Thursday, May 22, 2003

Spent some time with the friend Karen today. I had free time after school. Just went out with her, her mom, and her brother to a bakery and supermarket.

Dang, the bakery was literally two doors away from Tapioca Express. Unfortunately, I was $0.41 short. -_- Yes, I order it enough to know the exact price and I'm darn proud of it. ^_^

Her brother's such a dork. He tried to get wine coolers at the supermarket. ^_^;; At the checkout line, he already ran back to the car, we realized that the drinks he placed into the cart were indeed alcohol-based beverages. With that, Karen and I put them back. Honestly, if you're going to go for the alcohol, you have to be a bit more discreet about it. -_- Either he's not too bright or he's just not trying.

Oh, speaking of the brother, he picked up a Maximum PC magazine at the market. While he was thumbing through it, I was looking over his shoulder and noticed something: apparently designer cases are all the rage these days. -_- Honestly, I don't care for designer computer cases. Call me old-school, but computer cases should be plain and simple. Personally, I prefer the plain white/off-white cases myself. I do admit that some of those cases are pretty spiffy though. Not for the design, but for other reasons, like this one machine I saw that integrated a tower and a coffee maker. XD That's a good one. I've heard of a computer placed inside a pumpkin too. XD Yeah, those are cool just because they are unorthodox.

Maybe I didn't make myself too clear last post:
What I'm trying to say, is that no one needs to spend extra time to "examine" themselves. As a part of their self, they already realize who they are and how they want others to view them, thus, it is unnecessary to spend extra time specifically for the purpose of overthinking one's existance. If you didn't already have a sense of yourself, how would you conduct yourself in front of other people? You wouldn't be able to at all. Considering how everyone can conduct themselves in front of others (in one way or another), it is safe to make the assumption that everyone already has a sense of self. I am just annoyed that people go about saying "I don't understand my true self" or "is this the real me?" That's a bunch of bull. Stop overthinking. Spend your time some other way. And yes, Soul Calibur II is a better way for me. ^_^

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Is it just me, or are people really caught up in "examining their lives," "finding out who they really are," and other self-reflection-type things like that. Why is that? I suppose it can be traced directly back to that stupid human curiousity. I however, am not one of these people. Why not? Why don't I ponder the "mysteries" of my life? Because I have better things to think about, such as how to improve my Ivy game (SCII). ^_^ Simply put, I think that those kinds of thoughts are a waste of time. Why bother taking my time examining crap that doesn't matter? I think it's much more productive to think about how to make your life more enjoyable. In my case, by improving my SCII game, I can bring myself much gratification. Yeah, I'm simple, but it works to keep me happy and thinking about something productive (summon suffering setups XD). What good will "examining your life" or "pondering your existence" do for you? Sure, you may come upon some amazing discovery about yourself somewhere down the line, but hell, as if that really matters. So while other people are wasting their free thinking time about stuff that isn't worth my time, I'll fill my head with better things. Thus are my thoughts on the matter.

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Monday, May 19, 2003

How was my day? Hm... well, as an introduction, lets give a quote that was audible throughout its course:

"Elephant's skin feels like Grandpa's elbow"

Yeah, you're interested now, eh? ^_^ Well, honestly, it was nothing too special. Just a bit of hanging out with the friendly units. My friend Karen is back from her schooling for a month (the Academy of Art has the strangest breaks...), so we hung out with my other friends Dez and Allan. When we're together, strange, spontaneous things happen. Thus is exemplified by the above quote. No, I will not tell you anything more about that quote. I like to leave you hanging like this. XD

Now, I gotta admit, they may look stupid, but them lamp-esque Macs are pretty nice. I may not care for the design, like, at all, but you gotta admit, being able to spin the screen like that is so~ convenient. Dez has one. I've noticed the utility before, but I never thought about mentioning it. One thing I remembered about working with a Mac today: I'm not very used to them. I suppose I can handle normal computing, but power-using... no. I was even thrown off about something as simple as downloading today. ^_^; How was I supposed to know that the download goes directly to the desktop when you click the link? I'm used to getting prompted and asked where to save it. Meh....

You know what? People need to drop more change. On the way home, I took the liberty to go to the Great Mall and purchase the third Noir DVD. Here's how things went: *runs to store and looks in wallet* $26. *looks at price on DVD* $24.99. *calculates tax* Darn! Not enough! *runs out to car and rummages through backpack for loose change* $0.82. Drat! *ponders* Alright! Time for operation "Run Around the Mall and Search for Pocket Change on the Ground!" *runs around mall for a half hour* Just a nickel. -_- Bah! *runs to store and asks random man if he has a spare quarter* Woo! $0.25! *purchases DVD and scurries home*. Yeah, people really need to drop more change. -_-

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Sunday, May 18, 2003

ADV has licensed the Happy Lesson OVA and TV series. Wooooooooooooooooo~!!! XD XD XD XD XD

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