Thursday, July 18, 2002

Aaa~ I feel refreshed. I just showered. Showers are great. I love how they make you feel all nice and cool and refreshed all over. They're cool like that. ^_^

So yah... what to talk about...? Oh yah! Something interesting about yesterday:
I went to the Tapioca Express near De Anza again. Like I said before, I wanted to see if they would be kind enough to make me some level 4, even though they don't have such a level. ^_^ Hey, I like my spiciness, ok? So yah, I went there and I made the request. The cool thing was that they actually did it! Woo! ^_^ I'd say that it was about on par with Milpitas's level 4, which is what I usually eat. After I finished my chicken, I asked them if they would make me some level 5 after I get accustomed to level 4 and they'd say that they would. Woo! I'm a happy camper. ^_^

Onto some car talk. After watching Initial D again, I've so gotten the desire to become a better driver. I'm not willing to settle on being an acceptable driver like most people out on the road. I want to be able to control the car with extreme accuracy and precision. At first, I wanted to do what Takumi's father did for him: put a cup in the cup holder and drive so that the water doesn't spill. Unfortunately, I don't have a cup holder in my car. ^_^; So instead, I've resorted to putting a coin on my dash. It's my goal to drive around without making the coin move at all. At first it was kinda hard, but I'm already getting used to it. I tell you, it takes a fair amount of concious effort to control the weight transfer and centripital force in a turn. I'm getting better though. The coin's rarely moving. Although, I find myself going slightly slower than usual. Eventually, when I get used to it, I'll slowly increase the speed. Right now I'm working with a quarter, but eventually I hope to get down to a penny, and finally a dime. That's my goal. It'll take a while, but I'll do it. I will be a good driver I tell you!

In other driving happens, I got to drive my mom's '97 4Runner today. "What's the significance of that?" you may ask. Well, I'll tell you. It was my first time driving a car with power steering. Oh wow... power steering feels weird. It's so darn easy to turn the wheel and I don't have to turn it as much. I suppose that's a good thing for the casual driver, but I personally don't like it. I just don't feel as in control of the car. Is it just me or does power steering lower precesion in handling? I can make some pretty amazing maneuvers in my car, while I just try to stay in the lane with the 4Runner. -_-; Maybe I haven't driven enough, so I can't make a judgement. Can anyone tell me if power steering can be precise if you're used to it? Heh... I used to complain that my car didn't have power steering. Now I'm mighty glad that it doesn't. I'm happy with my car the way it is. No fancy-smansy electronic systems. It's good o' mechanical goodness. ^_^

A questionaire taken from Gomaki:
1. How many times have you changed your blog/journal/diary URL so far? Any reason for each "moving"?
Two times. Originally, then, then finally The first change was obviously a domain change. TsuNU replaced tsubasa-netORG. The second name change came about because I thought a directory named "weblog" was kinda boring.

2. How do you feel when someone left a nasty message in your guestbook/tag-board? What do you usually do to that kind of person?
I would ignore it. If someone has enough time to leave a nasty message, they aren't worth my time or my attention.

3. What is the blog/diary/journal you read most often lately? (URL, please) Why is it so interesting?
Saga's, Riku's, Gomaki's, Mizuki's, Hana's, Sawa's, Danny's, and Saka's. Maybe one or two more. ^_^; Yah, I read a lot daily, ok? Why do I read them? I find that them peoples write interesting and/or amuzing posts. Why else would I read them?

4. Do you really read your past entries/postings often? Why and why not?
I do on occasion. I would like to say that I do it because I want to see how I was back in the day, but my log hasn't really been around all that long, so I haven't really changed much. I just do it for no good reason.

5. What things can make a blog/journal/diary so boring?
Entries that don't draw my attention in any way. I like interesting stories, rants, etc.

6. How important is the layout for a blog/journal/diary? Where or who do you run to when you need some HTML help? (URL, please)
The layout doesn't matter to me. Although, I do admit that a spiffier layout would make me more inclined to start reading someone's posts. HTML help? I don't need HTML help. If I ever need to find out how to do something, I find some site and look at the source. Self-learning is the best way to learn HTML. ^_^

7. What is the latest trend in the blogland/diaryland? Do you always keep up with the dynamic life or the change there?
Personally, I don't care about current trends. I'll make my log the way I want it, not the way others are doing theirs. Although, the latest trend, log crews are something I've joined in on. ^_^;

8. What is more important for you: your privacy or your freedom to write? Explain.
I'd say freedom to write. If I wanted privacy, I wouldn't write in my public log.

How much you depend on writing your blog daily?
I write entries almost everyday. I like to use my log to get out my daily thoughts. There are things to talk about each and every day and if I don't talk about them, then I forget about it and I don't write about it at all.

Do you miss something if you couldn't write for quite some times?
Yah, I miss things more frequently than I'd like.

Do you think you will write forever, or you will only write until you're "delivered" from the current situation (confusion, sadness, depression) you are facing right now, or if your "searching" is over?
I think I'll be here to stay for a while. I've really opened up a lot more after getting up this log. I could never say much of the stuff I write here. I can write it just fine, but when it comes to vocalizing it, I just can't bring myself to do it. So yah... I think this log is heathy for me. I won't bottle everything up inside like I did for seventeen, eighteen years.

Aa~... thanks for the encouragement. It's so nice of you to care. ^_^

I hope you have luck finding better friends. Anyone who would call you a friend, but leave you out of everything is a friggin' moron. There are people like yourself out there. You'll find them eventually.

Hey, thanks for the kind words. You care for me too, eh? I feel special. ^_^

Yah, I agree with you. We may not be IRL friends, but we're friends none the less. *hug hug*

Aa... that post. I read it already and I was going to respond today, but I don't remember what you wrote and your log's still down. ^_^; I'll respond when I can read it over again, ok?

I'll be waiting for that e-mail. ^_^

Gwar! No more Saga singing. =(

The Angelic Layer manga should be fine. TokyoPop does some good work. They're translations are rather good, they leave the manga unflipped, they don't edit out the background words, and they do this all really quickly. They're releasing manga like there's no tomorrow I tell you! Anyway, I suggest you pick up Angelic Layer. I intend to soon.

Yo, sweet new layouts. ^_^ Congradulations on finally getting up Pirate-KingORG. Geez... I've been waiting for that since Fanime, when you kinda showed everyone your layout. I'm not sure just how many people noticed the words "Pirate-king dot org," but I did. Anyway, it's finally up. Great work. It's all done with Photoshop too? I see that CD I gave you came in handy. ^_^ Yah, Photoshop's great. I love it. Eventually you will too. You'll become one of us.... ^_^

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Wednesday, July 17, 2002

I don't feel like making a post today. I just finished making a deep and meaningful one on the Sexy Crew blog and I guess it took a lot out of me because I seriously don't feel like typing anything anymore. I'll repost it here for your reading pleasure.

I've been reflecting on my friendships throughout life. Back in the day, in my grade school and junior high days, I was someone you could probably call a loner. Now I wasn't exactly friendless, but generally I would only have one or two friends each year and they were not good friends either. They were the kinds of friends you would only hang with at school. It was basically unheard of for any of us to invite the other over or to suggest going out to the mall or something. To top things off, after the school year ended, I could look forward to not being friends with that same person next year. I suppose many of you would consider that really, really sad, but to me, it was nothing really. I was used to it. I didn't mind it because I was also quite comfortable being alone. These days I hear my peers say that they still have friends from their junior high days. I always feel that that's strange because I just can't relate. As far as experience has taught me, junior high is not a place where lasting relationships can be forged. It was all superficial. Then I entered high school. As I progressed through the years, things began to change. I was introduced to a world with people who cared for me and who wanted to go do things outside of school with me. So my social life slowly, but surely grew during those four years. Today, I have a great group of friends, who I can confidently say are my best friends ever. You guys rule. I love you all. Although... I don't know... it's just that... I'm still not good friends with anyone. I don't know what most people think a good friend should be, but I think a good friend is someone you can not only have fun with, but someone you can talk to; someone you can open up to. Unfortunately, I have no one like this. I suppose it's because I have no experience opening up to anyone. I never had someone to confide in, so I kept everything to myself. And that was fine with me, as I was used to being alone. However, to this day, I still find myself alone many times. I'm left out of activities, I display antisocial behavior by choosing not to go out, and I still cannot tell anyone my feelings. As far as I'm concerned, I'm still very lonerish. Now why am I telling you all this? Maybe it's something I've been meaning to say for a long time. Maybe I'm telling you folks this because I feel like finally opening up to someone. I honestly don't know. It's just something I felt like writing.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Urk! My english class is getting so annoying. Whenever there's some kind of discussion about the works we read, I get so peeved because no one's talking or making good points! Back in high school, I was always in the honors english classes. I love those classes. Everyone's fairly bright and they actually talk! Most of the time, I wouldn't have to speak because everyone else would talk and someone would make the exact same points that I wanted to make. It was great. Now I'm taking English 1A and it's so~ not like that. It feels like my english classes from junior high! It feels like a normal english class! I'm dying here! No one's talking and they're making inferences that would never pop into my head! Aaa~! I find myself talking more because it annoys the heck outta me. I don't want to talk! I generally like to be the guy who knows everything, but stays quiet. I love playing that role, but my english class isn't letting me. -_-

After class, I headed to Nikaku because I wasn't able to go yesterday. Because I get out of classes at 9:30 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays (no archery), I got there at around 10:00 AM: opening time. ^_^; So yah... I looked around, said good morning to the lady, chatted a bit, bought a manga, and warned her that I might be coming back at opening time again occasionally. I have a feeling that that "occasionally" will be at least once a week. ^_^

I picked up the second volume of Chobits. Now personally, the first tankouban didn't really strike me. It was pretty interesting, but it didn't draw me in. I was hoping for the best when I bought volume 2 without looking through it. I wasn't disappointed. Chobits really takes off when you get to chapter 13. I want volume 3 now! The story's getting a whole lot more interesting and I want more Yumi. ^_^

Oh, while I'm talking about TokyoPop manga, did you peoples hear about what they're doing to Initial D starting with volume 2? Apparently, because Initial D is TokyoPop's most mainstream title and because they're trying to get it aired on American television, they decided to "Americanize" it a little and change the names. -_- So today, I picked up volume 2 and looked at the back to survey the damage. Now get this: Takumi is now "Tak." What's up with that!? What kind of name is "Tak!?" Then there's Keisuke... my single favorite character. Takahashi Keisuke is now "K.T." AAA~~~!!! Now that's just wrong. No matter how bad "Tak" is, "K.T." is by far worse. He just doesn't sound cool anymore! Keisuke was a great name. K.T is a wimpy name. Gwar! Unfortunately for me, I think I'll have to pick up the TokyoPop manga if I want to see the races that the anime didn't cover. =( I have to read that trash? Pity me folks. =(

Woo~! I got to hear Saga-chan sing! ^_^ Hey, don't put yourself down. You're a pretty good singer! I know plenty of people far worse. For example, me. ^_^; So yah... hey, I liked your performance. I'd like to hear more if you have any. You have a nice voice. ^_^

So it's like that down there too... eh...? Does anyone know why Japanese stores are always closed on Mondays?

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Monday, July 15, 2002

Hey, you know what I found out today? Apparently near De Anza, there's a brand new Tapioca Express! Woo! I get to buy spicy chicken often! Mmm~ that stuff is good.... ^_^ I went there today and tried it out. Apparently they only have three levels of spiciness, in comparison to Milpitas's 5 and San Jose's 10. Alright... I thought that maybe the level 3 was the equivilant of Milpitas's level 5. Wrong. It's the equivant of their level 3. -_-; Weak! I guess it's great to have the ability to buy the stuff often, but what good is it if you can only get level 3!? Daggonnit! I'm gonna ask them to make some level 4 for me next time. Lets see if they'll do it. ^_^

I popped by Japantown today, hoping to buy something from Nikaku. I forgot that Japantown is dead on Mondays. Almost all the stores are closed. That includes Nikaku. ;_;

Heh, I had to read an excerpt from The Joy Luck Club for my english class today. Wow... it's been three years since I last read that book for my english class. I forgot how good it was. But I digress... the excerpt was from Jing-mei's story. It was the one detailing her childhood and the whole piano ordeal. Just to go over it quickly, when she was little, Jing-mei's mom wanted her to be some kind of prodigy. She would try to find something, anything that her daughter could excel in, so that she could be rich and famous. Eventually, she forced Jing-mei to play the piano. Jing-mei "learned" how to, but never got any good, went to a recital, and made a fool of herself. Eventually little Jing-mei burst out, complaining about how she was never able to be herself; to be an individual. Her mother was always trying to mold her into something else: this child prodigy. After reading this excerpt, I was really thinking. This story really hits close to home. This seems just like the situation I'm in with my dad. He's always trying to make me do things that he thinks will mold me into a better person. He tells me to go out back to lift weights, to stop watching anime because it's "for kids," to stop playing video games, to stop being on the computer so much, and to learn skills other than computer skills. The cream on the cake though is that he's telling me that my goal in college is a comp sci major. Like he has any say in what my goal is. So yah... I so feel like Jing-mei right now. My dad's trying to force me to be someone I'm not. I just want to be myself for crying out loud! I know, like Jing-mei's mother, my dad is only doing this because he wants me to be a better person and I respect that, but he doesn't have to be so incessant. I'm the one living my life and I'm the one that will make decisions for myself. I have my own values and my own standards and I'd just like him to stop trying to thrust his on me. Of course, unlike Jing-mei, I'm not about to burst out at my dad. He's the kind of dad that just wouldn't understand. He'd just dismiss anything I'd have to say and give me a really long lecture. *Sigh* So yah... I'm probably never going to be able to tell him what I want and how I feel. It's a shame really, but what can I really do?

my cowboy bebop theme song is blue

what's your cowboy bebop theme song?

So you have a cousin living in San Jose, eh...? Why don't you just... "visit your cousin" sometime...? ^_^

Yes, tsuNU and nakoNU will be up! (probably) ^_^

Eh... I didn't mean it to sound all possessive-like... you know that.... -_-; Thanks for the vote of confidence. Hopefully my karma's good. ^_^

HAHAHA! Good luck finding a nice Gackt-caliber guy. You'll kinda need it.... ^_^;

AIM... eh...? To tell you the truth, I kinda gave up on AIM a while back. I don't know... it's just that whenever I went online, there really wasn't much keeping me online. There were two reasons why I kinda despised going online: chatting with people was kinda boring at times and mostly because I would get IMed by people I didn't particuarily feel like talking to. These days though, I have been considering making a new, secret SN so that I could chat with people I kinda feel like chatting with. People like you and my other imouto Saga-chan. ^_^ Hm... maybe I'll make it sometime. I'll e-mail you if I do. That goes for you too Saga-chan. ^_^

Hm... you want an optical mouse? Why don't you pick up a Microsoft Intillimouse Explorer 3 or a Logitech MouseMan Dual-Optical? Those are pretty much the only mice you should consider if you want optical. They are mighty accurate and they track extremely well... that is... unless you want to do some really slow movements.... All in all though, the best optical mice on the market.

Yes, LCDs are weird. I'd take a good o' CRT anyday. At least until something markedly better's available.

Gendo~... ^_^

Heh... thanks for the compliment. ^_^

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Sunday, July 14, 2002

Ack! My hands are so shaky right now! I had to cut the grass earlier because my dad makes me do it every few weeks (generally every two). The shakiness is really annoying me right now. It's affecting my trackballing (as a trackball requires a more stable hand than a mouse) and even my typing. Gwar!

Anyway, today's been a generally quiet and calming day. Just slacked off and played some FFX. ^_^ Earlier I was having a chat with my sister about my cousin. Apparently, he came into the clothings store my sister works at to buy some clothes (obviously). While he was there, one of my sister's co-worker friends caught his eye. He harassed my sister to introduce him to her and was generally being rather pathetic. I laughed at that. ^_^ After a little while though, I thought about it and something I never realized before kinda hit me. All the young guys (thirty-somewhat minus) in my family are all pathetic and single, aside from just two or three exceptions. Now I have a pretty big family and quite a few young male cousins and uncles.... It can't all be a coincidence.... I think my family's cursed or something. ^_^; I'm never getting a girl! ;_;

Agh! Must remember to plug Hana's new layout. ^_^; Take a look at it. It features her own artwork. Good stuff. ^_^

Ack! I forgot to congradulate you on your APs! ^_^; I'm a bad nii-chan. =( Well... well... CONGRADULATIONS! Good job there. *pat pat* ^_^

I suppose the Makoto layout's been up for a long time, but you're right... I would kinda be sad to see it gone. *blush* Makoto's so cute! ^_^ Actually, I'm a'crackin' on it and too. I'm hoping to get them up by the end of summer. I guess that leaves me about a month and a half, eh? I think I'll have them ready by then....

Major? I'm seriously considering graphic design. It's really the only thing I want to do right now. Hopefully I can do it and my parents will shell out the money so I can go to the Academy of Art in San Francisco. *crosses fingers*

Thai-Chinese restaurant? I don't think I've ever been in one. I've been in plenty of Chinese-Vietnamese restaurants. ^_^; Anyway, the waitresses wear Thai dresses? I don't know what those look like... but sounds good to me. ^_^

You rock too Saga-chan. ^_^

Before I forget, CONGRATS ON THE APs! ^_^ You also deserve a round of patting. *pat pat* ^_^

Oww~ You know... you didn't have to go jumping on my back.... ^_^; You're layout's good too. Don't under mind youself. You're a really good designer. I know I like your layouts.

New computer? Woo! You want an optical mouse though? Tsk tsk, it's all about trackballs. ^_^ And an LCD monitor? Personally, I like CRTs. They generally have smaller dot pitches than LCDs. In other words, a crisper picture. Oh well though... it's your computer and whatever floats your boat....

You're gonna use Photoshop now!? Woo! Welcome to the world of Photoshop. I like it. It's like a second home to me. ^_^ Nah... it's just that I feel most at home/comfortable working in Photoshop as opposed to any other image editing program. It's good stuff. Say... if you ever need any help with anything, feel free to e-mail me. What kind of nii-chan would I be if I didn't help my imouto. ^_^

About the title up there *points up to title bar*, that's what Asuka said at the end of episode 22.

Oh, and you can't stop me from spaming! =P

New layout! Nice. Another Gackt one. ^_^; Nah, that's not bad. Not at all. It's very Gackty... and blue.... ^_^; Good work there.

Oh, and thanks for the plug. ^_^

Rei...? Well, in my book, Asuka ownz Rei! ^_^ I never really cared much for Rei. Asuka's just way more interesting and she's cute to boot. ^_^

Thanks for the compliment. Hope you get all better and non-injured-like soon. ^_^

Thank you for the compliment. Yours isn't bad either. KAORU! ^_^ Although I prefer the weasel-girl myself. ^_^

Hey, thanks for the compliment, plug, and linkage. Much, much appreciated. I'm glad you like my work. I've been admiring your work since the Fatalistic Plastic Machine days. I'm glad that I found you a little while back. I thought that you had died. ^_^;

There! That's enough socialing to make up for yesterday. I'm satisfied now. ^_^

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