Friday, July 5, 2002

Heh heh... I was intending to wish everyone a happy Independence Day and all, but I kinda fell asleep. ^_^;

Unlike what seems like most people, I am not patriotic. Thus, the 4th of July does not mean much to me. Sure, I acknowledge that it's the nation's independence day and all and I understand that it's an important day and all, but I honestly can't get too excited. Everyone's in a whole patriotic uproar after the whole September 11th incident, but I feel no different. Heck, maybe I even feel less patriotic after the incident. Before the whole incident, there was no vocal outcry of patriotism, but after, everyone's all "I love America!" and "lets display the flag on everything! Bah! It kinda sickens me. If you're patriotic, you wouldn't need something to trigger all this outcry. I just can't help but think that everyone's just joining some kind of patriotism bandwagon or something. So anyway... back to my point, I'm not patriotic. Never was, most probably never will be.

At least the 4th of July is good for something: I get a day off school. ^_^ Feeling the need to get out of the house and do something to celebrate my day off from school, I spent the day with Shana. We watched the Hey Arnold! movie. The TV series was pretty entertaining and the movie is pretty much more of the same, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

We went around the mall and you know what? I bought the Sega Smash Pack 2. You know what that equates to? I GET TO PLAY SHINING FORCE AGAIN!!! ^_^ I love the series. By far my favorite tactics series. Forget about FF Tactics, it's all about Shining Force. I just wish that I could have played the third game, but I never could. Even if I can track down a copy, I'll only be able to play the first part. I want to play all three parts! Gwar!

While everyone was out watching fireworks, I went over to my cousins for their 4th of July party. It wasn't really a party per se, it was just a gathering with lots o' food. My cousins and I pretty much spent the night watching TV because we had nothing better to do. Yes, rather sad, eh? At least on my way home, I helped myself to (i.e. borrowed) their copy of Grandia II. ^_^ It's pretty interesting so far, but I still haven't gotten too far.

Official One Piece character test, eh? Here's what I got:

Click here to take the great One Piece personality test!

Congradulations on getting up BelvediaNET. It's looking good. I hope you can get everything back up again soon.

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Thursday, July 4, 2002

ARCHERY RULES!!! ^_^ It's so fun. If you can't tell by that statement, we finally started... well... arching in my archery class. It's pretty easy really. Although, we learned and took our practice shots from the 15 yard mark. ^_^; At least I know that from that distance, I'm a pretty good shot. At least for this initial day, there were no targets to hit, but I got all my arrows clustered together in a small enough radius to fit them all on a target. Yay! ^_^ I seem to have a knack for shooting things. I rule at shooting games and I'm pretty good at lazer tag. What I've noticed is that I generally have a higher accuracy rating than most. It's about 40% with moving targets. Not bad considering how I really don't spend much time doing either of those things. But I digress... archery's cool! ^_^; I can't wait to do it from a greater distance. Although, I think I may have to switch my bow up when we go further because I can imagine a 25 lbs bow having trouble shooting a fairly straight arrow from something like 50 or 100 yards (although, I really don't think we'll get that far ^_^;).

You know what I found out? Interestingly enough, my dominant eye is my left eye. That's strange, isn't it? I'm right-handed, so you'd think that I'd be right-eye-dominant, but nope. I guess I already knew this, but I never really noticed it. Whenever I shoot, I have a natural tendency to aim with my left eye. Interesting.... You can test your eye-dominancy by looking at an object with both of your eyes, view it through a loop you make with your fingers, and then bringing the loop up to your eyes. The loop should naturally end up at your dominant eye.

After class, my sister (who's taking the class with me) and I went out to eat some Japanese food. Woo! I don't get to eat Japanese too often. My sister got an assortment of sushi, while I got a kitsune udon. Mmm~ udon.... ^_^ Good stuff. I also stole some of my sister's sushi too. ^_^; It was horrible though! They didn't give us enough wasabi! Now that's a crime I tell you! If they don't give you enough to feel a moderate tingling sensation in your nose, then that's not enough! ^_^ I don't know about you, but I think that the most enjoyable part of eating sushi is the unique tingling sensation you get in your nose from wasabi. I love that sensation. ^_^

Been up to watching Initial D again. Good, good series. I've gotten to episode 21, which is right after the race on Usui. Yeah. I can't tell you how much I like this series. By far, my favorite action series. Yes, car racing beats fighting...? Yes, in my opinion. At least how they are in Initial D. The races are so dramatic with plenty of story and human drama thrown into the mix. I suppose the Eurobeat music blasting in the background doesn't hurt either. ^_^ Anyway, Keisuke and his FD are the best! ^_^ Forget about Ryosuke. His FC looks too blocky and it's heavier than an FD. So yes, I like the FD. ^_^ Although, the Sil-Eighty's not bad either.

Real classes, eh? Well, in a sense, English 1A is a "real" class. It's just ludicriously easy for me. I'm taking it because I need to finish it before I can move onto interesting english classes, that's all. As for archery, my dad felt that I needed some kind of exercise, so he told me to take a PE class, and I decided on archery. Come fall, I should be taking harder classes.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUNGE CHAIR!!! ^_^ Hey, it's quite the accomplishment to be around for a year. I like the new layout. I expect to see your 2nd birthday soon enough. ^_^

Hm... What's going on?

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Monday, July 1, 2002

Atchaa~! It was hot today! I was told it got at least as high as 100 degrees! That's pretty hot. Right now I'm wearing shorts and no shirt. I feel naked. ^_^; I never wear this little unless it's blistering hot. I suppose I'm just not accustomed to summer temperatures yet. At least it's getting cooler now. I'll put on a shirt and wear long pants later. That'll be more like it. ^_^ And if anyone's getting any funny ideas, no you won't see me like this! =P

Started summer school today. Joy. Nah... it's not that bad. I'm taking two classes at De Anza: english 1A and archery.

English 1A is a joke. It's the introductory college-level english class. Like I haven't been prepared for college-level english for three or four years. It's true! I took a college english placement test at the end of my freshmen year and it said that I was already ready for college-level english. ^_^; Since then, I also went through all the honors english classes during high school. Yes, college-level english is sad isn't it? ^_^; So yes, it's gonna be a piece of cake. Heck, my teacher isn't even intimidating. She doesn't seem all that professional at all. She seems really nice and reasonable. Woo! That's how I want all my teachers to be. ^_^

As for archery, it's off to a good start. We went over safety and checked out equipment today. Being as tall as I am (6'1") and thus having long arms, I had to get the longest arrows. As for bows, I checked out a 25 lbs. bow (not mass weight). I think I'm probably strong enough to handle a 30 lbs. or maybe even a 35 lbs., but I'm not about to get myself into something I can't get out of. I can always switch up later. There are less people using the higher lbs bows, so there'll probably be at least one 30 and 35 lbs. bow for me to move up to later. As for 25 lbs., that's the most common bow (and thus most checked out) so it'll be harder to step down later if I need to. As for instruction, we'll start on Wednesday. The class meets only two days a week.

I was hoping that in my classes there'd be some cute girls, but I suppose that was some wishful thinking. Gwar! I don't think a cute girl has ever been in any of the college classes I've ever taken. Oh wait, I take that back. Last summer, there was one cute girl in my math class. Yes, one girl. Thus is my life. *Sigh*

Yesterday, I got a call from Target. They called me in for an interview following my application. Woo! Finally someplace calls me! So yah, I went to that. I think I handled it quite well. Although, I don't have to do much. I can really tell the truth and be rest assured that I made a good impression. Knowing the kinds of people who apply at Target, I'm pretty sure I got a shot. I'm not trying to be arrogant or anything, but I'm certain that I'm one of the, if not the most appealing applicant(s). Come on, someone who's not a complete idiot, who can handle responsibility, get a job done, and already has experience running a register. I'm kinda thinking I'm too good for the job. ^_^; I have plenty of other skills I won't even be able to use, such as my computer skills. Oh well... at least if I get it, it'll be a job and it'll pay. They said that they'll call me within three days. Hopefully it'll be a favorable response.

Aaaa~! You know what!? You know what!? There are gonna be 7, yes 7 new Sakura Taisen games!!! This is all part of the new "Sakura Taisen World Project." The most exciting part of this whole project is that a remake of the first ST with new character portraits, cutscenes, koubu designs, and the ARMs system is in the works for the PS2. Now that in itself wouldn't be all that revolutionary except for one detail: it's being released in America! Yes, you read correctly, Sakura Taisen is being domesticated for the American market. *Gives it a moment to sink in* Yes, it was as big of a shock for me too. It's even being localized by Sega itself. Woo! Now we better hope for subtitles. *Crosses fingers* The game will be ruined with dubbing. It's just way too Japanese. You can't have English dubbing! You lose too much in the translation. Besides, I want to hear Kohran in all her Kansai-ben speaking glory. ^_^ Anyway, aside from that title, there's gonna be a ST5. Yes, and ST4 was supposed to be the grand finale. Well... in a way I think it was. ST5 takes place in America. Yes, America. Now you'll command the New York Hoshi-gumi. Quite interesting indeed. You also don't play as Oogami. *Waits another moment for that to sink in* Yes, I'll miss Oogami. He's so cool. I hope his replacement in this installment is suitable. There's also gonna be a "ST5 Action," as it's refered to as of right now. Apparently it's gonna essentially be ST5 from a "different angle" and it's gonna be an action game. Alright... not quite so interesting to me, but I'll pick it up anyway. ^_^ Then there're gonna be two adventure games. Yes, the first entirely adventure games in the series. *Gasp* These games are going to focus on the girls' backgrounds and there'll be two versions: one focusing on the Teikokukagekidan and one focusing on the Paris kagekidan. I'm looking forward to those. ^_^ There'll also be a game focusing on the Kouma war and Yoneda, Ayame, Yamazaki, and Kazuma. Sounds interesting.... Finally, there's gonna be a PC port of Sakura Taisen 3. Yes, 7 games. Sounds far-fetched, eh? But wait, there's more! They're also gonna serialize a manga, make a third OVA, and make "TV series and movie(s)." Wow... this is too much for a ST fan to take in at once. It's definately good news, but so much at once? I've said it before and I'll say it again: Sega sure knows how to treat its fans. ^_^

I also popped by the Guard Impact Forums to catch up on Soul Calibur 2 talk. Wow... I haven't read those things in months. I've missed so much! After some reading and watching some videos, I'm really, really pumped up about SC2 now. Not that I wasn't before, but now I'm even more excited. ^_^ Talim's looking really fun to play. I hear she does next to no damage, but she looks so fun to play, with her speed and all those evasive moves. I can't wait to play around with her. Rafael's looking nice too. I have a feeling I'll have fun with him. *Imagining it*: Poke poke lunge poke poke lunge. Hahahaha! ^_^ Cassandra's looking good too. She looks like a younger, cuter version of Sophitia, but she plays completely differently. I gotta say, looks fun. Lots o' rush-down. ^_^ What I'm especially glad about is that Xianghua is back and with a wonderful 2nd outfit. When I saw the first screens of her, I immediately disliked her outfit. I don't know about you, but Xinghua just doesn't seem like Xianghua unless she's wearing shorts. ^_^; I'm glad that her 2nd outfit in SC2 is amazingly reminiscent of her 2nd outfit in SC, which was by far my favorite outfit. She's also still cute. ^_^ When I saw the first screens, she looked way too old. I know she's supposed to be 20 or 21, but you can't just go and make the cutest girl in SC not look cute anymore. I'm glad that in the latest builds she's looking cute again. ^_^

Your brother's such a punk! I'm not sure if you want to talk about it more, considering how you've already gone into quite the rant, so I suppose I'll just leave it at that.

Gwar! Your dad's going with you on your college visits!? That's just wrong! I wanted to see Riku too.... Daa~! *Shakes fist* I guess we can't really do anything then, eh? Neh... too bad I don't know the Stanford or Berkley campuses at all. It was a brilliant plan though. ^_^

Forgot to say it before, but nice new layout. I give it a thumbs up. ^_^

Again, congradulations on the new domain! Your own domain, eh? Have fun with it.

Good work on the layout too. I see you're using Paint Shop Pro now. Good girl. *pat pat* You need to work with either PSP or Photoshop. I personally prefer Photoshop, but PSP is also mighty good.

New layout! ^_^ Good job there. *pat pat*

Like I stated in your comments, I can't say that I'm at all patriotic. So I can't really get all that worked up about this holiday. Although, you seem to really enjoy it, so you have fun now, ok? It's definately something worth celebrating.

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