Saturday, May 31, 2003

And here I am to relieve you peoples of Tsubasa-withdrawl. Yes, I know you're all experiencing it. XD

Yesterday marked something of a milestone: it was my first date in two years; friendly or otherwise. Actually, I've never been on a "romantic" date.... ^_^; Anyway, it was the "Good Bye Dance" at my old high school. One of the youngin's ('tis what I call those still in high school ^_^) asked me to be an escort. I can't say I really care much for dances, but I did it anyway. The dance was pretty much like I remember the dances from school: loud, hot, and with distasteful music. -_- I really don't understand why people like to go to dances anyway. Although, maybe it's because I am not much of a dancer. I can bounce and move my hands/feet with the beat as I have a good sense of rhythm, but ask me to pull out some mad dancing skillz, and you'd be sorely disappointed. Meh. Oh, and the music selection at my old school's dances are notoriously bad. Well, maybe not horrid, but they leave something to be desired. As I see it, dances should always have music that'll make you want to move. There were a number of tracks in there that didn't do it for me. Not only that, but the accoustics were so very bad. When someone would speak on the mic, I couldn't make out a single word. I think they were trying to force too much onto sub-par speakers. Oh, the DJ sucked too. Any DJ should at least be able to crossfade. -_- But all in all, I suppose it wasn't that bad. Yeah, after I get all critical, I say it "wasn't that bad." ^_^;; The thing is, I could put up with the loudness, hotness, and distastefulness. I'm not a very demanding person. I generally take what I can get. Suppose I had a little fun, but I'm certainly not looking forward to going to another dance anytime soon. Thus, the reason why I didn't go to any of my senior dances and yes, that included my prom.

My classes suck. I have three classes. I had three tests this week. -_- You know how much that sucked? That sucked with much suckage. The suckage equivilent to the all the suckage of the suckiest sucker on the planet of Suck. XD Well, at least I can joke about it. ^_^; But honestly, it was kinda demanding. I don't know if I did well on them either. I'm pretty sure philosophy was fine; it's calc and chem I have to worry about. -_- My life this quarter is, as you probably guessed it, sucky. -_- So much math and calc studying and worrying. I hate that. -_-

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Thursday, May 29, 2003

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Hey, I've opened a GazouBBS. It's a spiffy image bulletin board thing. Check it out and post your images (preferrably anime/manga/game stuff). I put a fair amount of work into translating it, but there might still be some kinks, so tell me anything that seems off to you. Yes, post, for I want a cool Gazou. ^_^

Here be the link:
Resplendent Impressions
We now return you to your reguarily scheduled programming.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

OMG, you know what? Today I had the most interesting experience: working on PHP in another language. ^_^; After looking at a few Japanese image boards, running on GazouBBS (for examples, check out 2chanNET), I decided to actually give it a shot and try to install one on my own. Let me tell you, that thing looked pretty darn intimidating when I oppened it up in Notepad. Well, how would you react if faced with intensive text that you couldn't understand and had to wade through? Not only that, my experience in PHP is very, very limited, so the code itself was kinda daunting in itself. -_-;; With that in mind, I went ahead and tried Altavista's Babelfish. OMG, you don't know how helpful Babelfish can be! I managed to translate most of the text and various other things here and there in the instructions and code. Yay! That was sure an adventure though. I think I'm the first person to ever translate GazouBBS. I haven't seen any in english yet.... Anyway, I would provide a URL, but I kinda intend it to be a personal Gazou. If anyone wants the code, I'd be glad to give you the code I've translated. Hopefully someone who's better at PHP can help me figure out how to allow for comments on individual entries and just exactly how to configure the admin panel. Maybe figuring out how to generate thumbnailed images too. That's about all I feel is missing now. Lets start a Gazou in english trend! ^_^

I figured out the admin panel. It's also been translated. Go me!

Edit II:
Opened a public Gazou too. Enjoy! ^_^

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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Here I am, reading my reading notes for philosophy. I kinda lost my handout for chem, so I can't type up my lab report. ;_; I don't want to lose the points, but what can I do without the handout? I don't know what the hell I'm supposed to calculate for. -_- Oh well, back to the subject of philosophy.... I actually really enjoy philosophy. I suppose it appeals to my natural thirst for knowledge and, what I seem to think, is a natural ability of mine to comprehend abstract concepts. However, as much as I'd like to find a single philosopher I really like, I can't seem to settle on one quite yet. We're starting with the early such as the Upanishads and the Taoists, and moving into more modern stuff such as Socrates, Aristotle, Descartes, and Locke. I honestly can't say that I really liked the early, early stuff. I suppose the concepts just seemed to make more sense with the advent of Socrates. He was cool. Then there was Aristotle, then Descartes, etc. ^_^; Right now, we've covered up to Locke and Hume and I can say that I like how they think. I suppose I favor Hume a little more though because I like his ideas about there being no absolute certainty, how God was fabricated to provide protection and salvation for man, and how God's existance cannot be proven (no, I'm not an atheist, I'm agnostic). He does seem the most reasonable thinker thusfar. Of course, he's also the most modern of the thinkers we've yet covered. I'm sure there will be others I'll like more as we cover more material, but for now, Hume is pimp. ^_^ An interesting idea has popped into my head occasionally: I really wouldn't mind majoring in philosophy. Of course, what the hell can I possibly do with a philosophy major? Teach? Psh. I don't think I'll become a teacher. And darnit, if I do, I'll probably teach english if anything.

Yesterday my dad made me change the oil+filter and rotate the tires on my car (the car was at the 5k mile mark). Yay! My front tires have better grip now! ^_^ I noticed before that I had a tendency to understeer under not-extremely-hard acceleration and to veer slightly off-course at higher (freeway) speeds. But that's all gone now from what I can tell. I wonder if my tires were wearing unevenly.... *scratches head*

Since I said I'd do it, here's the Narue no Sekai ending theme: Icecream sung by Chiba Saeko. Easily my favorite recent anime theme. I find it very calming and easy to listen to. And, like I stated before, it so conveys the theme of innocent love if you ask me. Very cute. ^_^ I figure I'm not using enough of my monthly transfer anyway, so have fun downloading it. ^_^ It's not exactly easy to find, considering how the anime is so new (it started airing this spring season).

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Sunday, May 25, 2003

Yesterday was a pool party at my friend James's. Woo, like, an opportunity for exercise! ^_^; I'm not saying that I like exercise (too much physical exertion for my tastes), but I like the fact that when I exercise reguarily, I don't get sore from anything (I don't get sore often anyway though...). Anyway, so yeah, I headed over to his place to get in some fun pool time. The water was unusually warm for a pool. I'm not used to that. I'm used to jumping into a pool and having to readjust to the substantially cooler temperature. I gotta say, warm water feels nice. ^_^ It was kinda like taking a not-too-warm bath... with more space... and swimming. ^_^; I really didn't do much real exercise though. I clear about a third of that pool when I push off. -_-; That's what I get for being too tall. Oh wait, nothing's ever my fault! That pool's too small! That's it! XD

Today was some fun times with the Fanime forums folks. We went to go watch Matrix Reloaded. It tell you, being surrounded by rabid fanboys and fangirls feels nice sometimes. I felt so at home. ^_^ As for the movie itself, it wasn't that bad. There was a fair amount of spiffy action though. Like anyone goes for the plot. Psh. After the movie, we took some pictures and then finally we went to MGL. I played some SCII. Did you expect any less? XD I did pretty well. There was this one guy who was just slightly better than me though. Gwar.... Had some pretty good matches with him, but he always just slighty beat me in the fifth or last round. Oh well. He did have better reflexes. I hate that. I need better reflexes if I'm going to 0wn. Conditioning, conditioning....

Hm... some music talk! I finally got the Icecream, ending to Narue no Sekai! XD Is it just me or doesn't the song just convey to you "innocent love?" It's really cute. And catchy for that matter. I'll probably upload it for your folks listening pleasure, but I'm lazy right now, so maybe tomorrow. What else...? Oh, I got the PV for the title track of BoA's new Japanese single: Shine We Are!. Now it may have just about the stupidest engrish I've ever heard, but it's a really catchy song. It screams bubblegum pop, but, like many BoA songs, it's darn catchy. Not only that, she's friggin' cute in the video too. -^^- Yay! Go superficiality! XD

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