Thursday, September 18, 2003

I played tennis for the first time today. Back in my high school days, us guys never got to play tennis. The girls would always have a tennis unit sometime during the year, but I guess it was switched for something like football or basketball for us guys. You know, them "masculine" sports. Tennis is too girly for real men. *cough* But that's besides the point. Today I played some with my friends, who are actually about my skill level: i.e. pretty bad. ^_^; But hey, if I gotta be bad at something, I'm glad I'm surrounded by others who can't do any better. XD It was my friend Allan, Vincent, and Terry. We split up into pseudo doubles teams and pretty much spent all our time trying to hit the ball back and forth and getting used to the game. Ohhohohoho, I think I have a talent for hitting the balls over the rather high fences. ^_^;;; It's not like I try to.... They just kinda... you know... fly that high when I try to return them.... Maybe it's because I prefer to use both hands on the racket for control and stability, but that's besides the point. ^_^ Eh... after more practice I'll certainly get better. At least, that's what I've heard.... ^_^;;

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Sunday, September 14, 2003

No entry for a while, but hey, I'm allowed a few longer absences here and there. Besides, this time, I was enjoying the joys of my youthful summer, which is, sadly, drawing ever nearer to its end. *sigh*

Monday through Wednesday were work days. Nothing especially noteworthy besides the fact that I went on a really horrible delivery to San Francisco on Wednesday. Now, if you haven't been there, the streets of San Fran are horrible. They are small, constantly congested, home of overly aggressive drivers. Not too fond of the city myself, but hey, we had a delivery to do and we did it. It was hot and we had to bring up a seven piece bedset to an eighth-floor apartment room. -_-

Thursday marked what is often referred to as the "moon festival" in english. It's one of those Asian traditions where sometime in the middle of autumn, when the moon is full, they have a celebration. Yeah, there's more to it than that, but that's all I care to say and that's probably all you care to know. ^_^ Anyway, to celebrate this momentous occasion, my friends and I did a yearly tradition that began just one year prior: we went over to my friend Sataya's house and played on his roof. XD Yes, there we were, um... maybe nine people, sitting on the roof to a house and chatting. It was remarkably fun. There's just something about sitting on a roof in the middle of the night. The moon was beautiful too. It didn't look as full as it could have been, but hey, it was full enough, darnit.

Friday was the first day both my sister and I have had off work for a while, so we decided to go out and find stuff for a costume she's going to be "helping" me with. Well, to tell the truth, she's essentially making it for me, but I'm hopefully going to be there and learn off it. Hey, she offered to do it.... ^_^ I haven't mentioned it yet, but it's not official that I'll be cosplaying a priest from Ragnarok Online for Fanime. I may do another costume or two, but for now, that's all that's confirmed. One of my friends, Vincent, is going as a blacksmith from the same game. Like me, he's pretty clueless, so he decided to tag along and get some free consultation from my sister who happens to know a thing or two about sewing and all that such. It was a nice trip. We went by a few fabric stores and craft stores, where we picked up all the fabric needed for my coat, some knick knacks for accessories, and some leather for Vincent's belt. Man, Fanime's taking place in May. I'm going to be so~ ready for it when it rolls around. Actually, it looks like it might be done in time for Halloween, so maybe I'll even get to wear it then. ^_^ Let me just say though that I am going to feel very naked in that outfit. It's a personal thing, but I don't like to expose my chest. Oh well, in the name of cosplay....

Saturday was a good day. It was my friend Anthony's 18th birthday party! The young'uns grow up so~ quickly. ;_; It was a "come when you want to and sleep over" party. And believe it or not, my parents allowed me to sleep over! *waits for gasps* Well, if you don't know, my parents are absolutely anal about letting me sleep over at other peoples' houses. I honestly don't understand why, but they (actually my dad) has only once allowed me to stay over at someone else's house. This marks time number two and I gotta say, I had a really good time. There was a lot of video gamage, chatting, and general messing around. Actually, come to think of it, maybe there was a little bit too much gamage. The guys got really into a game of linked Halo. We networked two Xboxes (one being mine) and had some fun matches. I'm not a FPS fan, but I played a few rounds and while I wasn't at all amazed, I had some fun because of the whole social aspect. Aside from that, I hung out with the girls, who apparently weren't interested in Halo. My friend Tina was asking people if they wanted their "fortunes" told through one of those simple childish fortune-telling games using a standard deck of cards. Some good laughs were had. ^_^

As part of that card game, the the fortune tellee had to give the four aces a corresponding person. The categories were "person you liked," "person you go to for money," "person who you lust after," and "person you always fight with." Now, I suppose I should take this as a compliment, but I was named as "person who you lust after" twice. ^_^;; I've never really thought of myself as a terribly attractive person and actually, for a moment while I was young, I was under the impression that I was quite unattractive. However, these days, people, especially my friends, constantly tell me otherwise. I get the descriptor "cute" associated with myself often these days. ^_^;;;;; I'm still not very used to it though and I don't think I ever will be.

In the end, with all the stuff going on at the party, I didn't even sleep. ^_^;;;;;;; Yeah, I suppose that's bad, but I work very well with little sleep and the occasional all-nighter is nothing to me. So, after playing another few rounds of Halo, I got a call from my mom and learned that I had my cousin's spur-of-the-moment birthday party to go to too. ^_^;; So, I went home and played at his house too. Didn't really do much, but got to play some SCII, so I was happy. ^_^

Now here I am, after being awake for um... a while (I care not to count).... I'm trying to kill time.... Hey! I downloaded Read or Die TV episode 2 just a while ago.... XD

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