Saturday, September 14, 2002

Busy day today...

Early in the morning, I had to wake up and help load stuff up on my sister's car and my uncle's borrowed truck. Yep... today I helped the sister move to Davis because she's attending UC Davis this fall. So yah... I was used for my muscle and mad furniture-assembling ability. -_- Yes, I have mad furniture=assembling skillz. XD I better. I spent three summers of my life working in the family furniture store.

On the way there, as I gave my sister a really good going away present. As we were passing the Benicia bridge, I paid the $2 toll. XD Yah... I know I'm such a caring brother. ^_^

When we got there, we brought everything up and put things in their appropriate places. We brought assemblable furniture with us, so when we finished bringing everything up, we had to assemble a computer desk and dresser. Wasn't such a big deal though. I did it pretty quickly. Experience does pay off folks. ^_^ I did a good job too if I do say so myself. ^_^

Yah... so the sister has moved out. Now I'm all by myself in the house... well... aside from the parents. I know this is a big change in my life, but I guess it hasn't really sunk in. Kinda like it still hasn't really sunk in that I'm a high school graduate. Well... I've accepted that I don't go to high school anymore... it's just that... I don't know... I don't feel any really big loss like most people. I'm still around here and everything I had is still around, so I'm really feeling no loss. Anyway... I digress... yah... I'm sure being the only "child" in the house is going to be very different. I just don't know how yet.

Anyway, after getting back, I headed over to my friend Cinti's for his 18th birthday. Fun fun. I came over and ate some pizza and watched the others play a game called Cookie and Cream for the PS2. Looks like a fun game. Lots o' teamwork involved. Anyway, then we decided to head out for a while.

First, we went to Baskin Robins to get some ice cream. We went there and bought Cinti a nice birthday ice cream cake. Then we sat him down, surrounded him, and embarassed him by singing him happy birthday really loud and rather flat. XD Yah... it was fun.

While we were eating the ice cream cake, we saw the best thing ever! We looked outside and we saw someone drive up on the sidewalk! We were all like, "what the heck!?" Then we saw the lady in the car stick her hand out of the window. She had something in her hand and she dropped it into the nearby trash receptical. So that was it! I tell you, that's great. I gotta do that someday. XD

Then we headed out to MGL to play a bit. As usual, I headed to the SCII machine and spent my entire time there. It was great. I played verses against various peoples. I was rusty at first and lost a few matches, but later, I started getting back into the game and I won some rounds. Had I not been playing one of the best players at MGL, I might have actually won a match or two. ^_^; Anyway, I'm happy. I learned that my Cassie is a heck of a lot better than I thought it was. Surprise, surprise. Anyway, fun times.

Eventually we returned to Cinti's house. Actually... that's where I am right now. I'm writing this entry on his computer. ^_^; Anyway, I'll be off now. I gotta spend more time with the others. We still have a little more time to play.

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Friday, September 13, 2002

Went out and did stuff today. Mostly shopping stuffs. First, I went to Fry's Electronics cause my sister's leaving for college and she's taking a computer with her, but she needed a parallel cable for her printer and a trackball for getting around on the desktop. She was busy preparing other stuff, so I went. Besides, it's Fry's. I love that store. ^_^ So yah... I went out and bought her her stuff. Afterwards, I was seriously considering getting the first Hellsing DVD with box, but I decided not to. I think it was $35, not to mention tax, which is a whole lot of games of SCII, so I decided to pass. ^_^

Next I hit Kinokuniya. Yep, I special ordered Angel/Dust from them and they sent me my nice "we've received your item" card, so I had to go and pick it up. That I did. Seriously, I only bought the book because it's drawn by Aoi Nanase, who's my favorite illustrator, but there's a story in it, so that's a nice plus. ^_^ I can't stay that it was the best story in the world, but hey, what do you really expect in a 9-chapter one-shot? I still recommend it though, if only for the Aoi Nanase art. ^_^ Consider picking it up. If anyone does, just contact me for chapter translations. To help anyone in their search, the catalog number is: ISBN4-04-853362-2.

While on my way out, I noticed that there's a nice Japanese electronics store adjacent to Mitsuwa (the grocery store that Kinokuniya's attached to). I looked in and saw some computer software and games. I was all like, "score! I hope they have some nice bishoujo games!" I stepped in and made it to their computer software section. To my disappointment, I didn't see any. I was hoping for something like Kanon, Air, or Pia Carrot 1-3, but no... they didn't have any bishoujo games. Bah....

Then I went over to the Great Mall. I needed my fix of Real Bout Highschool. ^_^ The third book was released a little while ago and I just had to have it. So I went to Media Play and bought the only book they had left. Unfortunately, the pages were slightly bent, but it wasn't bad. Nothing that a little bending won't fix. ^_^

Then I went over to my old high school to play with the youngin's as they were making posters for the anime club, which will be starting on Tuesday. I hung out there for a few hours and yah....

Eh... I'm not in the mood to talk about much else. At least you know what I did throught the day, eh?

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Thursday, September 12, 2002

I guess I missed posting on 9/11. Oh whatever... I'll just do so now.

My little speel on the whole 9/11 deal:
I guess it's a good thing to remember what happened a year before. Yeah... bad terrorism and tons of innocent lives lost *shakes fist*, but I don't think that this should be blown out of proportion. There are those who would remember back to a year before and be all depressed and/or gloomy. Personally, I don't see why. I guess I can see where they're coming from, but I believe that we should all move on. We can remember them and maybe have a short moment of silence, but aside from that, I really don't believe that we should do anything else. These people are dead, and although their deaths were quite tragic and unnecessary, we must all move on and not brood on the past. I like to live in the present and because of that, the whole 9/11 incident is history to me, just like WWII. There were many more innocents who lost their lives during that event. Do we have a day set aside specifically to remember the people who died in WWII? Nope. Oh whatever... I guess I'm just really perturbed about this whole patriotic fad.

As for my 9/11 day, I obviously didn't mope around the house. Nope. Rather, I went out to eat and play some with my friends.

For dinner, we went to this little place around here called "Saiko Sushi." It's a new place that just opened up, so we'd thought we'd try it. Hey, you can't really tell if a place is good unless you try it, right? ^_^ So yah... we went and ate there. I got some udon and some unagi sushi. Mmm~... not a bad place indeed. I enjoyed myself. And at a restaurant, my enjoyment is directly proportional to how good the food is. ^_^ It's a really friendly, cozy place too. Me like.

Afterwards, we went to MGL (Milpitas Golfland for those who haven't picked that up) for a while. I got to play some versus after a long time. I've been out of practice for about a week because of my vacation. I don't know why, but I lost a lot from being out a week. Maybe the game is too new so I still need daily or at least semi-daily practice to maintain my game. Oh whatever. I did win a few matches though, so I'm satisfied. I'll be playing more soon enough.... ^_^

I got new hardware for the computer! I got a new scanner and printer. Since the sister's moving away to college on Saturday, she's taking the older computer and the scanner and printer with her. Because of this, the parents decided to buy a new scanner and printer to use at home. I got the CanoScan LiDE 30 scanner and the Epson Stylus Photo 820. Now they may not be top-of-the line-quality pieces of hardware, but they are mighty decent for home use. I really want an Epson Perfection scanner though. ^_^ Oh well... I'll work with what I got. I'm satisfied.

Yep... Now it's 2:15 in the morning and I should be off to bed.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Heh... I haven't really been posting much cause I usually post at night and my nights have been filled with lot o' Kenshin re-watching. ^_^; I'm watching the Kyoto arc and anyone who's seen the Kyoto arc should know why I've been so engrossed. ^_^

Anyway, Saturday was an interesting day. It was my grandmama's--on my daddy's side--birthday. I gots to see most of my family. That is a good thing. I especially liked seeing my older, about 25-28 year old cousins. I always have fun with them. My sister and I especially like calling one of them a loser. ^_^ It's fun really. If you can't make fun of your family and call them losers, then who can you do that to, eh? ^_^

My older female cousin who's about 30 or so I guess (I don't remember ages in my family cause it's way too big ^_^;) brought her boyfriend to the party. Heh heh heh... yah... my family likes to pressure the youngin's to bring their boyfriends/girlfriends to family gathers so they can see them and then talk about them behind their backs. ^_^;; Yah, it's really sad. I wouldn't like to subject my future girlfriend to that, but I know I'll be pressured anyway. -_- Anyway... the interesting thing about this guy was that he was white. Now that may not be too unusual to some people, but I have an Asian family. So we were a nice big gathering of Viet people with some Chinese people thrown in and then there was Bob (Yes, his name is Bob *snicker*). Yah... he stuck out like a sore thumb. My family's cool about it though. I like how they respect the younger generation's taste in significant others. I'm sure he was uncomfortable though. Don't blame the guy either. Asian family gatherings are big, and I would assume intimidating affairs.

Sunday was a boring day. The family did go with the grandparents (this time on the mommy's side) to eat out though. It was nice. I got good fooding done. Mmm~...

Today I headed out to my former high school to visit the youngin's who didn't graduate yet. Spent lunch with them. They seemed rather happy to see me. I'm their wonderful sempai. Why wouldn't they like to see me. ^_^ Hahaha...

Afterwards I headed over to MGL. Aaa~... haven't been there in over a week. I came and found out that my characters racked up a lot of losses. =( Yah... it's sad... so very sad.... At least I got some wins to better their records. Tsubasa and Tsubame have about 475 wins now, which isn't bad at all, but they have about 145 loses (estimated average). =( I guess I'll have to be plunking even more money into that machine to get them up to speed again. Now what a horrible task. ^_^

That's it. Ciao!

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