Thursday, May 16, 2002

Today in physic, I turned in those sups I mentioned yesterday. Not only that, but we also turned in our text books and AP review books. Yep, I'm pretty much done with that class. Woo! Do you know how relieved I feel? Now there are going to be some contests occasionally and plenty of free time. I'm happy. ^_^ In fact, we got to go an entire period early today (as physic AP is a two period class). With my extra time, I went over to Allan's and played some Smash Bros. ^_^ His Peach is as annoying as ever. Gwar! I also played someone named Eugene. He's pretty annoying too.

At three, I went home to brush my teeth and head out to the wisdom teeth surgery guy. I don't remember what that's called... *looks it up* "Maxillofacial surgery." Whatever. I arrived there and tried to find the door. I went up and down the hallway, but I just couldn't find it. My mom went down the exact same hallway I was walking through and found it in one passing. I felt stupid. We went in the office and waited in the waiting room, while I signed a few papers. I can do that now, I'm 18. ^_^ After that, they took x-rays of my teeth and escorted me to a little room to watch a video about wisdom teeth extraction. To tell you the truth, I really didn't know all that much about wisdom teeth, so it was actually pretty informative. They showed me the x-rays of my teeth. It appears that on top, I have two teeth coming in fairly straight, so it isn't too bad there, but on the bottom, I have two teeth coming in and they're tilted so they will cause problems with my back mollars. They then told me about the operation. It was all pretty standard stuff, although they said one thing that really, really peeves me. On the day of the operation, I'm not supposed to eat or drink anything until the operation. That means from midnight til my morning operation, no food or drink. Not even water! Now that's pretty messed up. You can put me through pain by taking my wisdom teeth out, but you don't deprive a man of his food! Gwar! Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to put up with it. *sigh* Then I signed some papers, made an appointment sometime in August, and left.

When I got home, I feel asleep. Heh heh. I usually don't do that because I really don't like sleeping much. Sure, it makes me feel all nice and refreshed and all, but you can't really do anything while you're sleeping. I only fall asleep on accident when I'm lying around lazily, which is exactly what I was doing today.

Woo! You watched all of Kanon? Great! Wasn't it brilliant? Those last couple of episodes were pretty darn powerful, weren't they? I freakin' love the series. I want the game!

"Arina Tanemura or Broccoli?" They're both great. I personally really like Tanemura art. It's so pretty. ^_^ I have the Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne artbook, although I haven't read the manga yet. ^_^;

Haha! That's hillarious! You know what? If I were to be hit by a car, I would want it to be a Skyline. A nice R34. The guy has to be loaded, I can sue for enough money to get my own 34. ^_^ Well... actually, I would rather get an RX-7. A nice FD3S. With that kind of money, I could mod the heck out of it. ^_^ And even if I can't get any money, I could at least say with pride that I was hit by a Skyline. ^_^

Congradulations on passing Driver's Ed. Woo! Now get a crackin' on that license. You need to join me in the world of motorists. ^_^

You're unwilling to shell out the money for a yearbook? Well, same here. Though I usually want one, so that leaves me with a problem. You know my solution? I harass my mom for money. Works for me. ^_^

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Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Well, yesterday was the physic AP, so today in my physic class, we had an "After AP" party. What that basically means is that we got food (pizza or togos), drinks, and entertainment. Woo. I ate a couple of slices of pizza and then hooked up Tsubaki (my Gamecube) to the TV. Woo! Smash Bros! ^_^ I love that game. What sucked though was that I was better than anyone in the class. Gwar... I want some real competition. Where's Vince or Allan when you need them? Eh... it was fun though. It's good fun to beat people up with Pichu. ^_^ Believe it or not, he's my second most used character. He only follows Zelda, who is my main character. Zelda-Zelda, not Sheik-Zelda. I much prefer Zelda to Sheik. More fun to play. More skill required too.

After school was really fun today. Anthony, Sataya, and I laid around in the hallways. We were engaging in the great American pasttime: being lazy. ^_^ I'm serious! Where else in the world are they as lazy? It was great. Lying around is always a good way to spend your time. Although lying down on the hard floor without something to support my head was kinda trying on my cranium. So I lay on Sataya. Then Anthony wanted to jump in, so he lay his head on me. Now that was pretty darn comfortable. Although I had to leave after a while, so bah!

Right now I really feel like watching some anime. I still need to watch the last couple of episodes of Slayers Try. Although I'm not sure if I'm going to have time to watch anything. You see, I had review supliments to do for physic. They were preparation for the final and AP exam. Well, now that they're over, I'm gonna have to turn them in. Well... being the lazy bum I am, I didn't finish them all. Actually, I didn't finish most of them. Aha~ I always get myself in these situations. Well... I guess I can't really blame myself too harshly... I'm a senior. I'm supposed to be lazy. I'm making my people proud. Haha! So yah... off to my sups....

I've changed the URL to my log. It's now You can change your bookmarks/links if you want to, but it's not necessary, as I have the old URLs redirecting to this new one. Gotta love playing around with htaccess.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Today was the physic AP exam. Interestingly enough, it happened to be scheduled for when my physic class is supposed to take place. Quite the coincidence, eh? Well... since I'm not taking any APs, I had free time for two periods. Sweet. I decided to go to Japantown.

First I went to Nikaku. Dang... no matter how many times I go there, there are always things to look at. One thing in particular that caught my eye today was the Art of Kanon book. I so wanted that. It was just screaming to me "buy me!!!" Unfortunately, it was about $30 and I had about $12 on me. Sob *sniff sniff* I want it now! If anyone owes me money, pay me back, ok? Well... with my spectacular $12, I bought Love Hina tankouban 8. Afterwards, that left me with a nice $4, so I went to Dobashi (I think that was its name...) and bought some Morinaga caramels and some peach gum (ha ha, Dandan and Vince! ^_^).

At three, right after school, I headed home because my mom told me that I had a appointment with the wisdom teeth guy. I'm going to get them off over the summer, so I have to go to some boring appointment where I'm told what they're going to do, why it's important, etc. Well... it turns out that my mom got the date wrong and it's really Thursday that I'm supposed to go. Gwar! I left early and for what? Nothing! I wanted to stay with my friends.

Dang... that's some pretty serious stuff happening there. I hope that everything turns out well.... Good luck to you and everyone involved, especially Rachel.

Sorry I didn't mention it before, but nice new layout, although I'm really not much of a Star Wars fan myself.

Yay! You're alive. ^_^ Good luck with your history final. Remember, as always, I'm rooting you on. ^_^

Nothing else to say, so now off to work on my Comp App site....

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Monday, May 13, 2002

Today wasn't really a bad day at all. Yep... not a bad day at all....

As far as school goes:

I had a quiz in stat, but it was nothing. I didn't do any studying prior, so I looked over my book and notes the period before and I did fine on the quiz. ^_^

In Comp App we did some kind of standardized test for computer science courses. It was stuff that wasn't covered in our course (as it isn't really a computer science course), but my teacher gave it to us anyway because he figured that we could do it. As with all standardized tests and computer-related things, it was quite easy. Extreme waste of my time.

In physic we got the results to our final. Although my results were not as great as I would have liked them to be, they were far from horrible. That means that my grade's pretty much fine for the class. Woo. I just need to get some more extra credit to fluff up the grade a bit.

Outside of school:

I went over to Allan's house today. Mostly to play Smash Bros., but I didn't pass up the chance to steal some food. ^_^ Anyway, I played Sataya and Allan. Beat Sataya, but not Allan. All good fun. I need to play around with Zelda's Farore's Wind (Up+B) more. Although I'm generally pretty good with it, I still misjudge distances a bit too often. I also need to work on getting around Marth's/Roy's forward smash. That thing's friggin' annoying. It's right up there with Peach's down smash and Young Link's fire arrows. If anyone has tips for me, leave a comment, ok? ^_^

Something I have to say:
Shelly, feel better, ok? I'm here for you if you ever want to talk or something.

Thanks for the--very--late birthday gift. ^_^; It's very pretty. ^_^ I can see you're getting better. Woo. Keep up the good work. I expect you to get better! ^_^
Visit her site

I just want you to know, that I think it's really horrible what happened. I'm not sure exactly how you feel because I've never been in a relationship, but I'm sure it's not very pleasant at all. I hope you feel better soon.

I figured that since you were on hiatus, you wouldn't do anything. I guess I was wrong. Nice new layout. It's really pretty. ^_^ Good luck with the studying.

Yo Saga! You dead? Haven't heard anything from you in a while.

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Sunday, May 12, 2002

Yesterday I took a placement test for college. I'll be attending De Anza college this coming summer and fall, so I had to take placement tests, as they won't take any test scores (SAT, AP, ACT) for placement. No big deal. I took the english and calculus readiness tests and they were a piece of cake. It was just a waste of my time.

Today was supposed to be the marriage of my friends Vincent and Anne on RO. Unfortunately, server 3 was down pretty much all day, which is a bad thing when the bride, best man, and the acolyte performing the ceremony (me) are all stuck on it. Well... some other day Vince.

Because of that, yesterday I went over to Anthony's house for Vincent's batcheolor party. It was some good fun. We played lots o' Smash Bros. ^_^

Anyway, my weekend's been rather boring. I have been watching Try and working on my site, but that's about it. The only really important thing that happend was the arrival of my progress report.

I don't know why, but whenever it nears the end of a grading period, my grades seem to slip a bit. Whenever my progress report gets home, I know I already have better grades, but my parents like to go by what's written on that little piece of paper. Yep, my dad got mad again. *sigh* Once again he chose to insult my friends. He insists they're not a good group to hang out with. Bah! He doesn't know anything about them. I know they're good people, but he refuses to see them in that light. He's an idiot. He also made the threat to cut off my internet. Now that strikes some fear into me. I don't know where he can get off doing that though. I'm not the only one who uses the internet in this house. My sister and occasionally he uses it too. Gwar... I'm not sure if he's really going to do it, but if he does, that'll just devestate my world. I live on the internet. Well... I hope the grades I have now are good enough to convince him not to do it.

That's all for today. I'm kinda feeling peeved by my dad and all, so I'm off to try to do something productive: more work on my site for Comp App.

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