Saturday, June 1, 2002

*Sigh of relief* Alright! I finished my last challenging final! ^_^ Yesterday I took the last part of my stat final. Woo! I'm happy about that. ^_^ Well... to tell you the truth, it wasn't that hard, but it was my next most challenging final after physic. My teacher gave us "hints" each day, but they were basically everything we had to do. ^_^; I wished that all the tests were like that. I'd so ace every test that way. ^_^ So yah... with that out of the way, now all I have in terms of finals is my english, government and comp app. For comp app, I have to do a Powerpoint presentation, which I've pretty much completed, so I'm set there. For english, I have to do a presentation on a play and do some acting, which shouldn't be a big problem. My only real final now is my government final, but that really shouldn't be all that hard either. It'll be all multiple choice or fill-in with word bank. Woo! I don't really have to study for anything for the rest of the year! ^_^ Well... granted, the rest of the year's only a week. Next week is my last week of school. Week after's my graduation.

Yesterday my teacher let us out of physic early again. I took that opportunity to go out to the nearby McDonalds and buy a nice batch of five cheeseburgers with the five dollars I had on me. I brought them back to school because we were having anime club sessioning and screenings again (just for your information, yesterday was the Cowboy Bebop movie). I chose to stay in the video game room, considering how I kinda already have the CB movie. Anyway, I sat down and tried to eat peacefully, watching everyone play either Smash Bros. or Soul Calibur, but unfortunately it didn't work out that way. Considering how I had a whole five cheeseburgers on me, people were asking me for one or at least a part of one. I guess I'm a bit too nice for my own good, but I usually give people some food if they ask for it. However, yesterday, for once, I just wanted to be selfish. I wanted my cheeseburgers, darnit! I just never get that much McDonalds to myself because I always end up giving up some of it to people. Most of the time I don't mind, but I just wanted my five cheeseburgers to myself. While most people respected this and pretended to hate me, there was this one guy I know who just wouldn't get off my case. He begged for at least half of one, even after I told him I wanted them all and when I tried to eat peacefully, he would occasionally glace over at me and try to give me a helpless expression. Geez! The nerve of some people! I just wanted my cheeseburgers once! Is that just too much to ask!?

All things considered though, yesterday's sessioning went well. I got to play some nice Smash Bros. Woo! We need more skilled Smash Bros. players at my school. We rotated through people and had only the winner stay in. I stayed in for too long. ^_^; There was this one game where two people tried to team up against me, but I still defeated them without losing any stock and with less than 100% (granted there were healing items). ^_^; I need some real competition, dangit!

At night, I decided to celebrate the weekend by playing some more Chrono Trigger. I didn't find any time to play during the week, so I had some catching up to do. ^_^ I played for a nice couple of hours and got the Epoch, which is where I left off. I was going to make an entry after that, but I felt kinda tired and went to sleep.

Nice to see you're back on the online world. ^_^ I was beginning to miss you and your *ahem* insightful comments. ^_^ Nice to have you back.

Nah, you're not weird. I'm the weird one. It seems like everyone loves the FF series and the PS2. Sometimes I feel like the only one who doesn't. You're one of many. I'm one of few. That's why I felt the need to voice my opinions.

I don't care what you say, Zelda rules! =P

Yah, a Nintendo fan! You're cool. As long as you're not a Sony fan. ^_^ Personally, I'm a Sega fan myself, but I can really see where you're coming from. Good for you. Good luck on convincing your parents on getting a Gamecube for you. Remember to get anything but the black one. The black one is too boring. ^_^

Well... I don't know. I know that some titles were translated under the Mixx label, so maybe they're still printing them unaltered? That'd be my best guess....

Yah, I agree that Hikki deserves more respect for what she does. She is a great artist, but personally, I just prefer Ayumi's music. Personal taste.

I agree that physical appearance doesn't really matter when you're talking about music artists, but I think it's icing on the cake if I find out that someone who sings the music I like looks nice too. ^_^

The whole marriage thing.... I heard of it and I've heard discussion on it. From what I can piece together, that's completely false. If it was at all true, it'd be all over asian newspapers in no time, but it doesn't seem like that happened.

Another Nintendo fan. I give you a thumbs up. ^_^ If I wasn't a Sega fan, I'd so be a Nintendo fan.

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Thursday, May 30, 2002

I don't feel like talking about my day. Not that it was bad or anything, but I think it was rather mundane. So I think I'll do a couple of rants. ^_^

Inspired by this post by Rose, I think I'll rant about FFXI. ^_^ My standpoint on this subject: FF should stay offline. I'm sure many, many people agree with me on this one. As far as I'm concerned, the FF series began and became popular as a single-player RPG experience. Because of this, I believe that it should always remain one. Kinda in the same vain as Phantasy Star Online, I don't believe this series should have ever went online. I'm generally not a big fan of the FF games (VI being the only one I believe to be great), but I like single-player RPGs a heck of a lot more than massive multiplayer online RPGs. Personal preference. I guess that is a major reason why I have the opinion I do. I'm just glad that XII will be single-player. I probably won't really like it much, but at least I'll like it more if it's single-player.

Which reminds me... I should do a little rant about Squaresoft...
Squaresoft.... What can really be said about them? Many worship anything they publish as if it was a religious idol. People get all giddy at the announcement of new Square games. What do I think? I think they're a mediocre company. I know I'll get lots of flames for saying this, but listen to what I have to say first. To tell you the truth, there are less than a handfull of Square games that I believe are great games: FFVI, Xenogears, and Chrono Trigger. VI had great characters and wonderful character development. Xenogears just plain ruled. There's no question about it. My favorite RPG of all time. Great story, characters, and gameplay. What else could you ask for? Chrono Trigger? Quite fun and quite likable characters. Haven't played through it all, but I know that I'll really, really like it. Now what about all the other "great" Square games? VII? Tactics? Chrono Cross? In my opinion, they were all rather mundane. VII didn't really leave an impression on me. I never had any incentive to play Tactics very far. Chrono Cross had a crappy story and next to no character development. I really don't see why so many people love Square. I think they're alright, but now that the Xenogears team has left and formed Monolith, I don't forsee very many great games in the future. I really don't.

Which brings me to the subject of the Playstation 2. Now I know that many people adore the thing. "There are so many good games!" Sure there are.... I believe I mentioned it before, but I hate the PS2 with a burning red passion. Let me just clarify that this only applies to the hardware and not software. The PS2 is a horrid piece of hardware, no doubt about it. It's ridiculiously hard to program for, with it's dual floating-point units and all. Not to mention, there are no in hardware effects built in. That's just wrong. Developers have to program all effects in software, stealing valuable CPU resources. Finally, there is only 4 megs of video RAM. The single biggest offense here. Developers need more than 4 megs of video RAM. How does Sony expect developers to work with only 4 megs? They're idiots! Capitalistic idiots! There's also the issue of software. In my opinion, there are far too few good pieces of software available for the PS2. I'll be getting one sometime because I want to play Xenosaga, but when I get it, I don't know what game to get. I'll probably just get Virtual Fighter 4 because there are no better games to get. As far as I'm concerned, VF4 is the most desirable game available now for the PS2.

Enough with my video game banter, now onto some music banter:
Ayumi Hamasaki. By far, my favorite music artist. I don't care what some people say, she is a wonderful artist. I know she can't really sing, but I respect her. She writes her own lyrics. I have respect for any artist that composes and/or writes their own music. Besides, I really enjoy listening to her voice. I like her singing, ok? Also, she never fails to churn out songs that I love. These days, I'm just listening to Ayumi whenever I'm on the computer. I'm especially infatuated with the song "Naturally" right now. It's songs like that that make me remember why I began liking Ayumi so long ago (I've been a fan since the beginning of her singing career). Besides, (I'll be superficial) she's really pretty. ^_^

School spirit? I really don't understand. Why should I have so much pride in the school I go to? I like the school and all, but why do I have to be all defensive and excited?

You're getting a Gamecube? Woo! GCs are great! ^_^ Make sure you get Smash Bros. Only game you'll ever need. Go Zelda! ^_^

Um... I hope you know that Mixx is TokyoPop. Mixx kinda turned into TokyoPop. ^_^;

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Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Oi is it hot today! Geez... I was baking all day. I don't know what the temperature was, but it definately was a bit hotter than I'm used to. Right now it's night time and I need to run an electric fan at me or else I'll get too hot. Bah!

As far as my day went, it was alright. Today, we had a special schedule. We had an assembly to award sports awards to the special athletes this year. Now really now, I respect these people for doing well in these sports and everything, but I could care less to see them get awards. I suppose that might sound mean or careless, but I wouldn't like to subject a bunch of people I don't even know to something that boring if I were receiving an award. Not like I'm going to get an award. I never played any sports during high school. Never felt an incentive to do it. I have like no school spirit. I don't care if we win or lose at sporting events. Now if there was fencing and archery offered at my school, things would be different. I would actually try out for those. Especially fencing. I'm usually pretty good with weapons. ^_^ Honestly! I have weapons training with a boken, staff, and short sword. I'm especially good with the short sword, but I think I can handle a foil....

Because of the special schedule, each class was cut short by a few minutes so we could have an hour of lunch. Woo! An hour lunch! I wasn't really planning to do anything, but it just so happened that Allan brought his Gamecube and Smash Bros. Double woo! ^_^ We borrowed my physic teacher's (who just so happens to be his too) room and played some nice one on one matches. Dang, he's pretty good. I need to play more. Nanona, Antonio, and Sano popped in and they played some too. Fun fun.

During physic, we had that contest I told you about yesterday. Today, we had some real blocks to work with... well... they weren't exactly blocks... they were cardboard "boxes" missing an entire side. ^_^; That made things really annoying, as the blocks had a tendency to just fall into each other. Well... we lost the contest because we made the incorrect assumption that all that blocks had to be facing the same way. So yah... we lost pretty bad. Oh well... all contests considered, my group's still tops in the class. One loss doesn't mean anything when we have the highest overall win rate. ^_^

During six period, I went to Nikaku again with Veronica. Well... to tell you the truth, I really didn't have anything better to do. I didn't have any money, because how I bought that book yesterday, so I took her to buy something. She bought the first translated Love Hina tankouban. Wow... let me just say that TokyoPop's doing a great job with their manga. I respect them. They licensed way too many series that I thought that they couldn't handle them all. I was wrong. They have a pretty nice release schedule. They already released stuff like Love Hina and Chobits. I didn't expect them to do it so soon. They also release stuff printed right to left, as it should be printed and without writing edited out of the backgrounds. Nice. I didn't read the translations, but I suppose they'll probably be alright. Although I compliment them, I'm probably never going to buy any TokyoPop translated manga. Nope. I'd rather buy the bilingual manga, thank you very much. Cheaper and nice translations.

Hey folks! Check this out! It's 3D Pong! Yah! PONG!!! ^_^ It's actually really fun. I only started playing today, but I'm getting better. I love playing with my trackball. ^_^ I get to make such nice, quick, and accurate movements. GO TRACKBALLS!!! ^_^ Oh, while your at it, check out all the other stuff that Albino Blacksheep offers.

Hey, new layout. Though can't say that I take particular joy in seeing Gackt wearing what appears to be nothing, it's simple and looks nice. ^_^

"Free money?" Now that's my kinda phrase. ^_^ Hm... what are the qualifications for registering as unemployed and how much do you get?

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Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Geez... I really have a tendency to psyche myself up about tests. You know how I was really, really panicy yesterday? Well, I've taken the first part to my stat final, and it really wasn't all that bad. All I had was six fairly easy multiple choice questions and two free response questions. Overall, not that bad at all. So... that's what my test is going to be like throughout the week? It looks highly probable indeed.... So... I really overestimated this test. How many times have I done that before? Several, actually. This usually happens on finals, as I'm expecting my teachers to be really mean, but it turns out that they aren't as sadistic as I think they'll be. Good for me. Conversely, occasionally I really underestimate tests. That's when I'm really feeling confident. Things like the SAT, my driver's test, and any kind of placement test are things that I underestimate. Are they are problem for me? Actually, they aren't. I'm good at assessing tests like that. ^_^

Today in Anime Club, we had elections for officers for next year's administration. Many of my younger friends are running for positions next year, so I cheered them on. All except for Sataya. He doesn't deserve my support. =P Nah, actually, he was the only one running for vice president, so he was guaranteed the position. Thus, I went around telling people not to vote for him. ^_^ It wouldn't make a difference anyway, so I had some fun. ^_^ Same thing for the positions of publicist and activities director. Hananikko, won the position of publicist by default, while my other friend Veronica won activities director by default. Congradulations guys! ^_^; As for positions that actually required some kind of runoff, my friends Antonio and Shelly ran for president. Good luck to you both! There were also run offs for treasurer and secretary. I already know the results because I'm in good with the officers. I'm pretty much an officer, but I hold no official position. So yah, Ms. Vice President shared the results with me, so now I have several people, mostly Antonio and Shelly, trying to get some kind of information out of me. Heh heh. ^_^;

In physic, we were going to watch a movie today. What was it...? "History of the World" or something like that. However, my teacher forgot the video. ^_^; None of us had any movies either, so we had a physic contest. Joy. Today we were given twenty rectangular blocks and were told to build only one side of a bridge and make it go out as far as we can. Actually, this was done on computers with amazing physic programs, but it's supposed to be just like real life. One of my lab partners really wanted to figure it out himself, so I let him at it. I don't care. As long as I get the points, I'm fine with anything. ^_^ He worked on it all period as I socialized. ^_^ Not quite as nice as a movie, but definately better than any real work.

For lack of anything better to do, I headed out to Nikaku again. This time, Veronica accompanied me because I felt lonely going all by myself. So yes, yet another trip. This is what happens when you have a drivers license, spare time, and an anime store about fifteen minutes from your house folks. ^_^ I got the Sega offical Sakura Taisen 2 book. It has character designs, sketches, rendered mecha images, frames from the cutscenes, and interviews with the staff. Nice. It's a really spiffy book. I need to get the Sakura Taisen 3 one sometime....

Sure, you can call me David. I'm fine with that. ^_^

Yes, "The Ultimate Art Collection of 'Kanon'" is a wonderful book, isn't it? ^_^ I love it. But you spent $50 on it? Geez... I only spent a little over $30. I guess that's one of the perks of having Nikaku in my neighborhood, eh? ^_^

Bishoujo games? Well, to tell you the truth, I haven't really played any outside of the Sakura Taisen series. I've been meaning to play tons of them: Kanon, Air, Pia Carrot 1 & 2, Tokimemo 1 & 2, Sentimental Graffitti 1 & 2, To Heart, Comic Party, Canvas, maybe Memories Off... I'm sure there's more I would just love to play, but I don't have any and none of my friends are into life sims either (and thus don't have any). I really should buy some because I want to play some of those really bad. ;_;

I looked into Chrono Break and apparently, Square only licensed the name. It doesn't mean that they're doing anything with it. They haven't announced a game yet, nor have they even announced that they own the trademark on the name "Chrono Break." I'm sure they're going to announce it someday, but I think they'll do it when they have some gameplay footage or something.
Take a look here

Yay! *waits for CD to hear Saga sing* ^_^

You know how I've been appearing in your dreams? Well, you made an appearance in one of my dreams last night. I don't remember much about it, but I was going to school, but it wasn't PHHS. Rather, it was Homestead. Now that's is weird in itself, as I haven't actually seen the school before. ^_^; I wonder how my imaginary school stacks up to the real thing.... Well, anyway, I was trying to rush to class, but I didn't know where it was. You tried to tell me where it was, but you gave me some pretty confusing directions. And that's all that I can remember. I think Dandan made an appearance too, but I don't remember what she did. So yah... interesting, isn't it?

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Monday, May 27, 2002

Ahh! My stat final starts tomorrow! Yep, it finally sunk in. It sure takes a while for me to finally get into this panicy state. But yes, now I'm in it. I'm not sure if I'm ready or not.

Today I went over to my friend's house and we studied for the exam. We went over the stuff that we were kinda questionable about, but I'm not sure if it's enough. I really hope I can remember all these things. There's way too much crap to remember in stat. Each chapter is something completely new many times. It's not like in traditional math, where new concepts are extensions of old concepts... well... to some extent, but many times it's so completely new that it's just more to remember. Gwar! *panic panic* I need to make my note sheet. My teacher is letting us use a whole sheet--front and back--with which to write notes for the final. I haven't done it yet. ^_^; I need to get on that now, so that's all from me now.

For your information, I'm heading off to a community college: De Anza college. Actually, with my grades, I could probably get into a UC or CSU, but hey, I'm taking it easy on the parents' wallets. Besides, I can finish my GE for cheap and then I can take the more important classes at some UC or something.

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Sunday, May 26, 2002

As I've stated before, I'm reading "She Stoops to Conquer" for english. Let me just say that it's not a very delightful read. I dislike reading old English-english. It just takes too much effort to read. Sure, after a while you get used to it and it's not too bad I suppose, but it still takes more effort to read compared to stuff written more recently. Gwar!

Oww~ I was just playing some more CT earlier and I hurt my finger trying to beat Ayla at drinking. My right index finger has a nice friction burn because I used a technique where I move my finger back and forth across the button. I find that it's the best and easiest way for me to rapidly hit a button, but it takes a lot out of the finger. It's discomforting, especially as I'm typing. =( At least I beat her. ^_^ Although, I really didn't need to go that fast... I beat her pretty well.... ^_^;

Tonight, my dad tossed slabs of meat onto an open fire, i.e. we had a BBQ. Mmmm~ I like BBQ. ^_^ You get to eat tons of meat! I like meat. ^_^ I had some nice pork ribs and slabs of chicken and beef. Yummy! ^_^ My grandma, grandpa, uncle, and aunt came over to eat with us. Whenever they see my sister and me, they always love commenting about how we've grown or something. My uncle says that I'm starting to get bigger. Not bigger stomach-wise, as I can't really get fat (my body is cool like that ^_^), bigger bulky wise. He says that I'm putting on some muscle. I don't know where he's coming from... I haven't really been putting on any muscle for the last... what was it...? Six months? No... more....

I want to put on some muscle though. Definately not to the point where I'm buldging all over, but at least to the point where I have some solidly defined muscles. That's why I want to do some exercise now. I'm making it a point to try to do pushups occasionally and just practicing some of my kickboxing I stopped doing over half a year ago. I want to get back in shape. Must remember to bring a deck of cards to school to challenge my friends to games of thirteen for pushups. ^_^

Here folks, some fun and really humorous reading for you:
X Handpuppet Teatre
Toastyfrog's Thumbnail Theatre

Forgot to ask this earlier, but you are on Chaos, aren't you? You better not be on Loki. Only losers play on Loki. ^_^

Nice Zoro pic. Everyone, check it out. ^_^

Woo! It's great that you got up your Grandia II site. Haven't played the game, but I hope to someday.

Ooo... you're dying your hair? What color? ^_^

Yah, I've heard of Chrono Break, but that was an awfully long time ago.... Do you know when it might be released?

Oh yah I like the cute, spunky scientist girls. ^_^ Especially Kohran, who's my favorite cute, spunky scientist girl. She even has purple hair! ^_^ In braids! ^_^ And glasses! ^_^ And she speaks in Kansai-ben! ^_^ There's just too much to like about her. ^_^

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What have I been doing? More or less, I've been slacking off.

I really should look over some of my stat stuff for my final, which will be given in four parts this week, from Tuesday to Friday. However, I'm a lazy bum of a senior, so I haven't. I haven't read "She Stoops to Conquer" for english either, but it's only sixty pages or so, so I should be fine. I'll do it later today and tomorrow. Just as long as it isn't right now. ^_^

I've been slacking off playing Chrono Trigger again. ^_^ Right now I've just gotten Masamune. Woo! I'm really enjoying the game. It's tons better than Chrono Cross, let me tell you. I don't really get why, but Crono's growing on me. He's pretty cool. Which is really interesting because I didn't really think anything about Serge, who talks just about as much as Crono (i.e. not at all). Strange. But Lucca's my favorite right now. I like the cute, spunky, clumsy, scientist girls. ^_^

THERE'S MORE ONE PIECE!!! Yep, Mangascreener has released more One Piece. And it's a big update. There's over three new tankouban to read. Read it now! I did and it's not bad. Although, the Arlong arc is my favorite arc so far, you can see that this whole BW arc is going somewhere. I'm hoping that it gets better. *crosses fingers*

Good to have you back, man. ^_^ Looks like things are going well for you. That's great that Rachel's alright.

You're graduating too? Well, I guess that makes two of us. I hope yours goes well. Hopefully you'll get tons of graduation money. ^_^

Another ROer! ^_^ Alright, we'll play sometime. I'm a cute, pink-haired, female acolyte who goes by the name "Primrose." I'm only lvl 22, so I'm not exactly high-level or anything. Feel free to message me sometime.

P.S. For anyone else who's thinking about messaging me, please tell me that you're a visitor of my log. I tend to ignore anyone who just randomly messages me.

There, I linked you, ok? You happy? Nah, j/k. ^_^ Just, tell me if you want me to link you, ok?

Um... do you want me to call you Riku now?

Nice work there. *pat pat* Those are some pretty impressive scores. I know I'm impressed.

Yah, I know what you mean about the whole boy/girl friendship thing. I have female friends and I know some people get the wrong idea, especially when they're close friends. Geez... can't I just have close female friends without people thinking strangely!? I have this one particular friend who's away at college now. We're pretty close friends and I make it a point to stay in touch with her and see her whenever I can. I know some of my friends may think otherwise, but we're just friends. Geez... that just ticks me off sometimes.

You want me to call you Mizuki now?

Well... I don't care if you suck at RO, it's all for fun anyway. ^_^ Besides, I'm not exactly at a high level either.

You have $1 to your name? I beat you, I have negative dollars to my name. ^_^ I know I owe my sister $50 and my friend $20. So yah, I'm even poorer than you. At least graduation's coming up. ^_^

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