Saturday, June 29, 2002

I'm sad. =( You know why? Because I had to stop eating some nice cheddar and sour cream Ruffles to write this entry. ^_^; Hey! That's something worth being sad about, isn't it? Anyway, lets get through this thing so I can continue eating....

I'm starting to think that this log is degrading to nothing but complaints about my dad. Yep, more griping. Hang with me folks. Today he took me out to drive to De Anza and back again. Now that wouldn't be such a bad thing really, but it was with my dad. Whenever he's in the car with me, he likes to nitpick at my driving. I'm far from being a bad driver, but apparently I'm not good enough for him. Bah! He also felt the need to attack me as a person, in addition to my driving. He went off about how he thinks that I have poor decision-making abilities, how he thinks I don't think a lot. Che. I'm sure he doesn't realize that I think too much. Yes, one of my bigger flaws. It leads to longer thinking times and indecision. Although, I'm not about to tell him this because I'm sure he's not going to listen to me. *sigh* Then after that, he decides to attack my major choice again, as if he hasn't done that enough. ^_^; He says that I should "aim higher" than a graphic design major; I should go after a comp sci major. He makes it seem like graphic design is such an easy major, it pisses me off. Of course, I'm not about to do what he wants me to do because I've already considered a comp sci major and it just doesn't appeal to me as much.

By then, I was pretty darn pissed, so I just had to get out of the house. So I ran... eh... drove... to Hana's house. In my pissy rage, I got out of there so quickly I didn't get to eat my lunch. A non-fed David is not a happy David. =( I also forgot to bring my SNES and Tetris Attack for our inevitable duel. ^_^; All things considered though, I had a good time. We played around in Photoshop and I showed her a few spiffy things. Use that knowledge well my disciple. ^_^ We also played with her doggies. I like Kyo. He's so darn cute! ^_^ He likes me too. ^_^ Eventually, we got around to reading Shaman King. Good series that Shaman King. Go Horo Horo! ^_^

That nice visit really de-pissed me, so thanks Hana! ^_^

Things are fine now. I'm safely in front of my computer, away from my dad, so I'm just peachy now. ^_^

I suppose Shigure's not bad... alright! I'll apply for Shigure. If it pleases my imouto. ^_^

Sounds good! ^_^ You e-mail me when you find out what you can do, alright? Then I'll give you my phone number and we'll figure something out, ok? So... when should I expect you to be up here?

Ack! Your dad sounds pretty bad too. I guess we're in the same boat, eh? Sounds pretty bad. Although, I suppose your situation is slightly different, you being a girl and all. Your dad's being protective, while my dad's being critical. Either way, the situation's not very pleasant, is it? =(

Ah... let me explain a bit. I see nothing wrong with pedophilism. I see nothing wrong with a 40-year-old man liking a 10-year-old girl. Nothing at all. It's his personal preference and I respect that. Now to sexually abuse a little child without consent, now that's bad. No one should be sexually abused, regardless of age. But I see nothing wrong with an old person having an unusual affection for a very young person. Whatever floats your boat, as I like to say.

Poor poor Gomaki.... *pat pat* You're grounded? That sucks big time. I hope things get better for you. You need to have fun during the summer. It's not right to keep you locked up! Gwar! *shakes fist* I'm hoping the parental figures lighten up on you. You need fun, summery goodness just like the rest of us.

Now that I'm done with this entry, I can get back to my Ruffles. I'm happy now. ^_^ I think I'll watch some more Sispre too....

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Friday, June 28, 2002

Agh! You know what really annoys me? I suppose you wouldn't... so... I'll tell you! ^_^; Today I went out to Sano's house to help fold paper for a big pinapple thingy that he, Cinti, Nanona, Sansan, Kiki, and I are making. Anyway, I told my parents that I'd be home at about 6 ish before I left. It turns out that I stayed out til about 7:30 ish. ^_^; When I got home, my dad was all like "what time did you tell your mom you were getting home?" I answered 6:00. Then, "what time is it now?" Obviously I replied 7:30 before running upstairs. Now I don't know about you, but that just annoys the heck out of me. I know I'm late, so why do you need to ask these stupid questions we both know the answer to? Why doesn't he just tell me I'm late? Why does he feel the need to ask me stupid questions!? Gwar!

Earlier in the day, I went out to apply at Target. Hey, it may not be the most appealing of jobs, but it'll be a job none-the-less. They have this cool application kiosk where you fill out all the information electronically. Cool... at least it's more interesting than the paper applications I've been getting everywhere else. Anyway, what I find interesting is that it says that if you're hired, you'll be a Target "team member." Ha! You know that's just a bunch of crap they just say. I'm sure it's like every other job. You can tell they're just trying to make it sound like you're part of something bigger, some kind of "team effort." Ha!

Gwar! I'm really, really annoyed in FFX. I'm at that one boss battle on the snow mountain thing, you know, after the whole Ronso thing? Yah... that hecka annoying battle. I died so many times already. =( Anyone got tips for me?

Firstly, Congradulations on passing your permit test! Good girl.... *pat pat* ^_^ Now only six months til you get your license. You're getting there. ^_^

You guys have cyber cafes!? Geez... them things were basically non-existant around this area until just a little while ago. And then, I've only heard of one around here. I guess it's because everyone already has their own computer sitting at home. It is Silicon Valley after all....

Gwar! You joined that Fruits Basket crew? I want Tohru! =( If not, then Kyo or Yuki... but they're all taken! =( I guess I just won't join it then....

I like that whole bf idea.... ^_^ Nah... j/k. ^_^ Seriously now.... woo! Riku's my little sister now! ^_^

Hey! You want someone to contact when you visit Stanford and Berkley? Well... I'm kinda around them parts.... ^_^

Hey, thanks again for the invite to It's a Kind of Magic. Sounds like a good idea to me. ^_^

Alright, alright, I recognize your mad gambling skillz. ^_^

Ahem! ^_^;

I went to the administrations building to get to admissions and fees. After that whole ordeal, I didn't feel like staying around, so I left. I was there at maybe 12:00 ish. So yah....

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Thursday, June 27, 2002

Today I headed out to De Anza. You see, I enrolled for the summer quarter, but there was a problem. I did it online and when I got a statement of fees, I saw that I wasn't charged for my classes. That could only mean one thing: they recognized me as a high school student. High school students don't have to pay for their classes if they're going to the school, only things like material fees and such. Yep, honest mistake. I only enrolled as a high school graduate. ^_^; Their mistake was understandable.... *cough* So yes... anyway, I went there and waited a hecka long time in line to change my status to a high school graduate and then I waited in another line to get charged for my classes. ^_^; Yah, I'm honest like that. Many would call me too honest. Like for example, if I were in a store and the cashier undercharged me for an item, I'd be one of those people who would actually correct their mistake. Sometimes I think I'm a bit too honest. Like for example, when them military recruitment guys call to try to get me to join the marines or army or something, they always talk to you like they're a good friend or something. They act all nice and ask you what you plan to do after high school, what school you're going to, and what you plan to major in. You know, that kind of stuff. My mom tells me not to tell them anything because I'm not interested in the military and they don't need to know all that stuff. Unfortunately, being the honest person I am, I always give them some info. I can't bring myself to just say "I'm not interested in the freakin' military!" They do act so friendly and all....

Yesterday and today, I've been watching Sister Princess again. It's such a sweet series! It makes me feel good all over. ^_^ I love series like that. Especially To Heart. Now that's the king of "make you feel good" series. Gotta love episodes 10 & 11 with Multi. ^_^ But I digress... back to Sispre! Good series that Sister Princess.... All the girls are so cute! ^_^ Rinrin and Yotsuba are great. Although, none of the other girls quite measure up to Mamoru. ^_^ Dang, I feel like a pedophile... not that that's a bad thing. Although, I know plenty of people who will argue otherwise. I don't see what's the big deal though. Just because an older person likes a substantially younger person, there really shouldn't be a problem, should there? It just seems that when older men like young females, they're branded some kind of sick and twisted person. I personally don't understand why. Age shouldn't make a difference, should it?

Heh... I downloaded the Quake III demo to try out my video card. I know it's not really a great way to test my card, considering how it's not really considered graphics intensive by today's standards, but I did it anyway. I turned all the graphic detail to maximum and ran it at 1024x768. It plays beautifully. ^_^ Wow... it's been a long time since I've played a FPS.... I did play Quake II back in the day, but not much. I really sucked. ^_^; Well... I've been playing a little and I've noticed that I'm better than I ever was. Woo! I think it's because of the Expert Mouse. It's tons better than the Intellimouse I used to play Quake II with. I've got a long way to go if I ever want to get any good though. Oh well... not like I play FPSs anyway. Personally, I'm a fighting and life-sim/dating sim gamer.

Stolen from Mizuki:

I am

i was so poor, and made my way to prosperous life through my jeet kun-do. as i succeed to open my dojo and have many students, i also managed to open chinese restaurants (even though i won't hesitate to 'do something' about pesky customers)

take Which Tekken Character Are You test!

I need to take up Tekken. But it's so strange! I'm too used to Soul Calibur! ^_^;

You're Yuzuki!

You're quiet, but that doesn't mean that wheels aren't turning behind those pretty eyes of yours. While you're not as 'emotional' as others, there's no doubt that you entertain feelings of, perhaps, a more refined calibre. While you're expected (or programmed) to act a certain way, sometimes you surprise. And there's no doubt about it - you're loved.

Which Chobits Character Are You? quiz by Neru

I need to read more Chobits.... =(

From Tichan:

You are the good ol' thumb! You are the family one, the one who not necessarily everyone loves but the one who everyone can't live without. Always willing to lend a hand or comfort a friend when they need it.

Which finger are you?
Take the quiz to find out.

Heh heh... thumb....

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Wednesday, June 26, 2002

I got a new video card! ^_^ I got a Verto GeForce4 MX 420. I know it's not GeForce4 Ti caliber, but it's a GeForce4 none-the-less and it's tons better than the TNT2 I had in my system. I'm really happy. ^_^ Now everything looks so much better! I really should have done this sooner. I was meaning to, but I never got around to it until now. I wanted something good, but not top of the line (I don't have the money for any really good ones). I'm not doing gaming on this system (outside of the occasional RO), so all I need a card for is designing and watching anime. I got to say, this card fits that bill just fine. Only set me back $100 too. Not bad at all. Now all I need is some more RAM and then this setup of mine won't be that bad at all. I already got a Pentium 4 at 1.5 in this thing, so couple that with my new video card, and add in some more RAM (currently 256) and I'll have a mighty decent system.

I got my video card at Fry's Electronics. I tell you, that place is like Toys R Us was for me back when I was a kid or, if I may use an old expression, it's like a candy store and I'm like a kid. ^_^ I tell you, a big, warehouse-sized store filled with electronics, computer equipment, video games, and DVDs is a virtual playground for techies such as myself. ^_^ I was just happily running all over the place. First I looked at the input devices, then the monitors, then the video cards, then the video games, then the video cards again, and finally the DVDs. It was tons of fun. ^_^ I want to live in that store. ^_^ Well... not quite... but it's really great spending time in there. ^_^

Um... yah... you can wait til you're 17 1/2 to get a permit without driving school. Thus is mandated by the state of California. Sorry you didn't know sooner....

NO! I command you not to worship me! I'm not worship worthy. So there! =P I'll compliment you and you'll take it and like it! ^_^

Yay! Riku's taking it over! ^_^ Good luck. I'll root you on! ^_^

Hey, so I'm like your onii-chan, eh? Hey, then you want to be my little sister? In other words, want to be log siblings? You need a brother. Log sisters aren't sufficient! ^_^

I can't believe I forgot this! Nice new layout! ^_^ Gackt, eh...? I've been seeing him featured in many layouts recently. So it's your first non-anime layout? Hm... maybe I should do something non-anime sometime.... Anyway, I like the whole C++ thing. Makes it so much more spiffier. ^_^ So yes, I like it.

Nah... the parents never mentioned anything about a medical major. Now an engineering major or comp sci major, that they have mentioned. ^_^; Like there aren't already enough of those now, eh?

Welcome back! Sounds like you had fun on your trip. Nice gambling skills you have there. ^_^;

Hey, I wished you a happy birthday too....

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Tuesday, June 25, 2002

FREAKIN' STUPID KIDS!!! Today my mom was out just driving around doing some errands, when some punk kids thought it would be fun to shoot BBs at her car. Now that is just stupid and horribly messed up! Where the heck do these kids get off shooting innocent motorists!? They happened to hit my mom's car twice, making two ugly, destinctive BB indentations. Agh! It's a nice car too! It's a '97 4Runner Limited with all options in forest green! Not exacty my kind of car, but you really can't deny that it's a pretty nice car. I'm freakin' pissed. Kids these days are inconsiderate, moronic... things. For crying out loud. That destroys any possible faith I might have in the younger generation. My hopes that these youngin's might possibly turn out to be decent individuals was dispelled long ago when I heard how they spoke and saw what they were wearing. Now though... now, I really question if the country will be in good hands with these brats. I just hope they prove me wrong. I'm still darn pissed with what happened to the car though! Gwar!

I need to gripe about something else too.... You folks might remember when I mentioned that my parents were rather accepting of me majoring in graphic design and all. Well yah... I found out just what my parents or at least my dad thinks today. He thinks that graphic design is not exactly a bad career choice, but not exactly a wise one either. He says that he doubts that there'll be a lot of job opportunities for graphic designers. I see he hasn't looked at magazine ads or product packaging lately. There's always some demand for graphic designers (as with any other profession). I've looked into it and jobs don't seem excessively hard to land (at least not compared to any other profession). Wages might not be fabulous, but there are jobs out there. He also thinks that the study of grapic design is "easy." It's something that doesn't require a whole lot of schooling. Che. He doesn't know anything about art. All the drawing, designing, color, art history, drafting and similar courses that are involved with art majors. It's a lot harder and time consuming than many people believe. I guess he just doesn't realize that. Bah! I still think he'll let me do it, but it would be nice if he actually respected my choice of major. He doesn't seem to respect or even approve of anything about me: my lifestyle, my hobbies, and even my friends. At least he could respect this decision. I've done lots of research, put lots of thought into this, and most importantly, it's something I really want to do. Geez... I just wish that he was more caring and supportive....

Eh... give you a couple of inches...? If I could hack off a couple and tack them onto you, then I would really do it, but it seems that I can't do that. Sorry...? ^_^;

Agh! Driving school? You've confirmed what I heard from many different people already: driving school's a boring waste of time. I'm just glad that I didn't have to go through all that. I got my permit at seventeen and a half, so I didn't need driving school. ^_^; But you're taking it, eh? I wish you luck cause it sounds horrible. Hang in there, ok?

Happy Anniversary! ^_^ Even if you don't really know when the definate date it. ^_^; It's been a pleasure reading your log and gawking at the spiffy layouts. ^_^ Keep up the good work for a long time to come, ok?

Well... I suppose you do have a valid reason not to take it over, with the whole no score choice thing.... I just think that you can do better if you try again. If I were you, I'd just take it over again. However, I'm not you, so you have to make your own decision. Either way, retake or no retake, I'm with you. Your own decision is the best decision because you're the one making it.

Heh, sounds like you have an interesting situation of your own. Yah... I've been there before. Only with the genders all switched around and all. ^_^; I can't tell you how many times I've been accused of liking someone just because we were being friendly. It gets even more annoying when it's with someone I would never consider in such a manner. Gwar!

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Monday, June 24, 2002

Nothing extraordinary to talk about, so I toss a survey--stolen from Shana--at you! =P

Personal info
01: Name: David/Tsubasa
02: d.o.b: April 11, 1984
03: location: San Jose, CA
04: religion: Athiest
05: sex: Rather male
06: occupation: Unemployed. I would say college student, but I haven't started yet.

01: Hair: Black
02: Eyes: Dark Brown
03: Height: 6'01" or for you smart people who use the metric system, 186cm/1.86m
04: weight: 147 lbs or 67 kg
05: figure: Tall and lanky. No buldging muscles, but fairly good build. I got a slight six-pack....

01: clothing: Generally, white T-shirt with button up shirt over it, unbuttoned. As for pants, long, slightly baggy kackies, not necessarily kacky colored.
02: Music: J-Pop, J-Rock, K-Pop, anime, classical, occasionally alternative and rock
03: makeup?: Um... no...
04: Body Art: None

01: wearing: White t-shirt and pajama pants. I'm gonna sleep in this. ^_^
02: listening to: "Gentle Twilight" by SeeSaw (.hack ending)
03: Thinking of: Answers to jot down
04: feeling: Indifferent, as I usually am

01: bought: Gas
02: talked to: My mommy
03: ate and drank: I ate some rice with some meat and drank some lemonade
04: read: A bunch of stuff on the internet
05: watched on TV: I honestly don't remember. It's been so long since I've last watched TV....

01: club or houseparty: Houseparty
02: tea or coffee: Tea, I don't like coffee
03: high achiever or slacker: I'm a high-achieving slacker ^_^
04: beer or cider: Cider all the way! ^_^
05: drinks or shots: Don't drink.
06: cats or dogs: Cats
07: single or taken: Rather single
08: pen or pencil: I have more of a fondness for pencils
09: gloves or mittens: Either is fine
10: food or candy: Eh... candy is food....
11: cassette or cd: Cassette!? AAHAHAHAHA!!! ^_^
12: coke or pepsi: Pepsi
13: hard or mild alcohol: No alcohol
14: matches or a lighter: Both are fun, but I think I tend to lean towards the lighter. FIRE!!! ^_^
15: sunset beach of the bold and the beautiful: ... ... ...
16: ricki lake or opra winfrey: Like I watch TV... or for that matter, care....

01: Kill: No one really
02: Shag: No one
03: slap: No one
04: hear from: Anyone who'll talk to me...?
05: get really wasted with: Considering how I don't drink, no one
06: tickle: no one
07: look like: No one. I'm comfortable looking the way I do.
08: be like: No one. Why would I want to be like anyone else? I'm fine with the way I am now.
09: avoid: Um... no one really (notice a pattern by now? ^_^;)

01: food: Ice cream.
02: drink: It's all about lemonade. ^_^
03: color: Green.
04: album: None in particular.
05: shoes: My spiffy--and comfy I might add--green Vans. ^_^
06: site: I don't know... I visit many sites.... Seventh Heaven possibly?
07: dance: None in particular
08: Song: Not sure... how about "Give a Reason" by Megumi Hayashibara and "As If" by Ayumi Hamasaki, just to name something
09: vegetable: Broccoli...? I'm not sure....
10: fruit: Pineapple.
11: berry: Blue berry...? Not sure.

01: touched: My sister. I put my hand on her shoulder.
02: talked to: My mom
03: instant messaged: Heh... it's been a while.... Cinti...?
04: had a crush on: Eh... I honestly can't remember.

01: Eat: Wherever I'm given food?
02: dance: I don't dance. At least, not well....
03: cry: Wherever I feel sad?
04: Are you alone: In a sense, yes. In another sense, no.
05: Do you hear voices in your head: Only when I think to myself.
06: Do people stare at you?: On occasion.
07: Do they talk about you?: How should I know? I'm not there to hear anything, am I?
08: Do you somehow think that you can sense and feel certain things?: Occasionally.
09: Do you believe in the word normal?: Nope. There is no point of reference to define as "normal," thus, it cannot exist.

1 minute ago: I was filling out this survey
1 day ago: I was at my cousin's picnic, feeling bored and left out
1 week ago: I went out somewhere
5 minutes ago: Filling out this survey
5 days ago: Probably out somewhere
5 weeks ago: Going to school
5 months ago: Going to school
5 years ago: Wow... that was back when I was a puny junior higher. I was really quiet (but when haven't I been?) and had very few friends.
i hurt: I don't think I hurt anybody....
i love: Nakoruru. ^_^
i hate: Lots o' things: idiotic people, PS2 hardware, people who insist that they're right when their wrong, guys who make girls cry... the list goes on and on....
i fear: Nothing I can readily think of....
i hope: I can go to the Academy of the Arts.
i break: Breakable things...?
i listen: To many things. My hearing's too good. I hear way too much. Because of that, I've got acting stupid down to an art. ^_^;
i hide: Way too much about me. Call me introverted.
i breath: Air...?
i play: Video games...?
i miss: My friend Karen. =(
i learn: Many things from many sources.
i feel: Indifferent.
i know: Many things. ^_^
i say: Gwar, nyah, atchaa~, eh...?, na~
i dream: Interestingly, I'm one of those peoples who never remembers their dreams....
i want: A girl. =(
i fell: When I tripped...?
i wait: For the day when I meet my true love.
i need: To get up TsuNU and NakoNU sometime. ^_^;

-last movie you saw: Episode II. Yes, I need to watch more movies....
-last movie you saw on the big screen: Episode II.
-last phone number you called: Cinti's...?
-last show you watched on TV: I honestly don't remember.
-last song you heard: "Friend" by Ayumi Hamasaki
-last thing you had to drink: Lemonade. Mmm~
-last thing you ate: Rice with MEAT! ^_^
-last time you showered: An hour or two ago.
-last time you cried: When I was watching Princess Nine. That was a couple of days ago.
-last time you smiled: Earlier today.
-last time you laughed: Sometime earlier today.
-last person you hugged: Don't remember.
-last thing you said: "I don't remember who I last hugged.... I'll take the easy route out... 'don't remember.'" ^_^;
-last person you talked to online: Probably Cinti.
-last thing you smelled: The air...?

Do you...
-smoke: Nope.
-do drugs: No bad ones, but I do like to take some Advil occasionally. That coating on the outside tastes good! It's kinda sweet. ^_^
-drink: Only non-alcoholic beverages. I like my lemonade, thank you very much.
-have sex: Nope.
-sleep with stuffed animals: On occasion.
-have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Nope.
-have a dream that keeps coming back: I don't even remember my dreams, so how should I remember?
-play an instrument: I used to play the piano, but I never got any good and I don't play anymore. ^_^;
-believe there is life on other planets: Sure. They probably aren't carbon-based, such as us, but they're out there.
-Read the newspaper: Next to never.
-have any gay or lesbian friends: Yah, actually I do.
-believe it's possible to reamin faithful forever: Yep. There goes that hopeless romantic in me....
-consider yourself tolerant of others: Yes. Maybe a bit too tolerant....
-consider police a friend or foe: Friend. I even met this cool policeman once who helped cheer up my friend who was feeling down. Go uncle Tod! We called him that even though he didn't want us to. ^_^
-like the taste of alcohol: Never tasted it and never will.
-have a favorite stooge: Um... no....
-believe in astrology: To a degree.
-believe in magic: Actually, I do.
-go to church: What church? The athiest church? ^_^;
-have any secrets: Probably too many.
-have any pets: Two turtles.
-go to or plan to go to college: I'm kinda already enrolled....
-have a degree: Not quite yet....
-talk to strangers who instant message you: Back in the day when I used to go online....
-wear hats: Nope. I never wear hats.
-pray: Nope.
-have any piercings: Nope.
-have any tattoos: Nope.
-have a "hot spot": Deh... probably not.
-wish on stars: I have once or twice....
-like your handwriting: Sure, why not?
-have any bad habits: I shouldn't crack my neck so often.
-believe in witches: Yah.
-believe in Satan: I don't not believe in him....
-believe in ghosts: Yep
-believe in Santa: Nope.
-believe in the Easter Bunny: Nope.
-believe in the tooth fairy: Nope.
-have a second family: I don't know.
-trust others easily: Yes. Maybe a bit too easily....
-like sarcasm: heck yeah. ^_^
-take walks in the rain: Nope, but I wouldn't mind doing so.
-sing in the shower: Rarely.

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Sunday, June 23, 2002

Atchaa~! My dad made me do more auto work today. =( Yesterday was fine, but two days in a row? Gwar! Today he had me working on the sister's car. He made me rotate the tires and change the oil plus oil filter. Rotating the tires hurt my hand. =( Turning them bolts with your hands gets pretty hard on them. He didn't let me step on the wrench thingy because he feared that I would break the bolts. ^_^; Actually, I don't blame him, but because of that, my hands really hurt afterwards. =( The oil changing wasn't nearly as bad. Kinda icky with all the oil, but not bad at all. At least I know how to do it now. ^_^ He says that I'll have to do it by myself on my car next time though. =(

Heh... today my cousin invited a couple of my cousins and me to a BBQ picnic + volleyball thingy. Now I don't know about you, but I'm not very good at volleyball. I know I got the height for it and all, but I never really got good at it (yeah, just like every other sport). So yah... I went with two other cousins: one my age and one a year younger. We got there and sat around. None of us really wanted to play any volleyball. We waited around for a while for the meat to cook and had some. ^_^ There was only chicken at the time, but it wasn't bad stuff. We ate. ^_^ After that, we three had to leave because my other two cousins couldn't stay long and I was going with them, so I had to come along. Not that I was protesting or anything. I was feeling really out of place amongst my cousin's friends. So yah... we left after only eating. ^_^; Well... we showed up for it, didn't we? ^_^;

Heh heh... earlier at dinner I had a discussion with my parents. They were inquiring about my future and what major I wanted to go into. I told them that I want to be a graphic designer. Now I really thought that they wouldn't accept me doing such a thing because well... it's an art major and well... art majors are not generally perceived as one of the wiser career choices (although, if you know anything, it's actually not a bad choice at all). You know what? They seem rather accepting! Yay! And you know what? There's even a possiblity that I can go to the Academy of the Arts sometime! Woo! ^_^ Possibly for graduate study or maybe even after my two years at De Anza. Wow. I never thought that they would let me. That school's freakin' expensive. At least I now know that I have a chance. Things are looking good for me. ^_^

Thanks Sawa for telling me about the whole Nunames thing! ^_^ I found that e-mail (I really should check that e-mail more often...) and I registered my free niue domain. I am now the official owner of ^_^ I bet you saw that one coming, didn't you? ^_^ I'm hoping that I can turn it into a really nice Samurai Spirits collective or something. I haven't gotten hosting for it yet, but the domain's mine. I'll tack on some hosting sometime soon enough and hopefully I can get it up along with by the end of summer. *crosses fingers* So yes... expect TsuNU and NakoNU sometime in the future.

Thanks for the encouragement. Actually, being a hopeless romantic and all, I also believe that there's one true love for each person or I at least like to think there is. ^_^;

Oh yah! You know the Expert Mouse ownz! ^_^

Wow, you're a trackballer too!? What kind do you use?

My Marble Mouse is sitting around on the other desk, next to the old computer. I don't know what's going to happen to it. Cinti expressed an interest in it, but my sister might want it too....

Feelings aren't hurt at all, don't worry about it. ^_^

Too many shitajiki!? You can't have too many shitajiki! ^_^ Well... if they are a bother, I'll do you a favor and take some off your hands.... ^_^

Well, I'm sure that if you take it again, then you'll do a lot better. You better. Take it again and do better! I command you! ^_^

Heh heh, thanks for the cheering up attempt. Really now, it was a good attempt. ^_^

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