Friday, August 15, 2003

The young'uns grow up so quickly! *tears* One day they're twerpy freshmen and then after a few years, they're all grown up twerpy seniors! ^_^ Man, time passes so quickly, but those freshmen who were in my high school anime club are now seniors and the ones in charge of things. As a former president-type-guy for the club three years ago, I was invited to a pre-school planning meeting today to give advice and such. Haha, they're so gung-ho. So many good ideas that won't work. You see, from what I've observed of high school anime clubs, they generally don't have very great member participation. You can have the greatest activity idea in the world, but if no one is willing to participate, then it won't be worth the resources. Ms. President of last year and myself had to get that into the new officers' heads. It's sad, but because of the state of affairs, the club will never be anything too spectacular. That's something I feel is very wrong with high school anime clubs. It seems that school anime clubs don't start getting serious until college. *sigh* Anyway, yeah, that's how I spent a chunk of my day.

I've been trying to spread the gospel that is Guilty Gear XX. XD Got some people who don't play it to try it out today. Unfortunately, they kinda resorted to button-mashing. ^_^; I'm not a big fan of button mashing. I figure that it's much more productive to spend my time trying to figure out the attacks and game system, as opposed to spending that time aimlessly hitting random buttons and learning nothing. Of course, that's me and I guess not everyone's like me....

Over dinner, my sister told me a story about her friend. Apparently he went into a retail clothing store and asked one of the employees for a shirt in the color "slate." Now, needless to say, the employee didn't know what color that was. Not sure what he did from there, but he was ranting about it to my sister and saying that the employee should know that if she was working in a clothing store. This made me think of the fact that there are way too many color names. I suppose I understand the logic behind them, but geez, there's just so many! Give me something and I'll describe the color like: "that's a light green" or "that's a dark blue." I guess I'm just one of those stereotypical guys, but I can't help it. I've never had to know any shades before. I suppose I might have to learn them because I'm most likely going into an art major, but for now, I'm gonna complain about them, just because. Stupid shades.... *shakes fist*

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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Man, I really need to do something. I haven't been out to do something since... um... Saturday...? I think that was it. Don't know how I've been killing the time. Just been slacking off and watching anime. I guess I should be kinda glad that I have so much time to do nothing though. I haven't had time like this in a good while, all with the schooling and such. All things considered though, life is good. No obligations = relief. *Sigh*

Been working on my Guilty Gear XX game again. My May's looking decent as always, but I'm trying to get more Bridget and Johnny down. Bridget I have a pretty good grasp of, but I still need to work on more yoyo setups. Johnny... I kinda understand him, but I really need to get his air combos down or else I'm gonna be stuck with a pokey Johnny forever. Sure, it works, but it's not quite as effective as a air combo crazy Johnny. Aa~... practice practice....

*Listens to sister talk* She be on the phone right now as I type. Actually, I'm only typing because she's speaking. You see, we were watching Get Backers together (rewatching for me), when she got a phone call. Now the file's paused and I'm killing time on the internet. I want to finish up the Kazuki/Jubei fight. ;_; Kazuki rulz. Remember that. XD *Sounds of a door* She's done! I'm off! *Scurries*

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Haven't been up to much, so didn't write. Also been watching a lot of anime. ^_^; Hey, that's fine when it's Naruto. Man, Naruto freakin' rulz! XD Over the last few days, my sister and I have been watching it in little mini-marathons when she didn't have work. We've gone through all the available episodes (currently 44) and are wanting more. ;_; That Kakashi r0x0rz. I'm kinda considering cosplaying as him.... ^_^ Oh, and Sakura's cute. /no1 The series is good stuff. Not exactly as good as my--still--favorite shounen series One Piece, but it's pretty nice. From how I see it, it's something kinda in between One Piece and Rurouni Kenshin. One Piece is a bit simplier in comparison, while Kenshin is a fair amount more complicated, but Naruto really feels like those two series at times. That's a good thing because I like both to death, which makes Naruto rule. ^_^

Mini Opinionated Rant:
What is up with parents naming their male children things like "Leslie," "Ashley," "Stacey," and the like? Sure, I understand that gender boundaries have been slowly eroding, but come on, you don't have to go that far. I'm sorry, but those are pansy names. A man can be the manliest man in the world, but if he has a pansy name, he has a pansy name. Honestly, that's like the parent pasting a big "kick me" sign on their children's back; they are just asking for trouble. Darn liberal yuppies....

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