Friday, August 9, 2002

Arabian Nights at my friend Sansan's today. I have never really read the story, but at least I know more about it now that I've seen the movie. Apparently it's different from the actual story, as all story-to-movie conversions are, but it served the purpose of getting me more acquainted with the tale. Woo...? The movie's actually really entertaining. The stories were well created. I especially liked the Aladdin story. The actors were all asian! You never see that in a story about Arabian people. ^_^; I tell you, the penny-pinching mother was so~ Asian. ^_^ Overall, it was a pretty good movie.

*Note: to read the below notation, look at the numerical pad on the right of your keyboard. Underscores (_) mean "or."*

Golfland again. ^_^ Today I worked on implimenting back turn and guard crush tactics into my game. The BT shift (2_8B+K) is so cool! It's quick and I get a nice big sidestep. It's great! I get to dodge a lot of horizontals too. Especially those As. It's great. A,A2_8 is pretty nice too. It adds some nice variety and sidesteps quite a deal too. Nice mixup potential.... GC didn't exactly affect my game as much as BT did, but it was pretty nice. Especially A+B. Because it hits ground, I can use it for ground damage and wakeup. Pretty strong wakeup if you ask me. If they get up blocking, I just GC them. Woo! Although granted, she knocks them so far away I can't really follow up with anything. I tried using 66B, but even that doesn't go far enough and that's Talim's best advancing move in my opinion (4B+K isn't bad either). Talim rules. ^_^

How do you folks like my Soul Calibur II ramble? I'm sorry if you don't, but I think I'm going to go on about this game for quite some time. It's an obsession. Well... look on the bright side... if you're a Talim player, I'll give you tips. ^_^

Hm... I need a drink... I'm off to get some Ramune. ^_^ Heh heh... I'm thinking of making the stuff my official drink. Hey, if the olympics can have an official drink, then I can too, can't I? ^_^ Anyway... Ramune....

*Comes back with a bottle of Ramune. Takes a swig.*
Now where was I...? Hm...

I think I'll start doing this Friday Five thing that's been circulating. Why not? It's a way for you peoples to find out interesting things about me. Anyway... onward! (You inspired me to do it Gomaki. You should feel special. ^_^)

1. Do you have a car?
Yes indeed I do. It's an old '82 Corolla stationwagon, but it's a car. Well... I always like to say that my car builds character. It doesn't have any fancy-smansy automatic systems (except transmission) or computer-operated crap. It's all about pure driving skillz. ^_^

2. Do you drive very often?
Yes. Everyday pretty-much.

3. What's your dream car?
Mazda RX-7 FD3S. I'd most prefer a '93 model, but anything up to '01 is alright I guess.... I'd like it in "yellow mica," the limited edition color only available in '93, but I guess I can settle for any yellow. Them things just look so~ cool in yellow! ^_^

4. Have you ever received a ticket?
Nope. I'm a pretty good driver actually. I obey laws and generally only go five over speed limit.

5. Have you ever been in an accident?
Nope. Not yet. My reaction's pretty good, so I probably will never get into an accident because of my driving. Now if another car slams into me, then that's another story....

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Thursday, August 8, 2002

Aaa~... school's over! Woo! I don't have work anymore! Life's good. *takes a swig of Ramune* Yep, life's good. ^_^

Class today was easy. We basically just turned in stuff and were allowed to go. With the completion of this class, I now officially have about a month of free time. w00t! I'm already baffled with what I'm going to do with it. ^_^;

Considering this is my first day of freedom, I decided to pop by Golfland and try to find some competition at Soul Calibur II. To my surprise, I actually found some! Yes, I was totally surprised. I actually found two people who could beat me handedly. Now that's pretty hard to come by at MGL. ^_^; I'm not saying that I'm good or anything, but I do win quite a bit. Anyway, by playing these two guys, I realized once again my fatal flaws. Although overall I play a fairly well-rounded game, there are several aspects where I am just lacking. Against most people, those flaws aren't so big, but against people who are better than me, they always seem to capitalize on them. Gwar! My main problem is that I read a lot on forums, so I understand a lot about the game, advanced techniques, and fighting theory, but during actual gameplay, I can't really draw upon this theory very well. Yes, it sucks. Oh well... I'm just going to play more and more. I need to get better. That's my main desire right now. The only way I can see myself doing this is by playing a lot more. Besides, I need to learn all the new moves, strings, and hit properties. The only conceivable way for me to learn all this is by playing a lot. I guess with a month of free time now, I'll pretty much become a MGL regular. Hmph... I never thought I'd see the day. ^_^;

After Golfland, my mommy made me get a haircut. I didn't exactly protest. My hair was getting kinda long and long hair kinda retains more heat. It wouldn't be bad to have less hair, considering how it's summer. So I got a nice chunk of my hair chopped off. It always feels weird after getting a haircut. When I do my hair, I put gel through it and pretty much fix it to go down straight. Generally I wait for my hair to grow to about eye-level or below before getting it cut. After it's cut, it's generally above eye-level somewhere, so it just feels different. Oh whatever. I got shorter hair now.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2002

So what's been going on with me these days? Not much outside from finishing my summer school work and going to Golfland to play SCII. ^_^; Actually, I just finished writing my fourth and last essay, which is also conveniently my final for my english class. Today I had my last day of archery and I'm proud of myself because I arched my single best end ever today. ^_^ Ignore the fact that it was from the 20 yard line. ^_^; Anyway, with school out of the way, I am finally able to enjoy my summer again. Looks like my weekend is going to be busy. All my friends seem to want to do something. Da... I can only do so much.... Oh well... I'll figure something out.

I'm wondering what to do with my time off. I know I have to finish tsuNU and nakoNU to get them up, but what else? I guess I can finish at least Xenogears. Great game. I need to make sure that I complete this year's Xenogears Annual. ^_^ Outside of that, I think I'll try to go to Golfland pretty often. I need to play as much SCII as possible, don'tcha know. ^_^ Looking at my schedule, it looks rather pathetic, don't you think? I don't know what else to do though. I really don't know what I want to do. Bleh... whatever....

My sister and I were talking a while ago. I don't know how we came upon the subject, but we happened upon the subject of what role we play in our group of friends. As far as I am concerned, I believe that I am the worldly observant guy. I'm not trying to make myself sound better or anything, but I always seem to know what's going on and whenever there's a question, I always seem to be able to answer it. It seems that she thinks that she's pretty much in the same position in her group. Interesting... although, it really isn't all that surprising, considering how similar we are. Now you live with someone for eighteen years and try not to be similar to them in some way. ^_^

Which brings me to a subject I've never talked about before on this log: my relationship with my sister. I always hear from people that they just cannot get along with their siblings. They constantly argue for some reason. I don't really understand why because my sister and I get along extremely well. I suppose we've developed something of a mutualistic relationship. By coexist by helping and being nice to each other. We're civil, we talk, and we generally help each other out. It's a nice relationship really. I like it. I just don't see how so many other siblings can't develop a similar relationship. Meh....

La de da... I don't know what else to talk about and I'm lazy to social, so I'll be off. *skips along*

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Monday, August 5, 2002

Two cool things happened today.

First, I went to an asian supermarket near De Anza. I went through it once before, but today I had some more money, so I wanted to buy some food. There were so many nice-looking things in there! ^_^ As I was walking around... I was all like, "woo!" because they were selling Ramune! Yay~! I've wanted to drink the stuff since I heard of the anime NG Knight Ramune & 40. And I wanted to try it out even more after watching To Heart. I thought it was so cool how you actually push something in the bottle to actually be able to drink anything. So yah... I picked up a nice six-pack of the stuff. ^_^ When I got out to the car, I was all ripping the cardboard to get to the bottles. I read the instructions and commensed in opening a bottle. For anyone who's not familiar with the stuff, you have this little plunger thingy that you use to pop a glass marble-thingy into the bottle. The glass marble is what's keeping the vacuum seal intact, so when you push it down, it fizzles (it's carbonated) and you can get at the drink. So anyway, I tasted the stuff and it was good! I don't know what flavoring it has, but I like it. Mmm~... I think I have a new favorite drink to put right up there with lemonade.... ^_^

Second, I passed by Golf Land on my way home. ^_^ It was around 1:30 on a Monday, so there was no one at the SCII machine, which is a plus because I get to play arcade and figure out new moves and generally get a better feel for each character's flow. I really didn't stay all that long, but I did go through once with Talim and Cassandra. I can't say that I'm getting used to Cassie quite yet, but I'm doing quite well with Talim. Figured out some new stuff and generally got a better feel for her. Woo. I plan to make these kinds of trips pretty frequently. I want to pop by as often as I can, even if I only have enough time to play one match or something. I need to play SCII. Call it a sickness or something. I played SC pretty often over the course of the last three, four years. Now that SCII is out, I need to play that. ^_^

I'm sorry if I'm a bit late on some of this social. ^_^;;;

Yay! Another nature lover! ^_^ We just keep on finding things that we have in common, don't we? Anyway, yah, killing innocent plants is wrong. So is killing innocent animals. The way I see it, all living things are categorized into one group: living things. To take a living thing's life away needlessly is wrong. If it is for something like food or survival, then that is alright. I am disgusted when life is taken away for any other reason.

Yay. You get to reading on those books you haven't read yet, ok? Just tell me when you're done with those and I'll try to spew out a few more for you. ^_^

Yes, you hacked off your hair! ^_^ Heh heh... anyway, really!? I can see a picture of Saga!? Woo! Alright, I promise to stalk you... *cough* I mean... not stalk you... yah... that's it.... ^_^ Anyway, e-mail me if you'd care to share. I'll be glad to e-mail you a picture of myself in reply. Currently, my hair's kinda a bit longer than I usually have it, but oh well. It can go down below my eyes. ^_^

Ooo~ I hope your IRL friends get all less busy-like. You need people to play with. ^_^

Yay! You're getting better at driving? Yah, it's really not all that hard when you're used to it. I'm used to it by now, so I'm pretty darn comfortable behind the wheel. You get to a point where it's actually pretty fun. Especially when you're trying to drive with a quarter on the dash. ^_^

Driving games not good driving simulators? What are you talking about? Everyone knows that by learning how to drift and power slide in a racing game, you'll become infinitly better at driving on city streets. ^_^

Hey, you just change your layout and now yet another new one? ^_^; Well... I suppose that's alright. This one's nice. I like the colorfulness. ^_^ I know you say it's just a bunch of blending, but that blending's actually rather nice. Good work there. *pat pat*

You went to Nikaku!? You should have told me beforehand! I could have met you there! Oh well... I guess it's a bit too late now, eh? Well... the store's great, isn't it? I know I love it. I know the lady there and she knows me. I suppose that makes sense though, considering how many times I've actually gone there.... ^_^;

Hiatus? Well... I suppose you really feel like calling it quits for a while, eh? Well, I respect that. Don't be away for too long though, ok? ^_^

Now that this entry's over, I think I'll go into a state of SCII withdrawl. =(

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Sunday, August 4, 2002

The weekend is coming to an end.... I've been spending my time with my cousin from Pasadena because he came to San Jose to visit our grandfather. We had a good time. We spent time on the computer, played Tekken Tag, and generally slacked off. Woo.

My other cousin from Utah came too. Yes, Utah. Out in the middle of nowhere. ^_^; He converted to Mormonism (is there even such a word? ^_^;;), moved to Utah, and got married out there. The lucky lady is cauccasion. Now that wouldn't be all that unusual, but this is an asian family I'm in. It's kinda unusual for anyone in an asian family to marry anyone that's not asian. My family is Vietnamese. About the most exotic marriage we've had until then was to a Chinese person. ^_^; Yep, I guess it's the old asian ideals and stereotypes at work here. It's pretty much prevailing thought amongst the older asians that marriage should only be to other asians. Interestingly enough, when my cousin married this white girl, no one really said anything. My family's probably special like that. Considering how it kinda happened, I suppose they'll approve of such marriages. I don't know how thrilled my parents would be though. My dad says he really doesn't care, but my mom's at least encouraging me to go out and bring home a nice Viet girl sometime. -_- I'm not saying that that's horrible or anything, but I don't like my options to be that limited. Oh well... whatever.... I'm siding with my dad here. I'm just gonna find the right girl for me and that's all there is to it.

The cousin had a child with his wife. He's a cute little bugger. ^_^ His name's Skylar. Considering how he's of mixed parentage, he looks awful white. Not that there's anything wrong with that or anything. Just trying to be non-offensive here. I know people can get touchy when it comes to the issue of race. Anyway, he's not talking yet, but he's already walking. Hehe... I like petting his head. ^_^ Although, if you know me, I like patting everyone, not just little babies. I wonder how he's gonna turn out living all the way over there in Utah. I'm used to interacting with Californians. To put it lightly, they are generally more eccentric than citizens of any other portion of the US. I'm sure he'll be fine, but I really wonder what he's gonna turn out like....

Because my aunts from Southern California came too, the adults took the chance to take a look at old photos. Now there wouldn't be a problem with that, had not they joked around about my grandma being sexy and my grandpa being handsome. -_- No offense to them. I'm sure they were attractive back in their youth, but it's just kinda strange hearing that about your grandparents, isn't it?

The definate highlight of the weekend was my trip to Milpitas Golf Land on Saturday. My cousin and I were at a loss to think of something to do, so we decided to go out. He wanted to play DDR, while I wanted to play some Soul Calibur II. I got some nice quality time with the machine. Woo! ^_^ I've developed a really big liking to Talim. I'm finally figuring out some stuff and I'm liking her more and more. She's hecka fun to play, but it sure does take a lot of skill to play her. You have to chip like heck to win with her. It's kinda discouraging to land a good 10 hits on Nightmare, only to have him deal about the same amount of damage in a single hit. -_- Oh well though, I'm up to the challenge. I don't choose characters in fighting games for power or practicality. It's all about fun. *coughandifthey'reacutegirlcough*

*yawn* I'm kinda tired for some reason. I got sufficient sleep recently.... I don't know. I think that's all I'm gonna write for today. I'll social and crap later. Besides, I have to do some reading to catch up on all my dailies. I really didn't have too much time to this weekend. Oh yah, one more thing:

Hope you survive in China, imouto. You're off tomorrow? Well... good luck on the market analysis. Try to have fun, ok? I'll miss you.

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