Saturday, August 23, 2003

Chopin disgusts me. No one should have that much talent at age seven.

Today, I went over to my little cousin's house for her birthday party. Arrived a few hours late, but still got to fool around. Didn't really do much outside of talking and watching TV, but it was still fun. Somewhere into the night, my aunt made my two younger, female cousins (one of which was the birthday girl) play the piano. Considering how they've been playing for almost four years, they aren't half bad. The birthday girl played a piece by Chopin. I think it was a Polmanaise in G Minor, which was written when he was seven years of age. It was a good piece. That's why it annoys me. Seven-year-olds are supposed to be stupid and good for nothing. He isn't, so he sucks. ^_^ OK, so maybe it's because I didn't possess a noteworthy skill at the age of seven myself. Aw hell, it's debatable that I possess any noteworthy skill today. I dabble into many things, but I don't think I've ever exhibited an extraordinary skill for anything besides retaining useless information. Thus is my existance.

Thus Chopin sucks.

Earlier in the day, my dad took me to work with him. He does handyman work on the side of his technician crap and today he was going to change the ventillation fans and unclog a toilet at our dentist. You see, in the Vietnamese community, people like to rely upon other Viets, so while my dad isn't a "professional," he possesses enough skills to get jobs. Occasionally he drags me along to learn because he says I'm useless around the house. Usually I don't really care, but today I had an appointment with a friend. At least he, the friend, was reasonable enough to understand my situation. So, yeah, my dad took me with him and we did a good job. I more or less handled the fans by myself, while he handled the sink essentially by himself. I got $40. I guess that kinda makes up for not being able to play with my friend, but honestly, I would have rather have skipped out. Meh.

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Thursday, August 21, 2003

The strangest thing just happened. It's currently about 11:25 PM. Maybe fifteen minutes ago, there was a really loud ruckus downstairs (I was playing GGXX upstairs). From what I could make out, it sounded like someone knocking at the front door. Kinda alarmed by the urgency of the knock, I checked outside the window. Nothing. I went downstairs, as my mom and dad were stirred from their own businesses. I peeked through the peep-hole. Nothing. But the motion-sensor light was on, so something had to have been at the door. My dad and I investigated. My dad took a metal rod as a weapon just in case. We looked outside. There was no one around.... We looked around. I was half expecting to see something like eggs because, well, I figure there are plenty of stupid kids out there today who would egg random houses. Found nothing of the sort. I guess it was just the classic ding-dong ditch, but without the ding-dong.... The hell was that about?

Yesterday was my second and last day of work this week. Not quite as eventful as Monday, but it was plenty eventful to keep me busy most of the time. I got a lot of cuts and a bruise though. ^_^; A couple of them because I was careless, but most because I was just unlucky. Why me? Eh... at least at the end of the day, my uncle gave me my weekly wage: $130. That's for two ten-hour days, so $6.50 an hour. OMFG, my uncle's getting towards minimum wage! O_o I remember working at that place for $35 a day back when I was maybe 13 or 14. He says that if I do a good job, I'll get a higher wage too. XD And you know what? He's been complimenting me about my work these two days.... XD XD XD XD XD Now I have Soul Calibur II covered. If you didn't know, I pre-purchased it on all three systems. ^_^ Now I want a little extra for Disgaea.... ^_^

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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Sunday, some of my family members came over. Over dinner, we were discussing stuff when it came to the subject of me and my... well... unsuccessful attempts to become employed.... My uncle, who owns and runs the family furniture store, proposed that I come up (it's in Redwood City, which is north of San Jose) and work a few days in the week. Essentially, I would be "on call" and he would pay me under-the-table. With little else going for me, I accepted. Although, honestly, I never thought I'd be going back. You see, before I reached 16, I worked there for a few of my summers. As anyone who has tried it knows, if you're not 16, don't even try getting a job. No place will accept you. So, I spent mostly uneventful days there and got less than minimum wage. -_- It was a living though. Anyway, the very next day, he calls in the morning. ^_^;; So, I went up to the place for the day. To my utter surprise, the day was not uneventful. Maybe it's because my uncle's cutting back on labor and I was the primary laborer there for the day, but I had my hands full all day. There was picking up stuff from the manufacturer, doing a delivery, general moving of stuff, and assembling stuff. I suppose some may have considered it rather demanding, but hell, I'm glad I didn't have a chance to get bored. Something to note: my uncle is really trusting. This is the first time I've been there with a license, so he felt it necessary to show me a few things. First, he let me drive his car to the bank to make a deposit. And this isn't exactly chump-change either. This is a furniture store, so deposits are in the thousands. O_o And, on the way back from picking up stock, he let me drive the delivery truck. X_x Let me just note that I've never driven anything near that large. Let me tell you, driving a long vehicle and not having a usable rear-view is kinda scary. Obviously, I made it back though, so I guess I can handle it. Hm... that's about it... oh, just a last note on the subject: it sucks having to move full-sized matresses after handling a good number of twins. -_-

Got to play some Guilty Gear XX #Reload. XD You see, my friend asked me to pick it up for him at User's Side in San Jose, near Cupertino, so I did. He picked it up yesterday night, but we--plus an entourage of peoples he brought with him--got in a number of rounds before he left. Fun stuff. Can't say I really noticed much of a difference, but I guess that's because I don't go all over-the-top with my combos. Besides, I play May, so short combos still do worthwhile damage. So my main comments will be on outfits! ^_^; I like Johnny's start outfit. It's a more vibrant red and, IMHO, more reminiscent of Alucard from Hellsing. And Bridget's new dust outfit is pretty cool. It's kinda in between his default and pink outfits. Cuter than the default, but still rataining the "fighting nun" motif. I like. ^_^ May got shafted though. As far as I can tell, they took away her blue and pink outfits. How dare they!? ;_;

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Sunday, August 17, 2003

Yesterday morning, while I was completely bored, I happened on the new Ninja Turtles remake while flipping through the channels. Now, if you didn't know, the fact that I was even flipping through TV channels means that I was really bored. You see, I don't watch TV. But that's besides the point, this paragraph is gonna be about the Ninja Turtles. You have to realize that I'm an old-school Ninja Turtles fan. I grew up on them cartoons, yo. Because of that, I had some interest in how they remade the series to appeal to the new generation of youngsters who can't handle a cartoon without the word "extreme" in it. My first impression: the opening sucks. Not catchy, hell not memorable at all because I more or less forgot about it the moment it stopped playing. Now the show itself wasn't much better. They are trying way too hard to be modern and "extreme." What's wrong with calling the characters by their full name? Why do the feel the need to shorten the names to "Leo," "Mike," "Don," and "Raph?" That bugged me slightly. The rest of the show was alright, but there was always the prevailent "extreme" theme. Oh golly. -_- I'll take my old-school Turtles anyday.

My friend had a sleep over yesterday! Unfortnately for me, I couldn't stay, but that didn't stop me from popping over for a little and playing with all my friends. OMFG, I didn't know Mario Party could be so much fun! ^_^; Yeah, we popped in Mario Party 4 and you wouldn't believe just how loud and rowdy we got. Over a board game too. ^_^;; But hey, I guess that's a testament to just how well-designed the games are. Gotta hand it to Nintendo. Just one thing wrong with the game: I don't seem to roll very high numbers. It's gotta be a programming error I tell you! *shakes fist*

Not much went on today, but I did start re-reading the Card Captor Sakura manga. OK, so technically, I started late last night, but hell, it was more or less today, so nyeh. I forgot how much I loved that manga. Sakura and Tomoyo! XD

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