicious, and at '01 I got Wing Zero. I've been gyped I tell you! GYPED!!!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Day 2 of STAR testing

Today we seniors were herded into the gym to listen to a bunch of stuff about graduation and to get our caps and gowns. After that, we were "treated" to a lecture on safety by some officer. Joy. That was a complete waste of three hours. I would have rather stayed in my second period and watched more Noir. I was expecting to watch another six episodes today. I watched none. =(

Afterward, classes progressed. I didn't mention it yesterday, but we're on a block schedule. Yesterday we went to the first three periods and today we went to the last three. In physic (physic AP, which occupies my fifth and sixth periods), we took the Physicsbowl. Whoopdie doo. It was just another boring physic test. I'm tired of them things. I wasn't even given a real answer sheet! There were several students chosen to actually participate, while everyone else just took it on a sheet of paper for participation points in the class. Another complete waste of my time.

At least after school was pretty nice. Today I went on the "adventure behind my parents' backs #2." Today was a delightful visit to San Jose Japan Town. Accompanying me was Vincent, Sataya, Shelly, and Anthony. It was some good fun. First we took a look at Nikaku. Shelly and Anthony hadn't been there yet. I had to take them to the premire anime store in the city, possibly even the county or maybe even northern California. At Nikaku I got Love Hina tankouban 12. Yay! I love volume 12. Most probably my favorite. Why? Because Kanako's so cute in it, that's why. ^_^ Kanako is quite possibly my favorite of the LH girls. Naru's way up there too, but right now I prefer Kanako because she was so much cuter than Naru for the last couple volumes. ^_^ After Nikaku, we went to Nichi Bei Bussan. Back in the day when I used to take Aikido, I used to go there to buy belts. It's a nice place with plenty of Japanese things. Sataya was really happy because he got a nice book on the game Igo. You know, that game with the white and black stones... where you place them at the intersections of a grid...? Yah, that game. He's really into it after reading Hikaru no Go at Toriyama World. After that, we went to Far Out Toys. It's a small anime store that has some good stuff sometimes, but nothing good today. Finally, we went to one of the markets (don't remember which one). Vincent was happy because he found a peach drink. I was happy because I actually got some Morinaga caramels. MORINAGA CARAMELS!!! Dang, I haven't had them things in what? Six, seven years? Them things are great. As far as I'm concerned, the Europeans make killer chocolate, but the Japanese make the killer caramels. I love Morinaga caramels. I got two packs. I'm happy. ^_^

Yep, not a bad day indeed. School was rather crappy, but our little trip to Japan Town made my day. Now excuse me as I eat some caramels. ^_^

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Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Here in the lovely state of California, we have something called "STAR testing." It just so happened that these "STAR tests" began today. ^_^ Seriously though, it's one of those state wide standardized testing things. I would be in dread, if it weren't for the fact that I'm a senior. You know what that means? I don't have to take them. ^_^ Yep, seniors are exempt from taking the tests. Unfortunately, we still have to get to school at the normal time. Oh well. Plenty of people complain, but I'm fine with it. Even if we did get to stay home, I'd be up anyway. I just go to school, borrow Sataya's laptop, and watch Noir. ^_^ I've been meaning to watch that series again. It's so great.

One definate plus about these tests is that we get to go home at 2:30. Yep, a whole half hour earlier than usual. It's not much, but it's something. Today, I took the extra time and went out on my first "adventure behind my parents' backs." ^_^ Yep, now that I have a license, I can go out without my parents knowing. Today it was a rather tame trip to Fry's Electronics. Well... Sataya had $45 credit and wanted head phones, Jeff wanted to scout out computer parts for a new computer, I had $60 of credit to spend, and Vincent just wanted to tag along. What did I end up getting? I spent my credit on some new anime DVDs. ^_^ I got the first three Princess Nine DVDs and the first Golden Boy DVD. Oh yah. I hope I can find time to watch those soon.

Tomorrow is another STAR test day. I wonder what we'll decide to do.... We have time and I have a car. The possibilities.... ^_^

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Monday, April 22, 2002

Why does everyone want to know why I'm not going to prom? Not like I don't want them to know, but why does everyone feel the need to ask my why? If I choose not to go, why do I need to be interrogated by so many people? Darnit. Simply put, I don't feel like going. It's because of various factors. Number one, prom is rather hard on the wallet. I don't have sufficient funds to go to prom this year. Fanime is coming up really soon. It starts this friday actually. I want to spend lots o' money there, so that would leave little left for prom. Two, I don't have a date. Yep, and I don't especially feel like asking anyone. I'm shy. I don't feel like being bold anytime soon. Three, I just don't feel like it. By far the biggest determining factor. Everyone says it's a "magical night." "You'll regret it." Bah. I don't regret anything now and I don't intend to anytime soon. Simply put, I'm not really in a lovey dovey mood right now. I don't think that going to some fancy dance that is intended to promote lovey dovey emotions will do anything for me besides annoy me. Right now I'm viewing prom as something of a waste of time and money. I went to my junior prom, so at least I went to something. I feel like I should at least go to one prom and that I did. I'll skip out on my senior prom and relax at home or something. I'll spend some time watching anime. That way, at least I'll be able to see some girls I really like. At least they're there for me until I find a real girl.

Social loggin':

Bah, I'll call you Danny from now on. I just feel like it. ^_^ Some nice layouts there! That's some update. Just in time for Fanime. They are all great as usual. I personally like the SephNET and ones. Pretty nice stuff there. I'm so there at your panel.

One thing: Capoiera is not a "form of dancing, that looks like martial arts." It's actually a martial art that looks like dancing. ^_^ It was created in Brazil by prisoners. They made their art look a whole lot like dancing, so that the guards didn't know that they were actually practicing martial arts. Interesting tidbit for you.

Didn't I tell you? Those episodes were absolutely fabulous. I loved episode 10. Makoto was so cute! ^_^ Sispre doesn't seem as good now after watching some Kanon, but it's still a fun series. The ending didn't leave much of an impact though.

Thanks for the congradulations. Now that I have my license, I actually do get a car, although it's nothing near what I want. I get an old '82 Corolla station wagon. Woo...? Well... it's a car, but I really, really want an '93 RX-7 FD3S. Although I would settle for an Impreza. Oh well... I can get a new car in four years, but for now I have to tough it out with my '82 Corolla.

Actually, you can get your license at the age of 16 here too. I just waited to the age of 18 because my parents are really protective, so I wouldn't have to drive with so many restrictions, and because insurance is cheaper at 18. It's all practicality really.

Sure, you can call me David. Heck, I wouldn't mind if you called me David, Tsubasa, Dave, Tsu-kun, Dave-kun, etc. I'm flexible here. ^_^

Bah! You brother does sound annoying. If that's what "American" kids are like, then I despise American kids. There's no excuse for behavior like that. Che!

Wow... you were sure the accomplished person back in the day. I was never that great, either academically or socially, so I don't know what that was like, but I have a suggestion: don't regret it so much. There are plenty of things that I've done that I should be regretting right now. I could be sad or depressed thinking about those things, but I'm not. I choose to live life without regrets. It works for me.

That is an *ahem* interesting CD. I'm sure there's some beautiful music on it, but the cover's just a tad out there. I suppose you're right. Everyone's bound to buy a CD with a naked girl on it somewhere.

Nice new layout there. Pretty girl. What's she from? Eh... anyway... *thumbs up*

Thanks for finally getting my link up. It took you long enough. ^_^ Anyway, your log's looking a lot better these days. You're updating more often. That's a good thing. Keeps the more frequent visitors (such as myself) entertained.

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Sunday, April 21, 2002

Heh heh. I stole some tests from Dandan. Hope you find them interesting.

Which Love Hina Girl Are You?

You're responsible, sweet, gentle and lovable! You have a loving heart, a great respect for all creatures (human, great and small), and the ability to see the thing that makes each individual special. However, you tend to overlook the things that make you special, and thus, putting you in a position to be pushed around by others. Take some time everyday to reflect on your qualities, and see that you don't have to please everyone and still be loved for who you are. Which Love Hina Girl Are You?

Which Evangelion Child Are You?

Which Evangelion Child Are You?

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