Friday, May 10, 2002

Today was the second, multiple choice portion of my physic final. I guess it wasn't all that bad. I have no idea what score I'm going to get, but it doesn't seem too unresonable that I'll get a pretty decent score. Hopefully it's better than my free response portion. So yah, this pretty much marks the end of my physic class for the year. Sure, we'll have contests here and there from now until the end of the year, but there's nothing serious left. We also get to have free time and party in class quite a few days. Woo. ^_^

After school we had some fun. It's friday, so we had anime club sessioning and something new: screening. We're now screening an anime movie in addition to playing video games. Well... it's not completely new, as we started last week, but it's still pretty new. Today we showed Tenchi Muyo! in Love. As it's my movie, I decided to skip out and go play some video games (although I did catch the last half hour or so). Had some fun playing Soul Calibur and Smash Bros. I also watched some Shaolin Soccer because someone was playing it on his laptop. Dang, that's one great movie. ^_^ I borrowed it from him, so I'll get to watch it in its full glory now, not just little parts here and there. Woo! I'm happy about that.

Now that I've finished my final, I'm feeling quite relieved. The weekend's looking good. I don't have a whole lot that I have to do. Sure, I have to read something for english and maybe do some stat work, but that's about it. Woo! I'm happy because that leaves me with plenty of time to work on my website for Comp App. I still don't know what I'm going to make yet, but I'm sure it'll be something interesting. Aside from that, I plan to log plenty of hours watching Slayers Try. Actually, I'm watching it right now. I've completed four episodes already and I'm trying to write this entry really quickly to get back to it.

Thanks for linking me! Geez... I'm part of your daily reads? Wow... I feel honored. Another sucker... I mean... person who thinks my life is interesting enough to read about. ^_^ I'm glad some people find it interesting. Anyway, I look forward to social logging with you in the future. ^_^

I guess that's all for now, so back to my Slayers. ^_^

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Thursday, May 9, 2002

Gwar! The physic final today was horrible! I'm not sure about a whole lot of the stuff I did and I didn't get around to filling out some portions. I hope it isn't that bad, but I fear that it is. Well... at least today was the free response portion. I'll hopefully be able to make it up tomorrow on the multiple choice portion. This is being graded like an AP exam, so half is a passing grade. I'm still pretty darn worried though. Wish me luck folks. I'll need it.

At least after tomorrow, I'll have a nice, calm weekend. I'll be finished with my physic class more or less and I'll have a week to study before my stat final, so no big deal. I plan to spend tons of time putting together a site for ICA, since that one website project was finally assigned. Yay! I get to do an anime site. It has to be somewhat "personal" though. Ugh! I hate personal sites. Aside from logs, I never find personal sites interesting. They're basically, "these are the things I like" kinda sites. Well, I got something to say: I don't freakin' care what you like. I care about things that I like and usually they aren't exactly the things you like. I digress... well... I convinced my teacher to let me do essentially an informational anime site, but I'll have a section devoted to opinion about what I'm talking about. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do. I'm thinking about either a series site or a character shrine. Only problem with a character shrine is that no one will know anything about who I'm talking about. Oh well... I'll think of something.

I also got Slayers Try to watch! Thanks Allan! ^_^ Yah, I know I really should have seen Try by now, but I never got around to it. I wanted to purchase the DVD box a while back, but everytime I have money, Sega had to toss a limited edition game in my face. I couldn't turn down a limited edition game, could I? Well... my friend bought the TRY box and he's letting me borrow it. I'll probably get it myself over the summer, when I have a job (which I'm still not too thrilled about).

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Wednesday, May 8, 2002

Today's crunch time. Yep, I still have stat review to finish up and physic to study for. It's pretty bad. I'm kinda worried right now. I still have quite a few stat questions to complete and that will take a while. That won't leave me much time for physic review and that's probably the most important thing right now. I really need to do well tomorrow and friday. I can't mess up on my physic final. Well... tomorrow's the free response portion of the final, which I always find the harder portion, even though I can always put stuff down for partial credit if I can't remember everything. I like the multiple choice portion because I always seem to do better on it. It's all concepts and maybe some questions dealing with formulas, such as "if you increase this this variable by two, then what happens to this other variable" kinda stuff. So yah... I'm very worried.

Anyway only one thing notable about my day:

Today my friends and I auditioned for the Drama Banquet. It's this dinner thing with live performances. We auditioned with the skit "Boot to the Head" by Dr. Demento. I'm not sure if we'll be performing though. We didn't practice any previous times, so lines were kinda off here and there and our boot thrower was, how shall I say, not the best thrower.... So yah, I suppose we had some fun, but it wasn't exactly polished. If we don't get picked, I'm ok with that. If we are picked, I'm also alright with that. I'm pretty darn indifferent. I'm just doing this because my friends wanted to and because they wanted me to play the master.

New layout. Good stuff as always. I've never seen Snatch, but since you put it in such high regard, I guess I'll have to check it out sometime, won't I? ^_^ Oh, and thanks for the compliments.

Yep, my workload isn't exactly delightful. And here I am, on the internet writing an entry. Aren't I the diligent student? ^_^

I'm sure you didn't do that horribly on the AP Calc test. Just have a little more self-confidence. Cheer up a little and good luck on any other tests you're taking. Remember, I'm rooting for you. ^_^

Ah! You didn't do well in Driver's Ed? I thought you were doing so well too.... Didn't you have reverse weaving down pat? Dang, that sucks. Hopefully you can still get your waiver. That would suck if you didn't.

Good luck with the job interview if you decide to go. Although if you don't, then I understand completely. I sure like being a lazy bum. Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to get a job starting this summer. I'm going to need money. Heck, it'd be nice to have some more right now. Although I don't like the whole concept of "working" for my money.

Finally a test stolen from Tichan:

Image resized for my layer. Unfortunately, that means that the text is illegable. Click to view unresized image.

Take the Rurouni Kenshin Quiz by xceres.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2002

Oh crap! It's finally dawning on me just how bad my workload this week is. This sucks. I have tons of review for stat to finish before Thursday to turn in. I'm supposed to do the equivelent of three AP exams for review, but I haven't even finished one. If that wasn't enough, I also have my physic final is on Thursday and Friday. So that means that I have to do a lot of physic review too. Gwar! I'm not sure if I'm ready for this test. Sure, we've been reviewing for maybe two or three weeks, but it's covering everything from the beginning of the year and that's a whole lot to remember. In addition to those things, I have to write a bill for our Senate simulation in government tomorrow. That's what I'm doing right now and it's cutting into my review time. *sigh* I have a week frought with difficulty.

For my Senate bill, I'm going to tackle the issue of HDTV broadcasting. If you peoples are not aware, it was mandated by the FCC that every major TV station in the US had to have a digital broadcast by May 1, 2002. That date has already passed and you know what? It didn't happen. Now the bill is more or less dead. Now there's no official bill or anything to make TV stations offer digital broadcasting, but they are sure being pressured to do so. My bill is going to be a proposal to require all major TV stations to have digital broadcasting by May 1, 2005. I figure all the major stations should have already started to get off their lazy bums and work on offering digital broadcasting, considering how they already should have it, so I guess three years will be enough time for them to get their acts together.

I finally found that one video I've been looking all over for. The first music video played during Der Cosplay/the masquerade at Fanime. It's entitled Odorikuruu and it's done by Aokakesu Digital. It features the song "Mamboleo" by Elissa. Download it from their site. You'll thank me.

Anyway, I'm off to write my bill. Then I'll probably be up late doing stat and physic review. Gwar....

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Monday, May 6, 2002

Just Wingin' It = Version 6

Yep, new layout. It's been way too long since I've done that. ^_^ Anyway, this layout features Urashima Kanako from Love Hina. If you know me at all, that shouldn't surprise you. ^_^ Yep, I like Kanako. My favorite Love Hina girl. It used to be Naru, but that was until Kanako showed up. ^_^ Well... in my opinion, Naru got a whole lot less cute towards the end of the story and Kanako just got cuter and cuter. ^_^ But I digress... this layout's not bad. You'll notice a few new things. Thank Danny for that.

Today marks the beginning of AP testing. I would be really worried and all that crap right now, but as I've mentioned before, I'm not taking them. If you didn't hear, my college doesn't take SAT, ACT, AP test scores for placement, so it's not even worth taking them. Besides, my parents wouldn't give me money to take them.

Today was the english AP, which happened to occur during my english class, so in class, there was a grand total of six students. Yep... we slacked off the entire time.

After school today was darn fun. Sataya, Anthony, Shelly, and I had fun having races. Oh, not your normal races. We tied our shoelaces together and did things like "run around this thing within --seconds" or "hop over there within --seconds." You can't believe how fun that is. You feel completely stupid, but that's all the fun. ^_^

This week is looking bad for me. I have reviews for both my stat and physic classes. It's a lot of work and I'm gonna have to turn them in. I don't have much yet, so I better get working. Ah! Darnit! I want to procrastinate more! My physic final's also on Thurday and Friday! Gwar! It's so early! Well... at least we get to slack off after we finish it. *sigh* Yep, this week's looking bad. This weekend can't come soon enough....

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Sunday, May 5, 2002

Yesterday was Carolyn's birthday. It was a dance and it was held at a church. There are two things wrong with that. 1) I usually don't go to dances and 2) I never go to churches (I'm more or less atheist). Even though I don't attend dances often, I find the occasional one alright. This one was actually rather fun.

One thing I have to say is that I don't know how to dance. Never learned. Oh well. All you have to do at dances these days is bounce up and down, maybe move from side to side, and flail your arms around. ^_^ You know it's true. It also takes next to no skill to slow dance. Yes, yesterday I slow danced. When was the last time I did that? The last dance my junior year? Yah, that's it.

Twice the DJ, James, played the "Boot to the Head" by Dr. Demento (?). Heh heh. I let everyone listen to that one a little while ago. Now everyone likes it. I started something. ^_^

Us Fanimers had a fun time. Yesterday there was a suitable gathering of those of us who attended the masquerade. You know what that means? CHAIR!!! ^_^ Yes, it was the return of the "chair" chanting. Along with "box," "head," and "screen" (we're not worthy). HAHAHAHA. It was tons of fun. Although if that's how normal anime fans react, I wonder what they would do drunk.... O_o

I had an interesting conversation with Vincent. We chatted about girls these days. It's not like I hadn't noticed it before, but we chatted about how girls are not traditional anymore. We're not talking about really traditional... just somewhat traditional. I suppose I can live with that, but it's kinda nice to see the occasional traditional girl. Oh, and while we're on the subject, we also came to the conclusion that girls are way too corupted these days. Although not all, but many have such sick thoughts running through their head. Heck, us Sexy Crewers are cleaner than most girls these days! And we're guys! That's just wrong....

Hey, thanks for linking me. I always appreciate it when people link to me. Just one thing though... I'm no "gal...." ^_^;

Wow... you're linking to me too? And I'm in a list with only three other logs? I should really feel honored now. ^_^ Eh... I would read your log, but I can't understand it. What is that, German?

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