Saturday, August 2, 2003

Today I actually did something log-worthy! *pauses for gasps*

Yes, I realize most of you are just flabergasted, but today was fun with the friends in the park. My friend Jeff was hosting a BBQ thingy for the hell of it. Simply put, the was fun with friends + meat. It doesn't get any better than that. XD

Why must people feel compelled to do physical activities when they're outside? I mean, come on, that takes, like, physical exertion on my part. ^_^; If you can't tell and haven't been reading reguarily, I don't like sports. Never been good at them and probably never will be because I don't care to spend time practising them. I have only exhibited skill at martial arts and that isn't exactly a team sport. However, today, there was a group of peoples who wanted to play ultimate frisbee. I hear it's an interesting sport, but it's just not my cup of tea. Never played it, but it doesn't compell me enough to play it, even after watching it in action.

Quite the interesting time was had when the astrology book was brought out. There was much fun had before my friend Allan found the erogenous zones for each astrological sign. Then much too much fun was had. XD I was quite curious what mine would supposedly be. Apparently, Aries's have very sensitive heads and faces. ^_^;;; I don't know if that's true though because, honestly, no one has fondled my head before. ^_^;;;;; What kinda erogenous zone is that? I don't know about you, but if you want an erogenous zone, I suggest just going for the crotch. The single most effective spot if you ask me. *shrugs*

On the home slacking off front, I've been rather attached to my PS2 and Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits. After completing Xenosaga, I've been on the lookout for another RPG to play. Kinda on a whim, I picked up Arc the Lad; hoping for the best. I do that on occasion. I like going out and purchasing something I've never experienced before, but heard good things about. Sure, it's risky spending, but life's more exciting that way. ^_^ This particular venture turned out quite nice. Arc the Lad is very compelling. The narrative style quite reminds me of Xenosaga, only with less digital voice. that's a good thing. Kinda trying to get myself calmed down from Xenosaga goodness, so that I can get back to "normal" RPGs. Arc the Lad's something of a step down in terms of intensive narrative, so after this I may be able to get back to something like Eternal Arcadia or Grandia II. But yeah, Arc the Lad is very good. Give it a shot if you have a PS2. ^_^

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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

*munches on a lychee* =3 Lychees rule! XD

Well, geez, I feel that I've been neglecting this thing. It's not like I don't want to write, it's just that I feel that there's nothing to write about. Life has been good to me, but nothing extraordinary has happened. I've just been taking easy classes, slacking off a lot, and playing with friends.

Hm... the other day I went over to my friend's house to BS a story for a socio paper! ^_^; Yeah, the topic of the paper is something about class or caste struggles between cultures. I had to interview one person, tell a little about him in the paper, and explain his struggles. Growing up in San Jose, California, you really don't get too much discrimination. At least, when compared to most any other city in the US. With the sheer amount of diversity around, I figured it'd be kinda hard to get some decent stories from my friends, who are the only people I really care to talk to for a forgettable paper like this. Unfortunately, none of them could really help me. ^_^;; That was when, with my friend Vincent's prompt, I came up with the brilliant plan to BS some random guy and tell about his generic struggles! XD We talked it over and invented a young nineteen-year-old by the name of "Ryan Sarteza." He's a Filipino guy and we told about how he went home to the Philippines and faced slight, but realistic discrimination over there. Really generic discrimination, but apparently it's common enough, that it won't sound too out of place. ^_^

Um... I'll post more if I can think of things. I think I'll take up the practice of posting topics when I think of them. Otherwise, I'll just forget them by nighttime. ^_^;;

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Sunday, July 27, 2003

Thank you SNK. Thank you for Samurai Spirits Zero. Sorry, I'm just a little emotional right now. It has been seven years since the last 2D SS release and I've missed it terribly. Sure, playing SS2&4 have been a blast, but I've definately entertained the thought that a new game would be cool for years. Now that it's here though, I don't know what exactly to think about the new system changes. It sounds that they messed with the system a bit too much. I liked the old system, darnit! And about the new characters, some of them are rather lame. I don't like the idea of having "bust clone" characters, but I gotta admit, Rera looks pretty cool. But whatever I may have to say about it, I still anticipate it and I will devote a lot of money and time into it. It's the return of my beloved Nako in 2D glory (no, the Nako game does not count). It's been far too long. Welcome back Nako.

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