Saturday, June 7, 2003

Today consisted of more studying than usual. -_-

Uu! Uu! I've decided on a name for my Xbox: Cepheid. And no, it's not named after that flare dragon god from Slayers (which actually does have the same name). Cepheids are actually a type of star. They've used up their primary hydrogen supply and because of that, they pulsate in terms of size and luminosity in an unusually regular fashion. You could say that the luminosity is a function of the period and the graph would look something like a sine curve (the luminosity is inversely proportional to the period). Anyway, yes, the Xbox is named Cepheid. Now with my Gamecube "Tsubaki," PS2 "Cosmos," and I suppose you can throw in my GBA "Tsubomi," I am ready to handle anything them developers/publishers can throw at me. I'm looking forward to the tons of Sega goodness I can have. ^_^ Now all I need to do is to mod my PS2 and Xbox (the GC's already modded). With that, I'll be set for the next... what? Two, three years?

I picked up Panzer Dragoon Orta. I've never played the other Panzer Dragoons before, so this is a completely new experience for me. I like it. It's so fun and exciting. Can't wait to unlock the original Panzer Dragoon in the Pandora's Box. Then all I'll have to do is pick up a Saturn (I've been putting it off for years) and Zwei and Saga if possible. I'd imagine that Zwei wouldn't be insanely difficult to procure, but Saga.... -_- Maybe while I'm at it, I could try for Shining Force 3 too. ^_^; A guy can dream now, can't he?

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Friday, June 6, 2003

My dad felt it necessary to give me a lecture today. -_- What about? Well, he thinks that I could learn some more responsibility and such, so he says that he thinks I should join the army. Psh, like that would ever happen. I am just not a military-type guy. Of course my dad, being a military man himself (he was part of the south Vietnamese air force), thinks it's unquestionably a good thing. -_- Can you peoples imagine me in the military? Even for those of you who don't know me in person. If you've read my stuff for a little while, I'm sure you can tell that I'm not the kinda person who would ever be seen in a military recruitment office. I'm just peeved, that's all. Besides, it's all about the navy (not that I'd ever join it). ^_^

Hm... just got back from eating out with my friend Anna from the mysterious land known as "Southern California." ^_^ Nah, she's actually a NorCal native, but she's going to school down there, so now she's one of them. Anyway, we, along with two other fellows, headed out to Chilis for some good eating. I got the... um... Monterey Jack I think it was called. They're fijitas with chicken, monterey jack cheese, mushrooms, and some other assorted things. They were good. ^_^ I like my meat. Although, now that I think back upon it, maybe I should have gone for some red meat. Oh well, my meat was fowl (pun intended).

What I found out just a little while ago: 125 ft*lbs of torque is hella weak when you want to scale up a hill with four people in the car. ^_^;; Yeah, I suppose I could have told you that without trying it, but I did find out from experience. After dinner, we decided to head up some of the nearby hills and do some exploring. Nothing all that extraordinary, just going up and heading down. What was bad though, was when we were going down, you could smell the breaks. That's never a good thing. Overheated breaks = poor breaking. Got down rather soon after though, so it's all good.

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Thursday, June 5, 2003

Hm... haven't really been up to too much....

Interesting thing: I skipped out of my philosophy class three out of four days this week. ^_^; Yeah, I know that's bad, but I honestly didn't feel like sitting through it. Sure, Mr. Teacher Man is a decent and mildly entertaining guy, but I didn't want to go through one of his classes after Monday. IT's alright though. Attendence isn't a requirement and all the stuff is in the study notes anyway (it's actually more like a text book as opposed to "study notes" if you ask me). He essentially teachs everything from the study notes packet he gave us in order. All I have to do is read a little and I'll be caught up again. I'll be back in the class reguarily next week though. This is such an interesting deviation from my norm. I'm usually the straight-arrow, the one who doesn't do anything "bad." Oh well.

Hm... went to the San Jose Tapioca Express yesterday. My friend and I are on a quest to find the best peppered chicken. We'd heard that there's one in San Jo that has level 10 chicken. For those not in the know, that's means that it's pretty darn spicy. We decided to hit up the one downtown, on San Carlos, to give their chicken a shot. It was weak and, for that matter, poorly prepared. -_- And OMG, their milk tea is subpar too! Way~ too sweet. Kinda ruins it. Probably the worse Tap chicken and milk tea I've yet had. I guess that wasn't the place for level 10. That only leaves Monterey Road now. The Capital one is definately not it.

I got an X-Box!!! XD XD XD XD XD I'm all happy and tingly all over. XD If you can't tell, yes, I am quite psyched about it. My friend got it to me as a birthday present, but she couldn't give it to me on my birthday being that she was in San Diego. Thus, now that she's back home, she gave me the unit. Dang, them things are hefty suckers, aren't they? Good thing though: I got a type-S controller. Don't know what I would have done with an original Amerian controller. Them things are horrendous. Now I need to pick up an AV pack (composite is weak), possibly pick up a DVD pack (hell, X-Boxes play DVDs better than PS2s), and give it a name. Gamecube: Tsubaki, PS2: Cosmos, X-Box: ???. I'll come up with it soon.

Note: I do indeed like the X-Box. I don't understand the prevailing thought that it sucks. As far as I'm concerned, it's the best designed currently viable system. I suppose it's kinda lacking in games currently and that's a big concern for any gamer, but I'm sure the library will fill out soon. As long as Sega's supporting it, it's gold as far as I'm concerned. But aside from the Sega support, I also gotta say that the X-Box is desirable because of the amazing amount of thought and foresight that went into its creation. You don't see Sony going around and surveying hardcore gamers and developers, do you? And even if they did, like they would impliment anything they were told. The X-Box team was really on the ball in the creation of the system. I gotta hand it to them and support them because they're hardcore gamers like me. Can't leave a fellow gamer hanging like that now, can I? ^_^

You know what? Integration is really useful! Having gotten to the "applications to physics and engineering" section of my book, I now learn that it can be used to find work, pressure, center of mass, and (peeking into the next section) probability. With that in mind, I think integration is more useful than differentiation. By golly, I can see myself using this stuff really often in my life; especially to find probability.

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Monday, June 2, 2003

Ara ara*, it's been a while since I've posted, hasn't it? Thing is, there really isn't much to talk about.... I've just been going to school some, slacking off some, and playing some games.

Gaa~... it's hot! X_x OK, maybe it's not that hot, but it's getting there. I suspect that it was in the late eighties to early ninties today. Needless to say, I had to have the air conditioning running in the car. Right now, at 10:30 PM, it's still hot and I'm in one of the coldest areas in my house. -_- Usually at these times, I like to drape a nice fuzzy blanket around my legs while I do my computing, but not today. I don't like hot. It's so hard to get unhot. Cold is better because it's much easier to get uncold. Of course, like--I'm assuming most people--I most prefer warm. There has been no "warm" this year. There's only been cool to cold and hot. Stupid weather. -_-

Hm... school's... alright I guess. Classes are more demanding than I thought they would be. I suppose I kinda expected some kinda challenge in calc and chem, but philosophy's getting to me a little too. It's not too bad, but having to remember what exactly this one philosopher's beliefs on "self" are while remembering what exactly two other similar philosophers think on the very same subject can get kinda nyeh. Won't take too much effort to keep them separate in my head, but I'm lazy. ^_^; Otherwise, in my other classes, I'm giving it my best effort. Hoping I can pull out a decent grade. *crosses fingers*

Oh, for those who don't know, I'm not playing iRO for a while. The prices are a bit too much for me right now. I would pay for it if I didn't have two webhosts and Streamload to pay monthly already. -_- It's OK though, Gravity said that they'll keep the data. I'm assuming I'll be back on in July or so. I figure it's a good idea to skip out on it for the rest of this school quarter. I will be back though. For those of you playing, have fun catching up to me (60/31). I'll be happy to go party hunting with you. ^_^

OMG, I finished Comic Party with a good ending! XD I'm, like, so suprised. How did I manage it without being able to read a single character? Simple, I found a Japanese guide and ran it through Babel Fish. ^_^ Man, Babel Fish just gets more and more useful by the day, it does. Anyway, I won with Chisa!!!! XD XD XD XD XD Aw dang, she's cute. Her story kinda lacked depth, but she was friggin' cute, so it doesn't matter. XD It was kinda annoying when she popped over to help with my doujin though. You see, the girl that has the most feelings for you will randomly pop over to help with your doujin. Chisa comes over and tries to help ink, but she always fails. ^_^;; What's bad is that it takes away a whole day worth of doujin work I can do, which generally equates to maybe six pages. You don't know how annoying that was in Feburary, where there is one less week to work with. I just had to pick 48 pages, didn't I? -_- Oh well, nice story. Next up: Minami. XD Hard to describe it, but she has that womanly charm that really hits a note for me.

*Yes, I realize that's a feminine expression.

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