Friday, August 2, 2002

La de da... didn't really do anything today... now time to talk about my shoes! ^_^

My shoes are cool. They're green Vans. I'm no skater or anything, but I love Vans. They're just so cool! They're light and have great grip. It doesn't hurt that they come in the color green. ^_^ I've had mine for about a year or so now and they're starting to show their age. Which brings me to the reason why I'm even talking about my shoes: my mom asked my sister to go get me new shoes behind my back! She was considering Sketchers for a while, but my mom said that we could wait for a while for a sale or something. Good thing too because if they had bought me those, then I would have just told her to take them back. I quite like my shoes right now. I know I'll have to replace them someday, but not until I lose a substantial amount of grip on the bottom. I ask, what's the use of wearing Vans if they don't have grip? It seems that my current shoes still have enough grip, so I'm fine with them. I told my mom that I'd like green Vans, so now she knows better. Now she's on the lookout for a sale on Vans. Woo.

Hey, talking about shoes and feet, you know what's cool about my feet? You know how you can never wear the same size shoe because different brands like to make their sizes different from other brands? Well, I'm special because I'll fit into any size 11 mens. I'm serious! Whenever I try on shoes, 11 is just right. Whenever I go out ice skating or bowling, size 11 fits like a charm. I have magical feet I tell you! ^_^

I finished Star Ocean EX today. Overall, not a bad series and a pretty nice adaptation of the game, but I still have some gripes. Why don't Precis and Boman fight? I was expecting Precis to whip out her big mechanical punching hand sometime. And Boman. I was expecting him to throw pills around or at least swing his fists. My biggest gripe though: Leon used Extinction! That's just absurd! Anyone who has played the game knows how hard it is to get Extinction. You can only find (not learn) it in the secret dungeon! And the secret dungeon is only accessible once you reach the last save point! That's all the way at the end of disc 2! Star Ocean EX only covers disc 1! Leon couldn't possibly know Extinction! Gwar! They could have made him use Daemon's Gate. At least that's somewhat plausible. Gwar....

I watched Happy Lesson OVA 3 and TV episodes 1-3 today. Funny series. ^_^ Is it just me, or does the TV series seem a lot less hectic? What I liked most about the OVAs is the hecticness of it all. The TV series isn't bad, but I would have liked it better if it were more like the OVAs. Oh well.

Captain: me
Cook: Gomaki
Doctor: Hana
Lookout: Juri
First Mate: Riku
-Tell me if you'd like to change

Positions left:
Navigator (I need a freakin' navigator! How the heck am I getting anywhere? -_-)
Sharpshooter (Eh... I guess Ryoko and Shana get to battle this one out -_-;)
Thief (Thanks imouto for the suggestion ^_^)
-Eh... you could always suggest other positions

You're welcome. ^_^ Girls deserve to get flowers. Just not real flowers. It's wrong to kill a plant and give it to someone just because it's pretty. -_-

Being bored isn't exactly the most wonderful feeling in the world. -_- I suppose being busy isn't exactly a walk in the park either, is it? I hope you get some boredom-time sometime soon. ^_^

Yay! Good luck with the driving. Sounds like you're getting better already. That's great! It's really not all that hard once you get used to it. Look at some of the people out there with licenses right now. ^_^;; Just keep on practicing. Practice makes perfect!

Eh... favorite book? To tell you the truth, I don't really read for leisure. ^_^; Although, of the books I've already read, I suppose I could recommend some stuff: Beloved by Morrison, Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky, 1984 by Wells, Memoirs of a Geisha by Golden, the Dune series by Herbert, and Catch-22 by Heller. If you've read those, then I could probably come up with more....

You cut your hair!? Ooo~.... I happen to like long hair on girls. -_- Oh well... you decided to hack it off. I guess your decision is the best decision....

Thanks for joining the crew! ^_^ For more information on the whole crew thing, look here.

Heh heh... ok, I'll keep you in mind when I can't find any BoA music. ^_^

You got first mate! *pat pat*

Star Ocean EX ends all crappily because there's another series that follows: Star Ocean DX. EX covered the first disc of the game and DX covers the second.

That's all for now. It's hot here. x_x I need to try to get it cooler now. *Opens door, opens window, and turns on fan*

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Thursday, August 1, 2002

So how did I sustain my sanity throughout the day? I tell you, it wasn't easy. I needed to do something because I was bored out of my mind. I decided to catch up on some Star Ocean EX. After taking that SO character test, I kinda felt like dwelving into the SO world once again. I left off at episode 19 a while back, so I had a few episodes to watch. I got all the way through 25 and I'm trying to download 26 right now in Direct Connect. Why the heck aren't more slots open!? Gwar! Anyway, it was a good way to stay sane. The waiting during downloads was pretty harsh, but I managed somehow. I filled those gaps by reading my September issue of EGM and listening to BoA. Oh yah! I'm rediscovering BoA. I downloaded a lot of her stuff a while ago, but I never listened to some of it, so I'm going over the rest now. Good stuff. *Listening to "Kimochi wa Tsutawaru"* And yah... thus was my day...?

As for the pirate crew, here are the definate positions:
Captain: me
Cook: Gomaki
Doctor: Hana (that is unless you don't want the position...)

Sharpshooter: Shana/Riku/Ryoko

Dang... I didn't know there'd be so much conflict with the position of sharpshooter.... ^_^; How to handle this.... Eh... I don't want anyone to be offended if I make a choice.... *think think*

As for name, we have one suggestion: the "Marmalade Crew." Hm... I suppose I'll consider that.... I have a suggestion. Tell me if you like it: the "Innominate Pirates." Hey, I can't think of a name, so I suppose that's a good enough name (innominate="no name" in latin). ^_^

Seems that Riku was just as bored as I was today. I feel your pain. -_-

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Here I am just sitting in my car in front of the computer. You wouldn't believe how nyeh I feel now. I'm bored as heck right now and I'm just feeling out of it. I don't really want to feel anything right now. I get like this sometimes. I'm just here, without feeling. I guess you can call it extreme indifference. I guess I can get indifference on varying levels. This is just about as indifferent as you could possibly get. Whatever....

I'm noticing that I'm not eating as much as I used to. I used to go to the kitchen and rummage around for snacks all the time. Now I'm just eating the basic three meals. Sometimes I skip lunch too. I don't know why and, at least right now, I don't care why. I just find it strange.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

My first normal entry in a while. Aa~... brings back memories.... ^_^

Today was an... interesting day in english class, to say the least. We were going over some of Kate Chopin's stories. She kinda likes to write about women independence and sometimes empowerment and all that stuff. So yah... a battle of the sexes kinda broke out. -_-; Ay~... I'm just glad that there weren't any male chauvinistic pigs in my class. Unfortunatley, we had some raging feminists. -_- Personally, I don't have a problem with women who want to fight to gain power.... It's just that... well... if they're overally zealous, they get really annoying because they like to argue against everything. They had the nerve to argue about whether males are stronger physically. -_- I don't know about you, but arguing against biological fact is rather futile to me. At one point they asked a guy whether he would take the traditional role of a woman in a marriage: the person who cooks, cleans, and takes care of the youngin's. He replied that he so~ would do it. He doesn't have to work and he gets to stay in his boxers all day. ^_^ I applauded that response because heck, that's what I was thinking too. Although personally, I would feel guilty to have my wife doing all the bread-earning (and well... I wouldn't be walking around in boxers ^_^;). Ah yah... then the conversation picked up even more steam when one of those raging feminists said that women are smarter. I was waiting for that. You know that in a battle of the sexes, the women just have to argue that they're smarter. Oh boy... there was quite a bit of discussion on that topic. I won't go into any detail because I'm sure all of you've already heard all the arguments. So instead, I'll give you my take on the argument. Now I'm not saying that the argument that "women are smarter" is wrong, but I just don't think that women should be saying it so matter-of-factly. I agree that on average, women are smarter than men. I've been around for a while and i've noticed how utterly stupid most guys can be. So I believe that the average woman is smarter than the average man. However, I believe that the most intelligent people are male. Just take a look at the facts: most certified geniuses are kinda... well... male. Some girls may argue that not until recently have women really received a good education and I suppose that is a valid arguement, but I cite another fact: most contemporary scientific discoveries, theories, etc. are still made by men. If women were anywhere near half as smart as these raging feminists make them out to be, don't you think there'd be more female genuises or something? Now if there are any raging feminists reading this right now, please don't pounce on me. I'm merely drawing a conclusion from evidence. It is purely an objective observation. Please don't be commenting and calling me a male chauvinistic pig. I'm sick and tired of this whole battle of the sexes crap. -_-

Oh yah! I forgot to mention in my last post why I put this layout up! Well... I was kinda getting bored with the Asuka one, but that's not the main reason. Version 9 just looked way too angsty. My log is supposed to be a reflection of my thoughts and moods. I'm not exactly feeling angsty right now. Rather, I'm rather mellow and indifferent (I'm sure you folks have noticed that I'm indifferent a lot). Thus, I made a layout to convey my mood.

Heck, making this layout has given me the urge to play Xenogears again. I've seriously been considering playing Xenogears over again every year. Well... i've already done it two years in a row.... ^_^; I think I might just do that. I'll call it the "Xenogears Annual!" Anyone want in? I know there's plenty of huge Xenogears fans out there. We can have some kind of group or something. ^_^

Hey folks, I want to assemble a pirate crew! I need crew members... and a name for that matter. ^_^; If you're interested, tell me. You might as well throw in suggestions for name too. ^_^; As for positions, I call captain (hey, I am kinda starting this thing...)! ^_^ If you want to join, you can take just about anything else. Suggestions: navigator, cook, sharpshooter, doctor, etc.

Which Star Ocean 2 ~ Blue Sphere character are you?
~{ r.a.i.n.f.a.l.l. }~

Hmph... I'm nowhere near as perky as Precis, but at least that description isn't too far off. And I sure do like machinery. ^_^ I don't go into "hyper mode" though. ^_^;

Which Kanon girl are you?

I never really thought about it, but hey, that's a pretty apt assement right there. After consideration, I am a lot like Nayuki....

Thanks everyone for the very nice layout comments. ^_^

Agh! There's so~ many things I missed while I was in my non-social phase. -_-

I just want to say that I like your layouts. Not just the current one, but the Kyou one too. Yah, the one that was up for a few days. ^_^; Some nice work you did. *pat pat*

Hey, you're off to China soon, eh? That would be great if it was a nice vacation, but it doesn't seem like it will be.... You're being forced to teach english and write a market analysis? Now forcing you to teach english is bad enough, but writing a market analysis is tons worse. How the heck do they expect you to do that? I've taken high school econ and I couldn't write a market analysis if my life depended on it! That's absurd! Bah! Parents.... I wish you luck because apparently you'll need it. *pat pat some more*

Oh yah! No you may not worship me.... -_-

Check your e-mail. ^_^

You passed your permit test? Woo! I knew you could do it. That's my imouto. *pat pat* ^_^ Now see... it wasn't that hard....

You're using Greymatter now, eh? Welcome to my world. You're now one of us! One of us... one of us.... ^_^ It has a pretty harsh learning curve, but it seems that you've already got it down. Once again, that's my imouto. *pat pat* ^_^ I'm sure you'll love it. I know I do.

Hey, thanks for the kind compliments.

You have quite the... interesting... activities with your friends. Hog tying... boxing... slapping.... ^_^;

Now time to start Xenogears.... ^_^

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Sunday, July 28, 2002

Just Wingin' It ver. 10: "Last Hope"

*sigh* I'm spent. This layout took a lot out of me. Besides, it's kinda hot in this room. ^_^; So yah, here's version 10, featuring Emeralda from Xenogears. XENOGEARS!!! ^_^ I love that game. Favorite RPG it is. ^_^ Emeralda is my favorite character, so that makes her prime layout material. ^_^ I just have a thing for the girls that look all somber or indifferent. It's even better when there's something covering their mouths. ^_^ Anyway, about this layout... I went for something different this time. Instead of having one central picture that stands out from the rest of the design, I decided to go for a much more subtle touch. Although the color pictures do stand out quite a bit, they are not as pronounced as in my previous layouts. You know how much work went into this thing? That's 82 layers worth of layout you see up there. Yes, 82. That's a lot, don't you think? You know you're working with a lot of layers when you have to toggle the visibility to about 50 layers to find the layer you want to work with. ^_^; Anyway, Things look rather good, but the sidebar is looking a bit too wide. I'll probably fix that tomorrow. I'm spent for today. I'm resting now.

Edit: sidebar fixed. Yay....

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Woo! You'll be getting a present of some sort sometime. ^_^

Hehehehe... look at the sidebar under cliques. ^_^ MUHUHAHA!!!

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