Saturday, July 27, 2002

Despite all the crap my dad throws at me, he still knows a few things that I'd actually like to learn from him. Case in point, today he taught me how to drive a stick. Oo~ boy. I didn't expect it to be at all easy and I was right. With all the shifting, managing the clutch, etc. Gah! It took a lot of concious effort it did. Even with all that effort, I stalled the heck out of the car. ^_^; It's alright though. I just started learning today and I only really did it for thirty/fourty-five minutes. All things considered, I didn't do too bad. Sometime he'll take me out again so I can practice some more. Practice makes perfect. ^_^ I'll need that practice if I intend to get a manual car and I do indeed intend to get one. ^_^

One quick social:
Yes, I signed up as a girl. I wanted a female acolyte cause they're cuter. ^_^

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I just played Soul Calibur 2!!! ^_^ Yay! Finally! It's so~ cool! I really, really like Talim and Raphael. I tried them both and they're darn fun to play. Cassie's cool too, but I didn't get to figure out any moves because I was playing against people. She's a lot different from Sophie. Xianghua's basically the same and I suppose that's kinda good, considering how she was already a good character, but she should have gained more. What really annoyed me though is that I had to play using an American setup. =( I'm used to a Japanese setup, so it was torture controlling it. They don't feel right, but I suppose I can overlook the buttons, but the stick was horrible. Japanese clicky-good sticks just feel better, period. Oh well... whatever... Soul Calibur 2 is great! ^_^ I gotta make it a point to pop by MGL (Milpitas Golf Land) more often....

A quiz:
Why didn't I put up the male version? Simple. I actually play a female acolyte. ^_^

What Ragnarok Character Should You Be?
Quiz by Angelhalo

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Friday, July 26, 2002

Hmph... my dad decided to join me today for weight lifting. Actually, it really wasn't that bad. We just basically... lifted weights.... What peeved me was that he told me that he felt that I was not strong enough for my age. What's up with that!? I know for a fact that I'm stronger than most people my age. I don't think I'm strong, but I know most people these days are nowhere near as strong as I am. You kinda build up something after taking martial arts for six years or so. I think he thinks this way because back in his day, computers were basically non-existant where he lived, so the kids kinda had to go out an play outside for entertainment. I'm sure the children of those times were much stronger than modern-day children. Also, my dad kinda joined the army at an early age, so he was probably surrounded by a bunch "macho" guys. It just annoys me how he's saying these things without looking at youngin's these days. He's using his outdated standard. Gwar!

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Thursday, July 25, 2002

Honestly, I don't feel like writing anything. I've been like this for a few days. You may have noticed. I'm sure you can tell that my last entry or two have been kinda poorly pieced together affairs. ^_^; I've also been kinda out of it when it comes to commenting and socialing too. Sorry about that folks. Honestly, I've been reading your logs, but I never get around to commenting, even when I want to. ^_^; Sorry, sorry. In general, I think I've been kinda nyeh this week. I'm in one of my moods where nothing really matters and I'm even more indifferent than usual (if that's at all possible). I expect that it'll take a few more days for me to feel like my usual self, so until then, I'm probably not gonna put a whole lot of effort into socialing and the like because I just don't feel like it. I'll pop in occasionally to toss around thoughts when I want to though, so stay tuned. ^_^

Did anyone catch that I'm writing about how I don't feel like writing? ^_^;

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Wednesday, July 24, 2002

I did some weight lifting today. Yah, I have to appease the parental figure. I think I'll be OK. I hope so. I've been thinking about what martial art I want to take and I think I'll look into taking karate at the Aikido of San Jose dojo. They started teaching it more recently, so I don't know anything about it. You see, I've been thinking about taking aikido again, but at this age and with the amount of time I would have to take it, I don't think I can make up for my last... what was it... five years absence. ^_^; Aikido is extremely hard to learn, so I don't think I'll have time to get really good at it. Karate, like any martial art, isn't exactly easy to learn, but it's far easier than aikido. Hm... I'll have to go to the dojo sometime. I'll take a little time to decide which one I want to take. The dad should be satisfied.

Yesterday, on a whim, I picked up the first volume of Real Bout High School. It's pretty interesting. I want the second volume! =( I know it's out there... I just need to go out and buy it. Azumi's pretty cool. ^_^ Must... buy... more....

You know what? I have a friend... and he's no longer a gamer... and... and... he gave me his old SNES! Woo! ^_^ It was in some pretty bad shape cause it was in storage for many, many years. You know... the classic dirty and kinda discolored NES/SNES? Yah... it's one of those. =( Oh well... I cleaned it up quite a bit, so it's looking a lot nicer. I just need to clean up a little more and I'm having trouble thinking of something to clean it with. I've already used hand soap, dishwashing detergent, and even rubbing alcohol, but it's just not enough. Anyone have any suggestions on a fairly strong cleaning agent?

Now this is just cool. Yah, Hikaru no Go rulez! ^_^

what's your inner flower?

[c] s u g a r d
e w

"...It shows that you have a tender heart, hard to find in guys!"

Don't be so freaked out about the permit test. It's actually really easy. I "studied" (more like skimmed) the driving booklet the night before and I passed, missing I think it was three questions. It's extremely easy. Just hope you don't get those "you have to be -- feet from..." or "you have to be -- inches from...." Bah! Those questions suck. They don't even have a use! Ask any driver and they won't know the answers! Stupid permit tests.... Anyway, it's easy. Really. Trust me.

So we're in the same boat, eh? I feel you pain....

"...Hopefully attract some girls next time you go to the beach. ^_~"
-_-; ... ... ...

I suppose sports in general aren't bad... but... well... I never got good at any sport. I was never exactly not fit, but in PE class I was generally the worst player on the team each and every time we played a team sport. I was the most disposable member of the team. Yes, I was sad. That's why I despise PE to this day. I ruled at individual stuff like running or swimming, but when it came to basketball, baseball, hockey, etc. I sucked royally. Aside from running and swimming, the only other sports I've excelled at are martial arts. That's one of the reasons why I love them so much (they also look so~ cool! ^_^).

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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Bah! The dad's been up to no good again. He's seriously threatening to cut off my internet now. He says that he's fed up with how I don't seem to do anything but spend all my time in the computer room. He wants me to go out and play a sport or do some weight lifting or something. Bah! I tell you, that's just not my thing, but with the possiblity of my internet being taken away, I have no choice really. I guess I'll start weight lifting out back every other day from now on. I really don't want to, but if it ensures that my internet will continue uninterrupted, then that's a small price to pay. He also wants me to stop watching anime. Heh... like that'll ever happen. I hope the weight lifting will be enough for him because if it isn't, then I don't know what else to do. I could take up martial arts again. I actually kinda want to. I've been meaning to look into kendo lessons. If not, then maybe aikido again. I suppose he'll take that as exercise. So yah... my dad sucks.

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Monday, July 22, 2002

Aaa~ that was an interesting weekend.

Saturday, I went to Serra Park in Cupertino with the guys. We had planned a picnic with X.O.X and a few others. Anyway, there was plenty of fun to be had. We played in some water-squirting thingies, played on the swings, ate sandwiches (MEAT!!! ^_^), and hung out with Hubert (sorry, inside joke). ^_^ Anyway, I had a good time. Why don't people have picnics anymore? And when we do have picnics, why don't we do it the old-fashioned way? You know... sitting on a spread on the grass, under the sun.... Daggonnit!

Unfortunately, at the picnic, there was some drama. Bah... teenagers can't just seem to escape that kind of stuff now, can they? I won't name names, but one of my female friends was rather down. Considering how I haven't really been around a depressed person in a while, I forgot what it was like. It sucks. You see, for the majority of my life, I've been very... how shall I say... drama-less. That includes both me and the people around me. Because of this, I really don't know what to do when someone I know feels all depressed. I'm just kinda there... unable to do anything. I can't bring myself to say anything because I don't know what to say. I also can't bring myself to do anything. Girls always seem to be able to hug each other when they're sad. I can't bring myself to do anything like that. I feel helpless and that's the worse feeling in the world. I want to help people. I like to help people. It tears me up inside when I just can't seem to do anything. Bah....

I was also reminded of something else: just how much I hate the sight of a girl crying. Agh! Do you know how much I detest the sight of a girls crying!? As far as I'm concerned, it's one of the most awful sights to witness. I don't want to see them sad and especially not crying! Girls are much better suited to smiling than crying.

Onto a lighter subject, yesterday I went to Media Play for their special "Replay V.I.P. Night" event. I'm a member of their Replay Club, which is a club where you earn points for each dollar spent and eventually you'll get certificates worth money on future purchases. Anyway, the Replay Night was an event where you get triple points on all purchases! Yay! So obviously I went. Besides, there are plenty of fun things at Media Play to buy. ^_^ I picked up Princess Nine #5 and Tekken Tag. Yes, I'm finally gonna try to pick up Tekken Tag. Do you know how hard it is to learn this thing after playing Soul Calibur for what...? Three, four years? Agh! The system feels so restricting! At least I'm starting to get used to it.... Hwoarang is pretty cool. I like all the kicks. Julia's not bad. Jun seems pretty good. I think I'll get to like playing her. And lastly, Xiaoyu's great. She's my favorite. You can't beat a cute girl in sailor fuku (her alternate outfit)! ^_^ Yes, I have a sailor fuku fetish, ok? They just look so~ cute! ^_^

Just for your information and to clear up any possible confusion, I'm using this definition for "fetish":
"an obsessive or unhealthy preoccupation or attachment." Don't get any weird thoughts now. o_O

Riku's back on ShippouNET! That's great... I suppose.... j/k ^_^ At least you're on a reliable server now. But are you sure you want to let people from school read your log? I thought that the separate logs was a good idea. Actually, I'm really considering doing that now. ^_^;

Hey, that sucks about what happened with your new computer. Oh well... at least you got another one. ^_^ The new one doesn't look bad at all. 2.4 gHz!? That's some pretty hardcore clockspeed there. ^_^ Just out of curiousity though, what is it? P4? Athlon? If it's an Athlon, then.... *drool* Hm... but the monitor's giving you problems? Dang... I wish I could come over there right now and configure that for you.... To fix that, you'll probably need to play around with the monitor settings. You know... the settings you can access by hitting the little buttons on the monitor? Yah... those.... You can do it by yourself, but if you don't really know how, you should find someone who does or you could just do a whole bunch of trial and error.

Aww~ Riku got offered a jacket by a guy? ^_^ But seriously now, that was the first time? Really? Guys these days suck! All guys should offer girls their jackets if it's cold! That's just the right thing to do! That's what I always do. Guys can take a little cold to ensure that girls don't have to be uncomfortable! Bah....

Of course I know better than to concentrate too hard on the coin. I'm smert! I mean... smart.... ^_^;

So you're going to take the permit test soon? That's great! You get to join me in the exciting world of the "motorist." ^_^ So hey, good luck with that. I'm gonna root for you, like I always do. ^_^

Yes, the 4Runner is a SUV. ^_^; So you're gonna drive a smaller car, eh? What kind? I'm interested....

New PuraNET layout! Nicely done! Very pretty. *thumbs up* ^_^

You can't recognize your house in another color? Heh heh... sorry... I just find that kinda funny.... ^_^

New layout! Very~ nice~! I like! It's my favorite one. Good job. *pat pat* Although, the web designer in me is acting up again. The text area's really small and you're using java scrollers for a whole bunch of text. Technically, those are no-nos, but I like the design, so I'll look them over, ok? ^_^

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