Saturday, July 5, 2003

The ending to Xenosaga was beautiful. ;_; <-- tears of joy

I finished it earlier today. After all of that, I got to say, it's one hell of a game. It didn't last as long as I expected it to considering how it said that it's "80 hours" on the back of the packaging. For your information, I actually finished it in slightly over 40. That may be because I wasn't really taking my time. It's not like I was rushing through it or anything; I was just constantly compelled to get to the next cutscene. Them things make the game so~ engrossing. Because of that, I found out I actually completed it slightly under the standard completion levels (37 or so, while most people seem to beat it at 40+). ^_^;

Now commentary on the game:
I don't know exactly how to convey just how much I enjoyed the entire experience. The plot is so grand, the graphics are beautiful, the gameplay is very solid and worthwhile, and finally--the big thing for me--the characters were very well fleshed out and likable. Two main things I need to elaborate upon: the plot and the characterization. The plot is unlike anything I've ever seen in an RPG. I've never played one that conveyed the same scale present in Xenosaga. Everything just seems so intricate, contrived, and vast, but it's lovingly presented in a digestable manner. I gotta hand it to the writer; he did a bang-up job. As for the characters, they are all very well fleshed out and likable. If anyone knows my preferences in anime/manga/video games, they know that strong characterization is something I really love. Xenosaga doesn't disappoint. I feel very attached to each and every main character. It's a beautiful thing.

I feel so happy that I have a PS2 right about now (I still despise the hardware though). If you people cannot remember or have not heard, I actually bought my PS2 for the purpose of playing Xenosaga. That was my main intention as I purchased it at Gamestop. Sure, I bought other games along the way, but those where only momentary pluses. As far as I'm concerned, if I only had Xenosaga to play on my PS2, it was worth all the money. Now that I've finished it though, things are kinda... nyeh.... I long to return to the Xeno world. Episode 2 is definately at the very top of my most anticipated games list. I want to continue the story. There are so many things left unexplained. I want to see more of the characters. I even want to traverse more three hour dungeons. I'm knee deep in Xenosaga goodness and I don't want out. *sigh*

Oh, and KOS-MOS rulz. She's so friggin' cool.

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Friday, July 4, 2003

My art class is pretty cool. Essentially, there's maybe thirty minutes of instruction and then we're unleashed to go out and draw for maybe three hours. ^_^ It's pretty nice. I get to be outside in the warm sun and enjoy myself a bit. The first medium we're working with is charcol on newsprint. I don't like using charcol. ;_; OK, so maybe it's because I'm not used to it, but I find it kinda hard to make thinner lines and to shade with any sort of fine color graduation. -_- We're not going to move onto another medium for another week or two, so I guess I'll just have to get used to it. As for what pieces we're doing, we're just taking it easy and working on things like proportion and composition. Next week we're going onto perspective and um... more on composition I think.... I'm looking forward to that perspective stuff. I've realized that perspective is one of my really weak points.

Oh, socio is as easy as I thought it would be. Wee! XD

Yesterday I took my friend over to Fry's Electronics to look at video cards. I want one now. ;_; The Radeon 9800 Pro looks awful nice. Ohhohohoho! XD Here I am, stuck with a GeForce4 MX420. ;_; Doesn't look like I'll have a substantial amount of money anytime soon either. ;_; Oh well, at least I don't do gaming on this rig. Sure, it'd be nice for designing, but I can make due with what I have.

Oh, happy fourth of July everyone! ^_^ How is everyone spending the day? I personally don't really think much of the holiday (why should I really give a darn?), but around this time of year, there're a lot of sales on BBQ items, so we did some grilling today. XD My sister and I made sishkabob. It was yummy. ^_^ Then after that, my dad foisted some beef on us to grill too because he was lazy. -_- Oh well, I don't do enough grilling. It's a man's job! Meat. Put on fire. Cook. XD

That's about it for now. But before I go, let me advertise Hana's new Guilty Gear X log crew. It's spifftacular. Go join. Although I haven't put it up on the sidebar yet (I'm a friggin' lazy bum), I called May. May r0x0rz. Fear the anchor! XD

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Tuesday, July 1, 2003

First day of the summer quarter! -_- In all seriousness, it's not that bad, but for three days of the week, I have to be at school at 7:30 AM. I want to stay home and play Xenosaga.... ;_;

First class: Sociology 4 - Ethnic Relations in America (or something to that extent. I'm not about to check in a course catalog or something). My first impression: the teacher-man's nice. He didn't look too "grr, I'm mean-teacher-man"-y. ^_^ All he did today was go over what we we're going to do in class, with a little rambling on about sociology stuff on the side. Apparently I'm going to have to take one mid-term, write one paper, and take one--noncomprehensive--final. Sounds good to me. You know what he said about the paper though? He said "don't worry about grammar, syntax, or organization." And then something to the extent of "I just want originality." HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You know what that tells me? "Pushover." XD If there's a better indication, I'd like to hear it. He says that he grades easier on the summer quarter too because we're such diligent students who are forfeiting our fun time to get in some extra classes. XD XD XD XD XD I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy the class. Right now I'm going to see if I can go through it without looking at the textbook once. XD I've done it before in other classes. I just get the feeling that this will be one of those types of classes. XD

Second class: Art 4A - Beginning Drawing. Four hours of drawing. Sweet. I've been meaning to work on my drawing for a while, but I'm so friggin' lazy, so I usually just end up on the computer or something. But now things are different; I'm being forced to draw. I've been told before that I have some drawing and less specifically, artistic talent. Hopefully all the practice I'll get this summer will help me realize some more of my potential. Oh, and before you even ask, no you shant see my work. Not unless I deem it to be "decent," and let me tell you, I haven't deemed one of my drawing pieces "decent" in a good while....

Picked up King of Fighters EX for my Game Boy Advance. It's a sweet game. Captures the feel of KoF '99 pretty well, which is actually one of my favoriter KoFs. Don't ask me why. There's nothing spectacular about it and it introduced the "striker" system, which I don't really care for much, but I get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Yeah, beats me too. *shrugs* KoF on the GBA feels pretty good, but the frames of animation have been cut down. For anyone who plays fighters seriously, you'll understand that even the slightest cut in animation can cause a change in timing. Kinda throws me off. At least the timing in KoF isn't as strict as something like Virtua Fighter or Melty Blood. I'm having trouble managing the triggers too. I want four face buttons! ;_; All things considered though, it's a nice game. I got something to keep me occupied while I'm bored at school now. ^_^ Oh boy, my thumb's going to feel the hurt, I just know it....

For the last few days, I've been up to a lot of Xenosaga. How much? Well, as an example, two days ago, I played from maybe slightly before noon to 5:00 AM the next day. Obviously that wasn't in a solid block, but the majority of that time was playing time. I love the game. It's the first game in a while that has hooked me and made the time just fly by; sometimes even without my noticing (I have a bad habit of looking at clocks often). All the characters are so cool! -_- It's not a bad thing, but, unlike Xenogears, I can't bring myself to forgetting about some characters completely. I'm compelled to level everyone evenly. -_- You can imagine how that eats into my playing time. Why must I be so anal! *smacks self upside the head* -_- Oh well, all things considered though, I'm not spending too long leveling them. I'm building them up well, so I have few problems. ^_^ Now I must get back to the game. It's calling me: "play me... play me...."

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Sunday, June 29, 2003

Yesterday was the friend Hana's graduation party. ^_^ She, like, graduated from my former high school. The youngin's grow up so quickly. Fun times to be had. There was much foodage, video gamage, and slackage. XD

Just what kind of "slackage?" Well, it was, like the last few days, kinda hot. In that kind of weather, my friend and I didn't want to move, so we decided to lie down on the ground and try not to move. XD That was great. And then from there, we had fun times talking about how and where he would found his college for slackers (mascot: a sloth). ^_^ That's when about three of my other guy friends joined us on the ground. XD After a while, the girls decided to take a jab at us and blame stuff on the Y-chromosome. -_- That's ok though because I was able to counter most of the stuff with "no, it's because of socialital dictates." =3

The video gamage consisted of Smash Bros., Guilty Gear XX, and Soul Calibur II. GGXX was a lot more exciting than I thought it would be. ^_^ Most of my friends don't really play it, but they want to learn it, so there were some pretty fun matches. Fear my May!!! XD

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