Saturday, May 25, 2002

Well, yesterday was Club Day. As I've been doing for the last three years, I worked the Anime Club booth again. Because of that, I got Ms. Vice-President to write me a pass to get out of all my classes. ^_^ I also got a nice off-campus pass (we have a closed campus) because I can drive. ^_^

Setup was horrible. As I stated before, we set up games for peoples to play for 25 cents a play and this setting up was a big hassle. We had seven TVs, so we had to hook up a console to each TV. What really sucked is that I did pretty much all of that. Yep, no one helped me! Gwar! It got really bad, as school ended and Club Day started, as we still didn't have everything set up and they still didn't do anything! Gwar again! Well... I did all the setup for five TVs and consoles and left it becuse we were afraid of drawing too much power from too few plugs. We had two TVs running Smash Bros. DX, one Capcom vs. SNK 2, one Soul Calibur, and one DDR 5th Mix. It went pretty well from there. I set everything up, so I made everyone else take money. ^_^ I kinda relaxed this year. Every other year, I also took money in addition to doing all the wiring stuff. I still stayed around most of the time to supervise though.

The marines had set up an inflatable obstacle course. I'm assuming they really need new recruits or something.... Anyway, it looked fun, so I decided to challenge Sataya to a match. We like to challenge each other. We sorta have this fun, friendly rivalry thing. We signed little waiver thingys that say that the Marines aren't responsible if you die and all that crap and we went for it. Gwar! Sataya won! Gwar! I was ahead for a while... up until the whole rope climbing portion. I forgot there was a rope to climb with. ^_^; At least I only lost by two seconds, but still.... Darn you Sataya! *shakes fist*
And what do I have to show for this? A friction burn on my left elbow. ;_;

As Club Day ended, we had to clean up. Let me just say that clean up was horrible too. Even worse than setup. We had to return all the TVs we borrowed to the classrooms, sort through everything to figure out what's who's, and I had to help people get stuff home, considering I'm just about the only one of us who drives. We ended at 3:00 or so. We finished cleaning up at 4:40.

After getting home, I was darned tired, so I lay down and nearly fell asleep. That was until I had to shower and eat dinner. That I did. Then I played some Chrono Trigger! Woo! I never got to play that back in the day, so I'm doing so now. I'm about 2 hours into it and I just escaped from prison and I'm in some futuristic time. I'm really enjoying it. So far, it's tons better than Chrono Cross. I like character development in my RPGs. As long as the characters are likable, then the RPG's pretty alright in my opinion. Anyway, I'll be off to play some more. ^_^

Sure, I'll help you with Greymatter if you want. ^_^

I make tests sound easy? Well... these are the Golden State Exams.... They are easy. The lab portion essentially tells you what to do step-by-step. The multiple choice portion is nowhere near AP exam-caliber. Essentially, it was a breeze.

Alright, I excuse the disgruntled outbursts. ^_^

Yah, I've seen all of To Heart. I love the series! It's so heart-warming. It makes you feel good all over after every episode. ^_^ Especially after episodes 10 and 11 with Multi. ^_^ As for episode 12... are you sure you're talking about 12? 12 was a bit moodier than the other episodes. I think you might be referring to 13.

SPIKE!!! ^_^ He's so great! I like the layout. ^_^

Thanks for joining the LH crew. Yay! Now the crew's almost complete.... There's just Haruka left.... It's all going according to plan... I mean.... *cough* ^_^

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Thursday, May 23, 2002

Today in physic I had the Golden State Exam, which is something that I'm sure is exclusive to the state of California. It's basically another standardized test. Joy! As if I didn't already take enough. Well... on the upside and everything, it was extremely easy. If you're studying for the AP Exams and the finals in a AP physic class, you should know a few things. That I did, so the test was extremely easy. Nowhere near AP caliber. Waste of my time. At least this marks the last real thing I'll ever have to do for the class.

After school I headed over to my friend Cinti's house to do some preparations for Club Day tomorrow. Little explaination: Club Day is a day at my school where everyone gets out of school early and partakes of foods and/or activities that the clubs are selling or offering. As I'm a very active member of the school Anime Club, it's not unusual that I was helping out with preparations. Our club's gonna setup video games and charge 25 cents per play. It's not really a big money maker, but everyone always seems to enjoy it. This year, because video games aren't a big money maker, we're gonna be selling some nice and tasty teriyaki bowls. Mmmmm... yummy! Actually, they're not bad at all. ^_^ Dangit, I want some now! *sniff sniff* Ahem! I digress... I was over at Cinti's and we, with the help of my friend Christine who's the vice pres, we deskinned chicken drumsticks, chopped beef, and marinated some meat. Let me just say that deskinning chicken is a lot harder than I thought it would be. You see, I don't cook much, so it looked easy enough... just grab the skin and pull. Simple, right? Well... they skin's kinda moist and the has a tendency to want to say on the chicken. Gwar! At least I did well chopping the beef. I like handling knives. ^_^ I'm really good with knives. I never cut myself and I just happen to handle them pretty well. One of my many skills. ^_^ The marinating was pretty smelly, as we were using teriyaki sauce, but I did it anyway. After all of that, I kinda had to go. There were still more things to be done (there was something about baking...), but I kinda had to go.

I'm proud to annouce the opening of my friend Hananikko's log: Visage. Something to note, is that she happens to be's first hostee. Woo! She also happens to be my second disciple. Although, while I taught my sister both editing and coding, I only helped her with coding. Anyway, she's a great person, so check it out. Take a look at the gallery too. There's some pretty impressive stuff in there. ^_^

Thanks for joining both the ST & LH crews. Your log looks really nice. I especially like the name. ^_^

Congradulations on getting up a spiffier, non-Xanga log! ^_^ Join in on the amazing world of real logging. ^_^ You get to have fun making layouts now! Woo!

I see you're using Greymatter. It was kinda hard for me to get the hang of at first, so if you want any help or anything, ask me. I've been using it for a while, so I know a thing or two.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2002

People are freakin' morons.

Today in government, I presented my bill to our little simulation senate. Before I tell you what happened and everything, let me tell you about my bill in detail. Basically, my bill proposed that there be a mandate that all major television stations in the US would broadcast a digital signal by May 1, 2006. Now why would this matter? Well... there are several reasons. First, I have to say that I'm a videophile, so the increased resolution is definately a plus, but that's not the only advantage. When there are a sufficient amount of major stations broadcasting in a digital signal, the bandwidth currently being taken up by analog signals (you know... the stuff you get with antennas?) could be relinquished and sold to mobile service providers. Mobile service providers are already hurting for bandwidth. It's getting harder and harder for them to find unique signals to use, considering how their spectrum usage is being restricted. If the service providers don't get more bandwidth, they'll have to charge more for their service. There is no other alternative. So it makes sense to set things up so that this bandwidth could someday be relinquished, doesn't it? Besides, this bill doesn't even address the issue of relinquishing this bandwidth. The only stipulation is that all major television stations broadcast a digital signal. Yes, this leads up to this bandwidth being reclaimed by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), but it doesn't mean that it will happen. I'm sure there'll be enough public outcry, so that it wouldn't really happen for a while. So yah... that was my bill. Makes sense, doesn't it? Besides, this should have already have been done! The FCC had mandated the exact same thing and they placed a deadline for the completion of this task as March 1, 2002. Well, the date already passed and it hasn't been done. I'm just extending an old deadline by four more years. Doesn't it make perfect sense? I don't see any flaws with my proposal. None at all. Now, how did it go in the senate? It didn't pass! What the heck!? Why didn't it pass? They're freakin' idiots! I got a total of maybe five supporters. Some voted because there was no one else voting! That's just insulting! About half to three quarters of the class voted against me! That pissed me off. That so pissed me off.

After school, I was still rather peeved, but I found a good way to relieve my pissness: thirteen for pushups. ^_^ Yep, I played thirteen with my friends for pushups. I really need to exercise more, so this is a prime way for me to get some. It was really fun, but I won a bit too much, so I offered to take my friend's pushups for her. Then I did a decent number of them. It felt good to get some exercise. I need to do that more often. I miss my days in kickboxing... ah... getting extremely tired, sweating until my shirt was wet with perspiration, and then continue training... those were the days. ^_^ I also never got sore. That was so nice. I'm gonna try to get more exercise from now on.

You're school year's over with already? Geez... seems pretty early to me. Are you on some kind of non-normal schedule? Cause I still got... what was it...? Three or so weeks left? I don't know... something like that. Well, have fun with your free time.

Thanks for joining both the ST and LH crews. You're cool too. ^_^ Hope you're not gonna have to serve that entire sentence. Being grounded from the internet that long is just plain wrong!

How do you do it!? The new SephNET layout is freakin' awesome! I gotta say, I think it's the best looking one yet. Very, very nice editing. I give you a big thumbs up cause you deserve it.

Nope, I know no C++. My Comp App class is pretty basic stuff. There'll be a "computer science" class beginning at my school next year. That class will deal with C++ and I think some Java. Figures... they create the class the year after I leave.... The only programming they currently teach at my school is some basic HTML in the Comp App classes.

Woo! Thanks for being my sibling! I'm happy. ^_^

I get to hear you sing? Really? Woo! I wonder how Saga sounds.... Cute? I hope so. ^_^

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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Block scheduling continues.... Today's school schedule consisted of my last three periods: Comp App 4 and Physic AP (2 periods).

I can't tell you how boring comp app for two hours is. Ugh... Luckily, I anticipated the sheer boredom, so I made a nice music CD before coming to school. I basically sat around and listened to music for a long time. I guess it was still kinda boring, but at least I could listen to my favorite music.

Physic was a heck of a lot more interesting. Since I have it for two periods, that means that I was scheduled to have it for four hours. Joy. Believe it or not though, it was actually rather nice. During the first two hour period, we watched Space Balls. Sweet. That movie's so great. Although I already saw it pretty recently, so I escaped to the back of the room and played around on one of the computers. Luckily, I had some nice To Heart VCDs in my backpack, so I broke those out and watched episodes 10 & 11. MULTI!!! ^_^ Gotta love her.

As for my second period of physic... wait... I didn't have a second period of physic. Yep, my teacher let us go because there was absolutely nothing to do. We already finished everything we had to do a week ago. So I went out to Japan Town again. Geez... I tell you, I'm sure that lady at Nikaku knows me by now. I come in often enough. I looked around and saw the spiffy Sakura Taisen 2 & 3 art books. Nice! Unfortunately, I only had $23 on me and they were $26 and $28... without tax.... Gwar. So I looked around some more and I found something else that was just as awesome: One Piece Color Walk 1! Yep, I got a One Piece art book. Sweet! It has a bunch of color art: some colorized images from the manga, some colorized manga pages, some manga covers, and some original illustrations. Really good stuff. I need more One Piece stuff! Maybe I should get an e-Bay account so I can get that 52-episode anime box set....

WHAT!!! YOU'RE QUITTING LOGGING!?! Geez... I never expected that. Personally, I always enjoy reading your log. In fact, your log was one of the logs that first inspired me to create my own. Geez... now you have to get up and quit? Well... I suppose I can understand, but I'm a little disappointed, thats all.... Also, I'm an "interesting" person? Are you really sure about that? That's news to me....

Hey, you're even cooler than I thought you were before. ^_^ You like Sakura Taisen! Yah! I love the series. I've only really played the first two, but I have all of them. I'm holding off on breaking into the third game until I finish the second game once again with Kohran. I already beat the game with Sakura and Orihime, but I believe in saving the best for last. ^_^

That history class sounds really... how shall I say... crappy. Yep.... first semester this year was economics for me, but we never had to do stupid stuff like that. It was all conceptual stuff for me. Remembering concepts and junk like that.

You think I'm unburdened? Well... I suppose I can see where you're coming from, considering how you have the most hectic schedule of anyone I know, online or offline, but let me assure you, I have my own fair share of work to do. I have physic AP and stat AP, which are not exactly the easiest classes ever. Do you know how much work I had to do for physic? We finished studying everything about two months before the end of the school year. That's quite a bit of work in only... what was is...? Seven months?

Hey... been meaning to ask you this for a while, but want to be log siblings? I want siblings... you're cool... what other reason do I need to ask? ^_^

Wow... Tina's dreaming about me...? o.O Should I feel special or something? ^_^ Nah, really now, that really is a strange dream. Me? Dark and down? That must have been strange because I'm never like that.

Thanks for joining the ST crew! Woo! You're our first ST3 character. That's great! I really need to play that game someday....

Thanks for joining both the ST and LH crews. You're cool in my book now. ^_^ You also have a spiffy looking log. *thumbs up*

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Monday, May 20, 2002

All this week, the little twerpy freshmen are taking some kind of test thing that the state mandates that they take. What does that mean for us seniors? Block scheduling. Yep... so that the little twerpy freshmen can have more time to do their little tests, we seniors have to have three classes a day at two hours a piece. Thanks freshmen.

What really sucks is that today is the annual "Senior Cut Day." In other words, mass numbers of seniors cut school. What really pisses me off is that one of my teachers, my physic teacher, actually told the class to cut on Senior Cut Day. Because my physic class occupies my last two periods, I would be able to leave at lunch or something and get a nice two and a half hours off from school. Sweet. Unfortunately, today I didn't have my fifth and sixth periods. Instead, I had periods one, two, and three. What makes that so bad is that my third period teacher had stated before that on any day where many seniors are absent, we would have a test. Not a hard test, but a one hundred point test. I also had a quiz in my second period, so yah... I didn't get to cut any of my classes.

The test in my third period, government, was a joke. It was basically a bunch of free points. Questions included:
What is your first name?
What is your last name?
What is the name of the school?
What is your favorite color?
What day of the week is it?
Stuff like that. Basically it was a bunch of free points, which is nice. Not that I don't already have an A in that class. Really now, it's government. I've always had a knack for history courses. I can remember a bunch of useless facts and regurgitate them two weeks later. I'm cool like that. ^_^

So yah... school was a bunch of crap, but what's new? At least after school I got to see my friend Anne before she left to go back to Canadia. She had visited to go to the senior prom with my friend Vincent, since they are kinda like a couple. So yah... nice meeting you Anne! Hope to chat with you sometime. Although, since I never go on AIM, I guess I'll see you on RO.

Thanks everyone for trying to make me feel better. Although, you really don't have to do anything. Like I said, I'm not really sad. I'm just really somber and indifferent. Special thanks to Saga. Thanks for spewing a bunch of religion crap at me. ^_^ Nah, really, that was an interesting read. And thanks especially for the virtual hug. Those are always appreciated. ^_^

Yah, I suppose you're right... things really could have been worse. At least I didn't spend tons of money to take out some lame girl. Sorry your prom was so bad.

Uchiki, Hikari, Saga:
Thanks for joining my log crews. Geez... I didn't expect so many people so soon. Oh, and thanks for putting up with all the linking. I'm sure it's a bother. It's great to see other people express an interest in the same series I like.

Is it just me or are my posts getting more angsty? I don't think this'll go on for too long, so don't worry folks.

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Sunday, May 19, 2002

Right now I'm listening to "Scar" sung by Ayumi Hamasaki. It's such a somber song. I don't know what the song is all about, but the sound of it seems to reflect the kind of mood I'm in right now. Actually, I'm in this kind of mood a lot. Right now I'm thinking about things in my life. I don't know, but I've been feeling... I don't know... not really happy. I'm not exactly sad and/or depressed, but I'm not exactly happy jolly either. I don't know why, but I have the idea that there is something missing in my life. Something that would make me happy. Sure, anime, manga, games, and/or friends can make me happy temporarily, but I always seem to end up back in this somber, indifferent mood sooner or later. Geez... I don't want to be like this. I want to be happy, but for some reason, I can't be. *sigh*

As far as my day went, today my family and I went out to take pictures at a studio. My mom insisted. So we got dressed up and went out and took pictures. It fairly boring, except that they were playing some nice Hikki and Ayumi music. Woo! That was pretty nice.

Hey, if you want to join one of the log crews, just tell me which character you want to be. I know you'll be getting something better than a Xanga sometime soon, so you can just take a character now and then I can change your URL when you make your move. When you get a better log, you can put up the list of crew members with links to them. It's that simple, really.

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Since everyone seems to be getting in on this whole log crew thing, I decided to start two myself, for series I really love and with characters I really like. Thus the birth of the Sakura Taisen and Love Hina log crews. I already called Kohran and Kanako, but the rest are free. Just e-mail me if you wish to be a part of this action (so I can link you and everything). There are definately a whole lot of available spaces. ^_^;

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Right now the senior ball is going on. Yep, I'm missing out on my prom. Why? I think I've gone over this before, but it's because: 1. I don't really want to go, 2. I don't have a date, and 3. I don't have money. The prime reason why I'm not going is reason number one up there: I don't really want to go. Well... my lovelife this year was, how should I say... nonexistant. Yep, nothing. How boring, eh? You'd think that something would happen with at least one girl, but no.... For a while I was kinda sad a bitter about this, but I've more or less resigned to the fact and it's not eating away at me anymore. Though prom's happening right now. It makes me think. I'm a hopeless romantic. I had visions of having a nice girlfriend right now. A girl I could spend my life with. We would go to prom today and have a fun, romantic time. Then afterwards we could go somewhere quiet to talk and possibly cuddle for a while. Yep, I so thought that that would happen. Now look at me. I suppose I'm a little bummed, but as I stated earlier, I'm more or less resigned to the fact. No use crying about it.

The vast majority of my friends went to the prom. I kinda feel left out, but when am I not? I'm one of the most often left out of group activities. I'm not sure if it's because I can't go out too often or if it's just because people don't want me around, but many times I feel somewhat left out. It's kinda lonely, but I suppose it's a familiar feeling. All my life I haven't really been the most social of people. I have problems really connecting to people; getting close to them. I suppose that's why I don't really have a best friend. You know, the kind of person you can always spend time with and who you talk to whenever you have a problem or feel down. Anyway, back to the subject, I'm left out once again. Although I'm used to it by now, so this is another instance where I'm more or less resigned to the fact.

As far as my day went:
At least today I had some fun going to Eastridge mall with Kristine. There is an art exhibit thing going on, where art from local high school students are being displayed. She invited me to go because she has three pieces that are being displayed. Good work there. I give you a thumbs up and a pat. ^_^ There was some good stuff there. I really like looking at all the amazing pieces. There were plenty of not so amazing pieces, but at least they tried, so I gotta give them kudos for trying. Let me just say that the digital art was pretty darn pathetic. Now I'm not a great graphic designer, but I could definately do better. What the heck? Why isn't my stuff on display somewhere? Well anyway, after looking at the pretty art, we went back to her house. Let me just say that I don't feel comfortable in a girl's house with her parents around. She said it was alright, but I always have some kind of uneasiness. We even went into her room and closed the door. Don't get me wrong. We just played some Capcom vs SNK2, but you know parents.... They get the wrong idea so easily. Anyway, afterwards I helped her with coding for her own log, which should be up soon enough. I'm expecting it within the next few days. You'll hear about it when it gets up.

Oh yah! I need to talk about yesterday:
Yesterday in physic, we had an electromagnetic contest. What really, really pissed me off is that my lab group is freakin' lazy. They gave me the wire to coil at lunch, which is right before class. Thanks guys. I started, but the wire was tangled, so I had to take a long time to untangle it too. I finally had to bring it to class and finish untangling and coiling. Our group was called up to test our magnet, but it wasn't done, so we were disqualified from any extra credit! Gwar! When we were called up again (without the possibility of extra credit), our magnet outperformed any other magnet! Gwar again! We got gyped! I want my extra credit!

At least after school, things were pretty nice. I went out to Nikaku again. I've figured out that my getting a license=Nikaku getting more money. ^_^ It's true! Anyway, I got something really spiffy: an artbook entitled "The Ultimate Art Collection of 'Kanon.'" It has all the CG from the game! Woo! I'm happy. ^_^

"Man! You're in an AP class? I'm... Oh my! I'm really surprised!"
Did you know that that sounds really insulting? Well... I'm not going to take it that way, but just letting you know.... For you information, I'm in Physic AP, Stat AP, and English Honors, which is an AP equivilant class. I actually do fairly well in school and have "advanced" placement for a lot of my classes.

Spiffy new layout. I haven't seen or read the later parts of Rayearth, but I really intend to someday. I need to assemble enough money to get the second DVD box.

I see your lovelife is just about as bad as mine. Well, at least you're not alone, so feel better, ok? ^_^

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