Wednesday, June 9, 2004

By golly I've been neglectful. >.< Blame it on FFXI and it eating up all the free time in my life. ^^;; I suppose you could call it an unhealthy addiction. On one hand, I'm happy to be playing it, but on the other, some other aspects of my life are suffering, such as my log. ^^;;

Um~ I went to Fanime two weekends ago. It was pretty awesome. ^^ The thing with Fanimes is that, with each progressing year, the con loses some of its magic. Sure, they are still enjoyable for one reason or another, but I remember my first few Fanimes. I would, like, go in there and be overwhelmed with all the anime stuff around me. There were things that were showing in the screening rooms I had never heard of. Far more merchandise I wanted then my money would allow purchase. These days, I've heard of most if not all of the anime screenings and I'm far more picky on what I buy in the dealers room. At 2002, I was able to find a lot of spiffy panels to keep my interest. This year there were very few panels that interested me at all. Also, the whole "con atmosphere" hasn't been hitting me very hard in more recent years. -_- With all of this stuff getting in the way of my enjoyment, what WAS there to enjoy? Well, I got to spend some quality time with my friends in a carefree environment permiated with anime. ^^ The freedom was refreshing considering how nagging my parents can get sometimes and my friends are always a blast to hang out with. Couple them together and toss in one of my favorite things in the world, anime, and you have a winner. ^^

Didn't really go to many events.... Went to one panel; that being the Great Teacher Largo panel. Funny guy. I enjoyed it. ^^ Otherwise, I went to the masquerade and the Gakufest or concert. The masquerade this year was awesome. I found most if not all of the skits to be mildly amusing, which is more than what I can say about previous masquerades. -_- The Gakufest was pretty awesome too, but I only really stayed to see up through Camino's performance. I'm sure Dual Jewel and Blood would have been awesome too, but I was just about beat by the time Camino finished.

Yes, Fanime was awesome. I encourage everyone to go next year. Maybe if I don't already know you, we could meet up or something. ^^

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