Thursday, July 17, 2003

Agh! The heat! X_x I'm sweating. -_- I hear it's only going to get hotter too. O_o; *sigh*

We've started working with ink in my art class. It's a nice medium. I definately like it better than charcoal, that's for sure. ^_^; Compared to charcoal, a pen is a blast. OK, so maybe it's because I get to use one of those pens with the nibs (the things you need to dip in ink before writting with). ^_^ Them things are so cool. I've never played with one until this morning and, let me say, them things are pretty nice. I'm feeling compelled to use it for things other than art now. Maybe not all out writting in class or something, but at least for writing letters and the like.... ^_^

My socio teacher told us about the most interesting thing the other day. He likes to give us little anecdotes here and there and the other day, it was about a talkshow he was watching. Apparently, there was some kind of psychology P.H.D. type lady on it and she was giving educated responses to the subject matter. There was this one guy who asked her something. Apparently, his father died recently and, unlike most people in the same situation, he was overwhelmingly happy. It seems that his father was quite abusive, so the son was actually anticipating his death. He, the son, asked the psychologist lady if that was OK. Was he wrong for feeling that? As a response to his question, the lady replied: " never had a father; you only had a sperm donor." Wow. Does that statement take you aback like it does me? Imagine the kinds of ramifications a statement like that has. Is society progressing so that traditional roles, emotional attachment, and such are being forgotten? I think it's really something to consider. Deeply rooted in human societal thought is the concept of a mother and father and the prevailing thought that they should look over their offspring. You rarely if ever see it questioned. However, what this P.H.D. lady said seems to be completely detatched from this "basic" concept. I'm fascinated by this response. Am I the only one who thinks that this complete lack of traditional societal convention is interesting? I wonder if that is the way societal thought is progressing. I doubt that kind of statement would have been uttered ten years ago. Seems like something of a result of the modern need to question everything and to exercise more liberal thought. Fascinating indeed....

Yesterday, I was just doing some computing when my monitor went entirely black except for two bright white collumns that appeared at either end of the monitor and quickly converged in the center. I turned it off and took it off the desk. I smelled some smoke coming from the air vents on top. O_o In short, my monitor crapped out on me. Now, I need to get a new one. -_- Currently, I'm using an old 17" we had lying around, but I miss the nice expanse of a 19". I'm really fond of the old monitor. It's a Viewsonic PS970; still a solid monitor by today's standards. Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to get a better one now. I'm waiting for tomorrow's Fry's advertisement. Hope there's something decent in that thing. There hasn't been anything in the last two days' Fry's ads. -_- Hoping for a nice CRT. *crosses fingers* Sure, LCD seems nice because it's so flat, but you just don't get the kinds of crisp images CRTs deliver on a LCD. Big plus: CRTs are cheaper on average. XD Too bad the ones I'm eyeing are still $200+. -_-; Lets see what tomorrow's ad brings now, shall we?

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