Saturday, June 22, 2002

Learned how to rotate my tires today. Yep, my dad dragged me away from the computer this morning and to the garage. There, he made me rotate the tires on my car. It wasn't exactly the most delightful way to spend my time. It was actually kinda tiring work, with all the tightining and untightening of the bolt thingies. So yes, it was my first official maintenance work on my car. Not all that exciting, but necessary.

After that, my dad took me out for my first excursion on the freeway. I drove all the way to De Anza, which is where I'll be driving most weekdays starting July 1 for summer school. It wasn't bad. I didn't think it would be and it wasn't. I just wish that my car was a bit better. I can only push that thing so hard. I can't be going 80+ because I'm afraid of breaking that 20 year old engine. ^_^; Gwar... I want a better car....

My Expert Mouse is great! ^_^ Now that I've had some more time to play with it, I just like it more. I can't help it, it's a great trackball. Long live trackballs! ^_^ I recommend one for anyone who wants to compute with increased precision, accuracy, and speed.

Oh, I went to Cambridge today to "follow up" on my application. You know what? I got nothing. When I came in and asked about it, the manager said that he hadn't even looked at the applications, as a new manager will be coming in on Monday. He'll look at the applications. Alright... I suppose I understand, but why the heck did that guy yesterday tell me that I could come in today? Idiotic employees.... I thought I had a chance too.... I guess I just have to wait around and see if any place calls me....

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm "cute and sweet," eh? Big help that does me.... I've been hearing that from various girls for a while now and look at me now: still single. Why is it that nice guys never get any girls? *sigh*

It's not an owl! That's Mamahaha and she's a hawk. ^_^;

I'll get up someday.... Don't worry....

Poor thing.... *pat pat* Well... I'm sure it's not that bad now, is it? Can't you just take it over again? I'm sure you have time. You can surely do better a second time....

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Friday, June 21, 2002

Turned in my job applications today. Although, I don't think it looks too good for most stores, I have some hope. Cambridge Soundworks said that I could "follow up" on my application tomorrow. I'm not sure what exactly that means, but I'll be doing just that. Wish me luck.

What really annoys me is how employers never really figure in how much an employee wants to work for their store. I really wanted to work for Gamestop, as it is a big game store and it's stuff is slightly cheaper than Electronics Boutique. Well, when I asked for an application, they told me that they didn't need help. What peeves me is that I am extremely willing to work there and I'd be an asset to the store, as I have tons of gaming knowledge and experience. I'm willing to bet money that the employees I see working there right now haven't been gaming as long as I have (13 years) and/or know anywhere near as much as I know about the merchandise. That pisses me off. Gwar!

I made a stop by Fry's Electronics earlier. I finally took the plunge and shelled out the $100 for an Expert Mouse Pro. Now this is a nice~ trackball. I can't tell you how good this thing feels, with it's billiard ball sized trackball and all. Now I understand why these things are so popular with them graphic designers. It's by far the finest input device I've ever worked with. Can't wait to put this thing through its paces in Photoshop. I'm a happy camper. ^_^

Thanks everyone for the cheering up and such. I'm alright now. I'm actually fine most of the time. Occasionally, I do have them somber moments though. It's just... it's just that it's tough being single when you're a hopeless romantic. When you want some kind of romance in your life and there's nothing. *sigh* Yes, that's generally the cause of my somberness. Bah... I need a girl....

o_O That has got to be the best (or should I say worst) drunken babbling I've yet seen. Good job...?

Thanks for trying to cheer me up. ^_^ Thanks for the thought.

Yah! School's over for you! Be happy. Be relieved. Have a great summer. ^_^ You deserve it.

Congradulations on getting Parallel Dreams off hiatus! Another brilliant Peeping P! layout. *coughyourlayoutsarebetterthanminecough* Good job there. *pat pat* ^_^

Thanks for trying to help me with "Last Regrets" lyrics. ^_^ I should have mentioned that I wanted translations too, but I guess I just forgot. Oh well... I already got them, so don't worry, ok?

Full Metal Panic? It's about this one high school aged boy by the name of Sousuke. He's a sergent in some kind of military organization called "Mithril." He gets assigned to guard over this girl, Chidori, for some reason and from there, you get some high school drama stuff with war drama thrown in. It's pretty darn interesting. In the beginning it's a lot of school drama, but towards the end, it's a lot more war drama. Quite entertaining. I enjoy watching it.

Nice new layout there. Sanzo's cool. ^_^

That sucks about what happened to Clow Genesis. That hacker is just horrible. Gwar! I just feel sorry for those who happened to access it during that time and the peoples who might want to access it now. Oh well... your decision was a good one. I respect it.

WHAT!?! Nunames is offering a free domain to current .nu name holders!?! I need to think of a domain to claim fast....

You have quite the interesting layout there. ^_^; It's really cute. ^_^

Thanks for trying to cheer me up. Oh, and the Nako cel really helped. ^_^

NAKO!!! ^_^

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Thursday, June 20, 2002

Job hunting today.

I went to the Great Mall to get some applications. Going with me were Cinti, Sano, and Antonio. We basically went around and just took applications from a whole bunch of stores. Something that really annoyed me was how I went up to them and asked "are you hiring?" Essentially I got the same reply everywhere: "we're accepting applications." Gwar! That tells me nothing! Do you have a freakin' opening or are you just making me waste my time by filling out your application!?

Hopefully I get a job somewhere. I want a nice stable income. From there, I can get a nice credit card and buy tons of things behind my parents' backs. ^_^ Well... I can kind of do that right now with my sister's card, but it'll just be easier with my own. I can also finally get an eBay account. Yay! Do you know how many times I've wanted to bid before?

Sano's been giving me some crap about my purchasing. Well... maybe not crap crap, but he's telling me that I'm buying or want things that are "unnecessary." Things like the PS2 DVD remote. I don't know about you, but I find that thing a necessity if you intend to watch DVDs on the PS2 at all. The controller's horrible, period. Today I was gawking at some Monster Cable for PS2 and he told me that it was "unnessary." Bah! It's Monster Cable! Danggonnit! It's just about the best AV cable you can buy and he says it's "unnecessary?" He just doesn't understand! Bah!

I'm in one of my somber moods again. Eh... I don't feel like doing anything or thinking of anything. I think I'll end this entry now, as I don't really care to go on.

I don't feel like doing really involved social logging today. I'll leave that for tomorrow.

Ooo~ I want to see your new stuff! Love Hina and X? Sounds good.... ^_^

Thanks Saka. Them lyrics are really great. Now I know what the song's about! ^_^ Good luck finishing the site. Looks like a big project....

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Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Been playing FFX. I finally got Rikku! ^_^ I like Rikku. She's so cute. ^_^ To tell you the truth, when the game wasn't even released yet and all everyone had to look at were early screenshots and some character CG, I saw Rikku's CG and that was when I actually kinda wanted to play the game. Yes, call me superficial and all that other junk. Anyway, she's so weak when you get her! I need to work on her sphere grid a bit....

I'm listening to "Last Regrets" right now. You know... the opening to Kanon by Ayana from I'VE? Yah... that song. I haven't listened to it in a while, so I decided to listen to it. Dang... I love this song. I think it's really beautiful. I'm sure it's really sad too, considering it's from Kanon and all. Can anyone direct me to lyrics? That'd be really helpful.

Oh yah! Bringing up Kanon reminds me that I really want to play some bishoujo games. Only one thing I want to ask: does anyone know if there are translations for any bishoujo games? It doesn't really matter if there are or not, considering that I'm planning to play them even though I can't read Japanese, but it'd be nice to have translations if they're available, right?

I've been watching some anime. I watched the 2nd Kenshin OVA yesterday. I can't say that I care much for the art style or how they changed some of the story and characters, but it was pretty good. Really powerful stuff there. I suppose it was a rather fitting ending to the series. I've also been watching more Full Metal Panic. I watched episodes 15-19 today. Not a bad series at all. It's not going to be one of my favorites, but it's pretty entertaining. I'm just about to watch the first episode of .hack in a little while. I hear it's good....

New layout! ^_^ Good job there. *pat pat*

Hey, happy birthday! Twenty-one, eh? Now you can legally drink booze! Not like you haven't been doing so already.... Anyway, have fun in Vegas, alright? You go win tons of money... to buy more booze. ^_^

Go go! You do well on your english finals now. I'm rooting for you. ^_^

Hey, I don't find your layouts "cheesy." I guess beauty is just in the eye of the beholder and all that crap. ^_^;


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Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Woo! Went to Tichan's today for a pool party. Yes, yet another pool party. ^_^; Well... at least it was fun.

We met at Cinti's house and when we were going to head out, we didn't have a ride. We were originally going to get a ride from his mom, but it seemed that she was sleeping. Alright... we were hard pressed for someway to get there. I really didn't want to drive. It's a long distance and I don't have freeway experience. I'm just not comfortable doing that. Eventually though, things looked rather bleak, so I resigned and agreed to drive. Unfortunately, while we were about to go, my mom drove by! Now that was scary. My parents don't want me just driving around. They aren't comfortable with me doing that even though I'm eighteen and with a license and all. I guess I understand and all. I still do stuff behind their backs though and that was exactly what I was going to do today. ^_^; So yah... she drove by and stopped. I was freaked out. I told her that the parental figure was asleep, so Cinti went in and tried to wake the mom. That he did and things were peachy. Unfortunately, my mom knew that I was about to drive them. That was not good. I was afraid. I knew I'd hear something about it later.

On the way there, we brought a nice boat that Cinti and Sano made for their physic class. One made out of cardboard and duct tape. You may remember how I helped make one in my class. Well, unfortuantely I didn't get to keep it. =( Anyway, that was fun. We were driving down the freeway with it straped to the top of the car. Because we were afraid of it flying off at speeds of 60+ mph, we opened the moon roof and held it. ^_^; We got plenty of strange stares. There was this one cement truck driver who got such a big kick out if it. Oh well... it was rather funny.

Once there, I got to see Jo and Ken. It was nice seeing you guys. ^_^ In the case of Jo, it was my first time meeting her. Anyway, we went for a dip in the pool. Atchaa~ that pool was cold! As I always do, I jumped right in. The best way to enter a pool in my opinion. Just jump in and wait for sensory adaptation to kick in. We played for a while. Ken didn't have his trunks, so he took the boat. ^_^ It stayed afloat beautifully. So yah... we swam and had fun.

After that, we ate and then I took at look around in her nice closet of eBay worthy merchandise. Wow! There's so much stuff in there! I was like a little kid in a candy store. So much anime merchadise! ^_^ I stole some stuff and promised that I'd pay her back. I got a nice Canvas shitajiki and promo poster, Sentimental Graffitti 2 shitajiki, Love Hina bandana (featuring Naru, Mitsumi, and Sara), and a metal bookmark of Spike Speigel. Woo! Yay! Nice haul. ^_^ I'll get you some nice stuff from Nikaku sometime, alright Tichan?

Something that was really fun to play was all the Chinese swords in her house. I like Chinese swords.... ^_^

I finally came home at about 8ish. Now when I got home, I was so expecting a lecture coming from my dad or at least some scolding by my mom about the whole "I was going to drive" thing. To my surprise, they didn't say anything. It's like it never, ever happened. Woo! Now that was relieving. I'm happy now. ^_^ I'll be even happier in a little while. I borrowed the second Kenshin OVA from Tichan, so I'm off to watch that now. Woo! ^_^

Wow! Thanks for the little image thingy. ^_^ I used to know what them things were called, but I can't remember now. ^_^; Anyway, I really don't deserve it, but since you already made it and gave it to me and all, I really have to say thanks. You're cool. ^_^

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Monday, June 17, 2002

*Happily munches on mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich* Mmmm~ I like ice cream.... ^_^

Pool party! Yes, more swimming for me. ^_^ James invited a whole bunch of us over today to just hang out and swim. So yah, I had some fun. Especially had fun picking on Anika. She's so fun to pick on. ^_^ But other than that, I had fun playing fetch with Cinti, doing a little diving off the diving board, and just plain swimming around. Aside from the water-related festivities, we also played Smash Bros. Now that's always fun. ^_^ We also ordered pizza. Yay! Yummy it was. ^_^

Onto a little griping.... My dad's been harassing me to do some some weight lifting. Gwar! I don't like weight lifting! Don't ask me why. I just don't. I'd rather do something like pushups. And it just so happens that I'm doing just that because Nanona, Cinti, and I occasionally play thirteen for pushups. It just annoys me that my dad's trying to make me do something that I don't want to do. He's also just happens to be one of those types of dads that won't listen, so I can't really tell him anything. Gwar!

Some tests now:

A nerd that gets the ladies.

Find out what anime character cliche you are.

You're most like the nice guy. If you were in the anime world, that would probably mean you are surrounded by millions of attracive people all longing for your attention and love...but in the real world that generally means you are spending your Saturday nights playing Nintendo. Don't worry though, things'll look up when you get older...I think.

You don't even know how true that is.... =(

You have an empty smile.

Find out what anime bad boy you are.

You're a pretty cool guy. You aren't a prude like most priests, and you are a pretty damn good shot. ummm...yeah, that's all.

Yeah! Wolfwood! ^_^

The cute bear from the Magic Users Club

Find out what secondary animated character you are.

Jeff!!! Yay! ^_^

Sakurazuka Seishirou

Calm, composed, apathetic, with impecible taste, you are the Sakurazukamori. You tend to be generally calm and composed, and never let things get to you, or if they do, show no trace of it on your face. You're true to your word, and have a nasty habit of hurting the people you care about. But you don't care, because you "can't". Right?

Take the "Which Dragon Of Earth Are You!" test!

by Maduin & Kira

It's all because I have a penchant for suits and trenchcoats isn't it!? Nah, Seishiro is cool. At least I get to look cool and with a simple whoosh, I can make tons of sakura petals appear from nowhere. Now how cool is that? ^_^

Hey, thanks for the compliments on the layout. ^_^

You got food!? Lucky bum....

Poor Mizuki.... *pat pat* Good luck with that layout work. I know you can do it. Just try a little harder.

Yes, I thought that VII was pretty mediocre. Why? I don't know why, but I never really liked the characters. Well... Aerith and Yuffie are on the verge of "alright," but that's about it. Like I've said before, it's all about character development to me.

POCKY!!! ^_^

Ah... the genetic point-of-view, eh? Well... in that respect, I have to agree with you, but maybe not to quite the same degree. You see, the rate of birth defects is actually quite a bit smaller than most people like to make it out to be. Sure, incest means a larger birth defect rate, but it's still pretty darn small. In the case of Kanon and Nayuki, she's a first cousin. Genetically, she's removed enough that the birth defect rate is comparable to the rate for two completely unrelated individuals. Sure, it's slightly larger, but not by much.

Hey, thanks for the compliment. Although, I really don't think my layouts are getting better than yours. You're superior and I won't have it any other way. =P Well... it's just that I just don't think I'm as good as you are, that's all....

Good luck on them finals and your classes in general. I really hope you don't break down and all. I'm sure it's not that bad. Anyway, I reinterate, good luck. *pat pat*

I know you don't want others to worry or care much about you, but I do darnit! You get better now, you hear? Girls are always at their best when they're smiling. ^_^

Wow! Shinobu's back! Go to her log folks. It's sporting a cute, spiffy layout and everything. Give her a warm welcome back. ^_^

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Sunday, June 16, 2002

Just Wingin' It - version 8: True Noir

Agh! I couldn't stand verison 7. Thank you everyone who gave me any kind of praise for it, but I'm sorry, it was awful to me. So in the end, it was up for less than a week. ^_^; Anyway, here you behold JWI version 8. Wow. Now this is a layout. I surprised myself. This turned out a whole lot better than I thought it would. Interestingly, while everyone else has their nice, happy summer layouts up, I put up my darkest layout to date. ^_^; Eh... well... I thought that I would make something a bit darker and moodier because I never did that before. I think I did a good job. ^_^ Anyway, this layout features Chloe. Chloe's so cool! ^_^ I love the whole cloak-covering-the-mouth-and-going-whoosh-when-she-moves thing. ^_^ By far the coolest character in Noir.

Oh yah... Danny, no text filters this time. ^_^

As for the happenings in my life, yesterday I went to a graduation party at my friend's. It was pretty fun. We played some party games, DDR, and there was food! ^_^ Tons and tons of food! ^_^ That alone guaranteed that the party would be great. ^_^ So yes, I had a good time. Although it may not have looked like I did. For much of the party, I could be found lying around. If you'd have seen me, you may have thought that I was either sleepy, tired, or sad. Nope, I was neither of those. I just like lying around. Yep, that's me.

Today I spent most of my day working on this layout. I was playing FFX earlier, but when I finally got a crankin' on this thing, I just couldn't stop. Oh yah, now that I mention FFX, let me just say that it's a lot better than I thought it would be. I thought VII, VIII, and IX were pretty mediocre, but X's probably slightly more than that. ^_^ I don't like how you're told exactly where the heck you need to be all the time and how there are save points everywhere, but I do like how it's really cinematic, it's actually somewhat challenging, and the characters are actually rather likable. Especially how the characters are likable. That's what makes an RPG for me: character development. Well... I don't think it'll surpass VI, but it's probably better than the last three FF offerings in my opinion.

Korean BBQ! ^_^ Yummy! I want some! Meat! ^_^

I hope you feel better. You seem so sad.... Now that's not good.... Get more chipper. *pat pat*

Parappa 2!!! You have it!? I want it! =(

You're comment on incest... personally, I don't have any problems with incest. It's all about love, right? If two people love each other, why should there be anything preventing them from being together? Even if it's something like age or previous relationships.

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