Saturday, May 10, 2003

Agh! I haven't posted in so long. Kinda wanted to last night, but couldn't because the sister's friends were over and they needed the computer for some pretty important stuff.

You see, the sister returned this weekend to go to her friend's funeral. I mentioned that her friend died a few entries ago? Yeah, that guy's funeral. In commemeration of the guy, her friends and her are assembling this book-thingy that has a bunch of stuff written about him and pictures for his family. It's a really kind gesture, really. Being that the funeral is pretty much happening right now (the next morning), they had to do it last night to get it done in time.

Hm... so... how have my past few days been? Again, nothing spectacular. I got my test back in chem. >.< Oh dang, it's just about as bad-like as I expected it to be, which means it's pretty darn bad. Being that I spent time trying to get down my calc, I figured I could slack off on my chem because I've taken it before. I guess not. You forget a lot over the course of three years you do. -_- I guess I'll have to take chem studying seriously from now on. Gwar....

In something of a departure from the norm, I went over to my friend Dez's house yesterday. Did some pretty fun stuff with her. Beat a boss she was having trouble with in Xenosaga, watched some TV, and talked about the perfect murder. ^_^ It's been something of a fascination of mine to put together the perfect murder. It has been said that it cannot be done and true, there can never be a perfect murder. Perfection is an ideal, not an achievable plateau. However, there can be near-perfect, identity-is-undiscoverable murders. This fascination began one day as I was chatting with my cousin from southern California. I don't remember exactly why, but we talked about it and we came up with some pretty good stuff. Nothing we figured that would be full-proof enough, but it was still good stuff. Yesterday, I talked it over with Dez and we added a little, but not a whole lot. She thought my ideas were rather ingenious. ^_^ Oh, don't worry, I'm not planning on ever using my plans. I have no reason to kill anyone. I just want to figure something out for the challenge in it all. Must foil forensics.... ^_^

On the way home from Dez's house, I popped by the Great Mall and picked up the newest PSM. Now, I'm not a huge fan of the magazine. The only gaming publication I actually care for is EGM. But this issue of PSM was special. Adorning the cover be Cassandra Alexandra of Soul Calibur II. XD It's the swimsuit issue and she was chosen as the covergirl. I can't say I particuarily care much for the art though.... It's beautiful art, but I just don't really care much for the style. But darnit, I bought it for the principle behind it. It has Cassie on it! XD Yeah, that's $5 worth of principle right there.... ^_^;

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Tuesday, May 6, 2003

*sits and stares at chem book*
Yeah, I don't want to do my work. So I'm escaping by writing in my log as to buy myself some time. ^_^

I found an article on Sega today: SegaStillbirth Revisited.
It's really a fascinating read. It details, what Mr. Kohler (of Shonen Jump/Animerica/Wired fame) believes went wrong with the Dreamcast. If you are at all interested in gaming, I think it's a very intriguing article. For the most part, I gotta say, I agree with his assessments. I may be a big, hardcore Sega fanboy, but by golly, Sega did drop the ball in some areas. Maybe not as badly as Mr. Kohler puts it, but it did happen. One thing this article did was to make me recall a passage I saved in the past, as the Sega announced that they would withdrawl from the hardware market. I forgot where I got it (probably some forum), but it was posted by someone by the handle of "Crayfish." Below follows the exerpt:

"There has been much angst exspressed lately about the demise of the Dreamcast and the non western release of certain games.
I wan't to say to all those people not to work yourself up over the issue, its not worth it. All us Sega Saturn owners are fully familular with the sequence of events.

1)Sega releases a new console that you give full moral and financial support to.

2)Sega fucks up somehow and misses their opportunity but still preach sucsess mainly through the use of massaged sales figures which you eagerly buy into and use in arguments with rival console owners.

3)You have a horrible realisation that things are not as rosy as Sega made out (described in Pulp Fiction as "A moment of clarity"). This only hardens your resolve however and you switch to a much more puritan method of arguing with rival console owners about how the Sega games are superioir and to deep to succeed in the casual gamer led market.

4)Now Sega start cancelling western releases, this pisses you off and begins the love hate phase of your relationship with Sega. Again these hardships make you become even more hardcore and resolute in support of your choses console, fueled now as well by an inferiority complex.

5)The console now turns purely into a neiche genre (2D fighters, 2D shooters, bonkers Japanese games requiring expensive add ons etc..) machine with titles that you have to pay hugely over infated prices from Jap import shops for. As ever you egg Sega on as they crawl on their knees accross the tundra, seemingly fucking up at every possible opportunity. All this however has taken a heavy toll on your faith in human nature and you begin to turn your back on mainstream culture. You can now much better empathise with other oppressed minorities with militant stances.

6)You are born again with the news that Sega is releasing a new console and that "everthing will be alright this time".

7)Repeat stages 1 to 6.

These are the 'ancient rites of the Sega console owner' to fight against them is futile. Look at the Sega CD, 32X, Saturn, Dreamcast the pattern is clear. Sure the DC was "ahead of its time", sure "VF has 10 times the depth of Tekken" but you try telling that to the masses and you'll end up mad. You know those blokes you see in the street who only have one shoe and continaly walk shouting incoherent swearwords, they were Sega console owners who tried to do just this and inturn fought against the 'ancient rights'. At the end of the day all you can do is hand over your money to Sega and keep you mouth shut. It like being a season ticket holder to you local shit sports team while your freinds support winnig teams from elsewhere like the Chicago Bulls or Manchester United.

The lot in life of the Sega console owner is not an easy one. Happy moments are few and far between and you will face tyrany from unbeleivers on all sides but keep the faith. Take pride in you determination and loyalty. Afterall you wouldn't want to be one of those fat surburban Sony console owners who have things too easy would you?

I for one have already saved up for Dreamcast 2 (with a little left over to start my Dreamcast 3 fund)."

Reading that back in the day was really thought provoking because well, honestly, it's true. Reading it again today, I still find it very, very true. Being a Sega fanboy isn't easy. There are many rough times associated with Sega fandom: failing systems, lack of games, and spending of lots o' money to import. And even though I go through all this, I still proudly proclaim that I am a hardcore Sega fanboy. What the hell does Sega do to gain my loyalty like this? I've thought about this question many times and I've come to the conclusion that Sega and Sega consoles just serve the hardcore gamer better than any other major competitor. They make games that appeal more to the hardcore market and their systems tend to feature a great number of rather quirky and/or niche but otherwise great games. Not only that, Sega titles are more consistently appealing than any other companys' titles, IMHO. In a world ruled by PS2 fanboys, here I am, a Dreamcast fan. The DC is by far my favorite system ever. Nothing in the forseeable future will change that. Being a Sega fan is rough. Although, it's not nearly as rough as being an SNK fan. Oh wait... I'm a SNK fanboy too. -_-;;

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Monday, May 5, 2003

School today was just cool. Not only did I do better than I thought I would on my calc test, I answered a good number of the questions correctly on our philosophy review thingy. Yes, I am good. And to think, I didn't really try studying until maybe last week. Dang, I want easier classes. I don't want to study at all. ^_^; Oh well, life isn't that easy, so I guess I'll just have to suck it up and bear it. *sigh*

I just remembered something I wanted to talk about on Friday. ^_^;; Below it follows:
I saw the last episode of Iron Chef! It was so cool! Apparently, they're stopping production of new shows for some reason. No! I like my Iron Chef! ;_; Sakai Hiroyuki is the man. That's why he won the title of the best Iron Chef. ^_^ Not only that, he beat some French guy by the name of Passard who's considered to be "the best chef in the world," so now he's "the best chef in the world." XD Yeah, Sakai is pimp. Dang, getting this worked up over a cooking show.... The Japanese know how to make anything exciting. You want a good example? Hikaru no Go. I need not say more. ^_^

Hm... seems like RO is spreading throughout the anime logging community. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Seems like people are finally catching on. That's great. We should, like, have some kind of gathering of some sort sometime, somehow of however many people we can gather. That'd be so cool. For your information, I'm playing a level 60/31 priestess by the name of "Wisteria." I also have a swordie and another aco (battle build), but I'm primarily on Wist. If you care to chat with me, and play on Chaos, feel free to message me. Although, if I'm doing any leveling or fund-raising, I'll be in Glast Heim using the status recovery + turn undead combo, so I might be somewhat unresponsive. That kinda work takes a lot of micromanagement, don'tcha know? Anyway, message me and I'll be glad to help in any way (tanking, supporting, etc.) or just to chat. See you on RO. ^_^

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Sunday, May 4, 2003

This morning, when I came out of my room, my mom told me the most unexpected thing: one of my sister's friends died. Maybe not one of her best friends, but a friend none-the-less. I was... well... surprised. She told me that there was an article in the newspaper about it, so she showed it to me and I read it. Apparently he got hit on the highway by a big-rig of some sort. Now why he was apparently not known, but he was there and he got hit. Interestingly enough, this is the closest person I've ever had to me die. Sure, he's not close at all, being my sister's not quite so close friend, but I've never had someone like my friend or a family member die before in my lifespan. I suppose you could say I was a little taken aback. Nothing amazing, but I was all "dang, that sucks" for a while. Suppose most people would say something like this right about now: "this goes to show that human life is fragile and can end at any moment; I'm glad that I still have plenty of people close to me alive." Well, I'm not like most people. I'm not going to get all sappy like that. Sure, I'm glad that I still have all my friends and family, but I feel grateful all the time already. And besides, it's my belief that a person dies when he dies, so I'm not going to go on about it's not his time or it's not how he should die. Death happens. It's a natural part of the cycle of life. I think people think too much about death. Most probably because they're afraid of it. I can't say if I fear death or not (I don't know myself), but I understand that it's natural and shouldn't be questioned too deeply.

Onto something less nyeh... um... I was intending to write this yesterday, but I got caught up on RO. ^_^; Um... timewarp to yesterday! Woosh!
Aa~... the youngin's are off to their prom tonight. Yeah, my friends from my former high school have their junior prom tonight. They seem so excited. I can't really blame them I suppose. I feel like an old fuddy-duddy. Prom has lost its "specialness" to me. I remember, back in the day, I was like everyone else: "it's a special night! I'll remember this forever!" I suppose after my junior prom, that just kinda went away. At the time, I felt that it was a special event. Sometime during my senior year, that changed to: "it's a big, expensive dance." It might be a little fun and I might look pimp in a tux (haha, j/k, I don't know), but darnit, it's not something to get too worked up over. Look at that fading romantic in me.

I got Kanon Kanahana! XD OMG! MORE KANON!!!! XD XD XD XD XD If you can't tell, I love Kanon. One of my favorite anime series it be. Kanahana's so cool. I'm glad to see how everyone's doing after the end of the series. Not only that, the focus is on Nayuki this time! Yay! Nayuki's not ignored anymore! ^_^;; Too bad it was only a special gift to only those who bought all the DVDs. I'm certain that many Kanon fans weren't able to get it because of that. And it's worth it for Nayuki. Finally, we get to see a little into her thoughts. Yeah, she's cool. Still doesn't top Shiori and definately not Makoto, but she's a good third place and hell, that's not bad. ^_^

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