Saturday, June 15, 2002

Hey folks. ^_^

Dang... I've been up to quite a bit lately.... I've been going out each and every day. That's not like me. I'm usually the one that doesn't go out. Neh....

It just so happens that yesterday I went out again. This time with the rest of the Sexy Crew. We went out to a park to spend time doing nothing. Woo! That was fun. We just sat around, listened to music and did some playing with lightsabers. ^_^

I also dropped by the Great Mall again. Yes... I know that makes five days in a row. ^_^; This time I got a DVD remote for the PS2 and the last four DVDs of Battle Athletes. Wow... that series is good. Well... I suppose the last four episodes were rather...
out there... but otherwise, it was a darn good series.

Oh yah... I still need to name the PS2.... *takes time to look at stuff online* Alright! I'll name the thing "Cosmos." I think that has a nice ring to it. ^_^

My dad really annoyed me yesterday. It just so happens that I'll be going to graduation parties and he feels the need to warn me about things such as booze and drugs. You know... stuff like spiking punch and lacing food with some kind of drug. *sigh* As if I'll be that stupid. I know that might happen, but I know that. I don't need anyone telling me anything, as I'm not exactly stupid. It wouldn't really have been all that annoying had he just made a slight comment, but he went on about it for maybe fifteen minutes. Gwar!

Well thanks everyone for the nice comments about the layout. However, I really not fond of this layout, so expect a nice change sometime soon enough. When I say "soon enough," that means that it'll happen sooner than usual.

"Chiquita?" Um... sorry... I kinda like the name "Cosmos" better....

I suppose it already sank in for me. Considering how I've been going out every day for the last couple of days, it better have sank in. ^_^

Yes, I suppose it does sound hypocritical, but I don't care. As long as I can play Xenosaga, I'll be a happy camper. Even if I have to buy a PS2. =(

New layout! Hey, it's really pretty. ^_^

One week of school left, eh? Well... good luck at it. You've been through most of it already, just a little bit more to go.

*Gasp* You love Aoi Nanase art too!? That's great! I love her art. It's so~ pretty! Especially her Nako pieces. Although, Nako's already pretty anyway.... ^_^

I know you won't see this, considering how you're away on summer vacation and all, but have fun. ^_^

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Thursday, June 13, 2002

My first day as a high school graduate. Woo...?

Today I went to school to visit peoples during their break. It's the last day for all the lower classmen. So yah, I visited and people seemed to be glad to see me.

After that, I went and harassed Cinti. We went to the Great Mall again (fourth day in a row), where I spent a good $300 of my graduation money on a PS2, memory card, and Virtua Fighter 4. Yes, I got a PS2. You may all know how much I hate PS2s, but I had to get one sometime. Unfortunately, it's the only platform with Xenosaga. =( So yah... eventually I would have to get it, so I got it today. Well... at least I also got VF4! Woo! I love the VF games. They're so cool. Although, I've never really been a serious player and they're all ludicriously deep. I need to practice a whole lot before I'm any good.

Then we went over to Sansan's house to help her make candy leis for her friends at another school, since they graduated today. That was fun.

On the way home, I dropped by Sano's house and borrowed FFX. I kinda want to play it. Why not?

So yah... I've just been playing with the new PS2. I still have yet to name it. I like naming my consoles, ok? I'm considering a few names.... Hopefully I'll decide on one tomorrow.

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Hey, new layout! Just Winginí It is now in version 7. This layout features Misaka Shiori from Kanon. Woo! Shioriís cool. ^_^ With this layout I tried to make something different from my previous stuff and I suppose I succeeded, but for some reason Iím not completely satisfied. Oh well, I wanted a summer layout and here it is. At least I got to try out a few things.

Yesterday was my graduation. Woo.

Before the ceremony, I had some fun with my friends. Cinti, Antonio, Nanona, and I went to the Great Mall. Yes, I know that Iíve been going there pretty often lately. Oh well. Today we were planning to watch a movie, but in the end, we decided that weíd rather just walk around and window shop. ^_^ We especially had fun in EB (where Cinti and Antonio were playing a very good game of that wrestling game for Gamecube) and the Burlington Coat Factory. Burlingtons was so fun! We tried on black trench coats and white suits. Woo! We looked slick. ^_^ We so need to buy them things sometime.

I had my graduation later in the day at 6:00. Although, being a graduate, I had to get there by 5:00. AlrightÖ now I wouldnít mind, but it was pretty warm then. Maybe not frying hot, but still warm enough to fry us gown-donning seniors. Aaa~. As for the whole ceremony, there were way too many things that either went wrong or were just plain stupid. The event was poorly organized. I got the impression that the people up on stage didnít even know what they were supposed to do at times. Also, people were just plain noisy at times. They had no respect at all for everyone else there who was graduating. Gwar! They suck. Iím constantly reminded of how stupid and thoughtless people are. People are morons.

At least we got through the ceremony and junk. From then on, I met up with all my friends and we took a nice round of photos. Although because I was wearing my graduation cap the whole ceremony, I had horrible hat hair. GwarÖ.

Afterwards, I went with the family to go eat at a nice Vietnamese restaurant. MmmmÖ. I love Vietnamese food. ^_^

So how do I feel as a graduate? I donít know. Iím still not feeling much. I know that I should be all sad or something, but nope, nothing. Sure, I wonít be seeing tons of people ever again, but itís not like I was really close to them or anything. Most of the people I really care about are still going to be around. They either arenít going away or theyíre younger than me, so they havenít graduated yet. Woo. So yahÖ Iím not really sad. I know I should be, but I canít be.

At least for graduation I got some nice money. ^_^ I got $520 and $24 off two Great America tickets. Not bad. Now time to consider how Iíll spend itÖ.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Graduation practice today. They gathered us seniors and went over what we're going to do for our graduation ceremony. Now I wouldn't mind, but they really, really deviated from the schedule and they forced us to stay out in the hot sun for way too long. Bah!

At least afterwards, I went to the Great Mall again and bought a WaveBird. Yay! I can play my Gamecube from across the room now! ^_^ I love how the wirelessness of it all is RF and not IR. It's brilliant I tell you! I like my WaveBird. ^_^

After that, I went over to Sano's house for a graduation party. Now that was a good time. Not only did we get some nice hamburgers and hot dogs to eat, but we also played Smash Bros. and some party games such as Mafia and that one improv game where you have to insert pre-written lines, written on a little sheet of paper, into the skit. Yay! Fun fun. I had a good time.

One of the more interesting things about the party was a little conversation I had that started with Antonio. We were talking about how the world is just too overpopulated. Yes, you know it's true. We were brainstorming ways that we could cut down the world's population by killing off mass numbers of people. ^_^ Well... it'd be for the betterment of mankind! Anyway, I suggested that we drop a neutron bomb on China and India, which would be a quick, simple way to kill billions of people. Nice. James suggested that we buy some land, make our own country, and designate it as land for people to just come to to fight hand-to-hand. The country would not take any liability for any of the fighting. It is not promoting it. Although, it won't discourage it. The country would draw tons of stupid, arrogant people and kill them all. James predicts that that will take out about maybe a quarter of the world's population. I don't doubt it.

Agh! I just started to play ST2 again and everything was going well until I made a mistake on a LIPS choice! Gwar! It was even before the first eyecatch! Gwar again! I'll need to start over from the beginning again. Do you know how many times I have restarted this game? Agh! Either it's a mistake, not enough space on my VMS, or some kind of interruption, but I have tried to go through this game again I don't know how many times. I am sick and tired of the first episode! The second episode isn't much better either. I just want to get to the third episode. From there it shouldn't be too bad. But no.... That doesn't seem like it'll ever happen.

Go to the Great Mall sometime! I can meet you there or something. ^_^ It's only 15 minutes from my house....

"Small compact car?" Out of curiousity, what kind might it be? ^_^

"Older bro?" Am I really like that? So you're like my little sister? That strange. I've never had a little sister. I only have one older sister. I wouldn't know what having a little sister would be like....

Oh yes, I think it would be awful nice to hang out with you too. ^_^

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Monday, June 10, 2002

T'was the senior picnic today. Woo! Now that was pretty fun. We went by bus to some place called Saratoga Springs, which has a bunch of stuff to do. Well... some stuff like swimming, volleyball, basketball, playgrounds... you know... that kind of stuff. Now that doesn't sound so great does, it? Well, my friends and I found ways to make it fun.

For one thing, on the bus ride up to the place, Cinti and I sang 99 bottles of beer on the wall in its entirety. I never thought that I would ever actually do that, but I guess I was wrong. ^_^ That was more fun than it really should have been. ^_^ We annoyed Sano. ^_^

At the place, there was this cool inflatable thingy where you can climb up and slide down on a--I think--burlap bag. That was fun. My friends and I went up and down that thing too many times. ^_^ It was some good exercise too. I liked all that climbing, even though it wasn't all that hard for me.

I gotta say that probably the best thing about the day was that I went out on a nature walk with Cinti and my friend Ben. We walked along the creek and went pretty far down. Further than anyone else got. It was so fun and refreshing to walk around in the wilderness. My shoes and pants got kinda wet and soggy. That was icky, but I endured it. Eventually, when we decided to head back, we marked our furthest point with a couple of sticks and a circle of rocks. Yes, we were going for a Blair Witch effect. ^_^ Maybe we can freak out a couple of people. ^_^ Cinti and I really wanted to put up a pirate flag, but we didn't have one. =( We're so making one for the Sexy Crew. It's not right that we don't have a pirate flag!

On that nature walk, I learned something very important: sticks are cool! Yes, sticks. Not the kinds of sticks that I was talking about yesterday. I mean real sticks. You know... tree branches. Yes, they make such cool walking sticks. They're really a hiking aid. So yes, now you know that sticks are cool. And knowing is half the battle. G.I. Joe! ^_^

After we got back to school, we went over to the Great Mall. I got a Dreamcast VMS and Sano got a PS2 memory card. After that, we headed over to Sano's and played some Smash Bros. Woo! A great ending for a great day. ^_^

Yah, I know what you mean. It's tough being single, isn't it? Personally, I feel the same way a lot. Only... you know... I want a girl, not a guy. ^_^; For me, doesn't look like my situation will be any better anytime soon. *sigh*

Poor Saga.... *pat pat* You need some more muscle there. Why don't you try dumbells? You can start out pretty light and work your way up. It's not good that you can only do so little. Oh yah, and I did read your profile link. ^_^

Good luck driving! I know how intimidating it can be when you've never done it before. I still remember when my dad first told me to drive home. You see, we practiced in a parking lot a lot, but I never drove there. My dad always took me there and from there, we would switch seats and I would drive. When he told me that I was to drive home, I was terrified. I made so many mistakes on that drive home considering how short it was. ^_^;

Oh, I'd just like to say thanks again for the nice layout dedication. That's awfully nice of you. Like I always say, Saga, you're cool. ^_^

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Sunday, June 9, 2002

Helped the grandparents move today. In other words, my family used me for my muscle. ^_^; Nah, it really doesn't bother me considering how they are my grandparents and all. They are getting all aged, so someone as young and vibrant as myself should give them a hand. ^_^ So for most of the day I helped my two uncles move tons o' stuff from the old house to the new house. There was some heavy lifting involved, but it didn't really bother me. Besides, I worked in my family's furniture store for two, maybe three consecutive summers, so I'm pretty good with moving big things. It did steal the prime hours of the day, but at least they fed me. ^_^ So all my work was worth it. ^_^

Daggonnit! I want to learn how to drive a stick! Today my uncle used my dad's truck, which has a standard transmission and I was in the car with him. I really want to learn how to drive a stick and whenever I see people do it, I want to even more! Gwar! Hopefully when my parents buy me a new car in four years, I'll get a nice Impreza with a standard transmission. You can't waste them 227 horses with an automatic, can you? ^_^

Because of all the moving, I haven't started ST2 yet. I'll do it sometime. Mark my words, I will do it within this next week! *determined*

From Dandan's: Compatibility Test

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How Compatible are You with me?

I tell you, don't get so worked up. High school may be a step up from junior high, but it's not such a big step from the last year of junior high and the first year of senior high. You'll adjust.

ASUKAAA~!!! ^_^ If that wasn't enough of an indication, I like the layout. ^_^ Just an opinion: java scrollers just don't work well with logs. Also, the window's a bit small. Although that's just the web designer within me talking. The rest of me loves the thing. It's really pretty. I can see that you did spend some time on it. Besides, it's Asuka. Anything with Asuka plastered on it just can't be bad now, can it? ^_^

Wow! Saka's alive! ^_^ Nah, it's just that I don't think I see enough activity on your log. Although, if there's nothing really to post about, then I understand.

I'm glad to see a new layout. When's the last time that happened? ^_^ And it's a photo layout! Whoda thunk? Seriously now, it's great layout. Pretty darn unique too. I always look forward to your new layouts. They're always so different from what I usually see on the net. Good job there. *pat pat*

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