Thursday, July 24, 2003

Aw man, them internet advertisers and such are getting really annoying. -_-

It started maybe yesterday or the day before. For the first time in a while, I got one of those "pop-ups that aren't internet browser pop-ups, but Windows windows pop-ups." Ironically enough, it was for a program that would stop such pop-ups. O_o; I didn't think much of it, so I just closed it. Things only started getting worse though. I got pop-up after pop-up about programs that would stop them. -_- And the worse thing is that they aren't the same program! Why the hell are all these separate companies who all want to stop such pop-ups using them as an advertisement medium!? -_- And besides the pop-ups, I've also been experiencing problems with a changing startup page. It has happened to me before, but never on this computer which I started using well over a year ago. Why is everything hitting me all at once!? What did I do!? ;_;

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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Americans are funny. Just today, they released the news that Suddam's sons are now dead. At dinner, my dad was watching the news and I heard that after the news struck, the stock market went up. O_o; Now is there something I'm just not seeing here or is there really a correlation between death and the stock market? I know, I know, people are happy and feeling more confident in their nation and all that crap, but for crying out loud, when was the last time you went "I feel my nation's leaders are doing a good job. Now lets go spend money!"? ^_^;;; Americans are funny like that.

I had a midterm in my socio class today. -_- In all honestly, it wasn't too horrible, but it took me a little while to think of all that I needed to say. You see, I've written nothing in that class. By "nothing," I literally mean "nothing." I have not once jotted down any lecture notes. Nor have I had to do any writing assignments in the class. Essentially, my teacher's a pushover. It's not like I really need hard facts like dates either. On the midterm, he was just looking for an understanding of the material. ^_^ I can do that easily without having to refer to notes. XD

Let me just say that I like ink a hell of a lot more than charcoal. In art, we've been working with ink for the last three days or so and I find that I can handle it much better than compressed charcoal. Of course, maybe charcoal would have been easier for me if I used a charcoal pencil as opposed to compressed charcoal sticks, but that's besides the point. ^_^; Ink, while something I find myself messing up with in minor ways, is much easier to work with. I guess it's because prior to this class, the only medium I've had to draw with was a graphite pencil. A pen's not too much of a deviation from a pencil. They still make the same types of lines. Oh, and shading with inks is much easier than shading in charcoal if you ask me. Washes are a cinch by comparison. Maybe that's because I've had some painting experience for the last few years at the least. As for the subject matter we're working with, we're currently working on the human form. Agh, the human form sucks. Stupid proportion crap. -_- It seems simple enough; I look at people all day. Unfortunately, it's still easy enough to mess it up on paper. Luckily for me, I've done some self-study on the human form before, but things are still rather annoying. Meh, it's a good learning experience though.

GGXX is fun. Check it out folks. Buy it at your local game store. You'll like it. XD

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Sunday, July 20, 2003

Ha~.... The last three days exemplify exactly what I love about summer: nothing. Or, the ability to do nothing specifically. Have I been at all productive? Not in the least. Do I care? Not at all. XD What have I been doing? Um... playing with friends, playing video games, and watching anime. ^_^ Friday was spent with the friendly unit "Eric" as we went about to Fry's, Kinokuniya, and Tapioca Express. He picked up Xenosaga at Fry's. He's a good boy. XD It's on sale at my local Fry's for $20 this week. Quite the steal. That's 2/5 of what I paid and I feel that I've gotten all my money's worth. Saturday was staying at home and watching .hack//SIGN. I've been meaning to do that for a while, but I never got around to it. Finally, I just sat myself down, started over from the beginning (I had watched five episodes previously) and went through it. I can't say it's among my favoriter series, but it was rather compelling. It's amazingly abstract at times. Kinda esoteric if you ask me. Or maybe it's because the fansubs were incosistent and probably erroraneous at times. I get the feeling that the meanings behind a number of passages were not correctly conveyed by the amateur fansubbers (not to lambaste them or anything; all fansubbers are amateurs). I may have to watch the Bandai release sometime. Overall though, a good series. Subaru rulz. She is such a powerful character. Not literally, but her personality is so deep. She leaves me with a very strong impression. And today, I went over to the friendly unit "Sataya"'s house for some quality Guilty Gear XX play time. I need some healthy competition sometime at something now, don't I? ^_^ Spent a few hours there and played some good matches.

Now I'm just sitting here and going "nyeh." There's little responsibility holding me down and I feel good. A little hot, but good. I think I'll scurry off to play some .hack//Infection. I borrowed it. ^_^

Just a note: I want "Second Flight," the opening to Onegai Twins! I doubt it's even on a single yet though. -_- Gotta love I'VE Sound. XD

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